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5 Style faux pas of women over 50

Hello my dear friends, today I wanted to share some fashion faux pas for women over 60 but in a little of a different way. This list of fashion no-nos that I have put together is based on one overarching theme. I think it is the biggest faux pas of all, and therefore worth mentioning before we go any further. And that is, thinking that being fashionable when you’re over 60 is synonymous with looking younger

I don’t know when being stylish began to be about looking younger, but I find it completely absurd. There is something so incredibly beyond exquisite about a woman who is truly in the moment and proud to be where she is in her life.

With that being said, there are still some basic ways that those over 60 can go wrong even when dressing their age:

1. Undergarments– Choosing seamless underwear is really important for all ages but especially after 60. As we age, a lot of the underwear marketed towards us has super noticeable seams which are of no help if we are aiming to draw less attention to our rear end. Properly fitting seamless underwear should hide quietly under our bottoms and let our hearts be seen rather than our panties.

2. Makeup- Caking on the foundation. Now I realize that makeup isn’t exactly fashion but it’s all a part of your look so I feel like I’d be neglecting an important point if I didn’t discuss it here. If you’re over 60, and you wish your skin looked like it did several years ago, then you may be tempted to cake on the foundation to get rid of fine lines or wrinkles, but this brings me back to my original theme. Be comfortable in your own skin and take pride in the years you have under your belt, the wisdom resides in the wrinkles! While there is nothing wrong with a little foundation or concealer to even your skin tone, too much is a no-no.

3. Matching everything– Contrary to what some may believe, you don’t have to match EVERYTHING to be fashionable. Your nails don’t need to match your shoes, your shoes don’t need to match your purse, etc. Rather everything should “go together.” This art of creating outfits that “go together” takes some time to understand. A great way to start doing this is by picking one patterned piece for your outfit and wearing other pieces that pick up the color scheme of the pattern.

4. Focusing on the trends– You don’t have to go out and buy clothing that is considered trendy any particular year. What’s more important? Finding clothing that you like, is flattering to you, and makes you feel good. I mentioned this in my Facebook LIVE event on fashion, if you missed it, you can watch it here.

5. Being afraid– This final faux pas is really so important. Just because you are a certain age doesn’t mean that you have to wear this or have to wear that. After 60, women can fall into a fashion rut and become afraid to try bold, new things. But, I’m here to tell you that you can and should try out new looks that appeal to you! It’s never too late to be bold and try something new, who knows you just may find a new favorite look!

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  1. You are so right about the makeup. Caking on the foundation is tempting, but it really draws attention to the lines—it looks like trying to hide something. Better to moisturize and skim on just enough foundation to even the skin tone–add abit of definition and color with mascara (not too much) and lipstick. Thanks!

  2. My motto has always been just because you can wear a certain thing doesn’t mean you should. Too tight, too short is really unappealing at any age.

  3. As I approach age 60 (yikes!) on Valentine’s Day, I totally agree that my old “matchy-matchy” mentality needs to fly out the window. It’s so ingrained into my baby boomer head that, at times, I have dressed in all burgundy, all navy blue or WORSE, all black (the NYC person in me). I shop quite a bit online, but I think trying on outfits in the store are to our “over 60” benefit. Why? Because the models showing these cute sweaters and capris are young enough to be my daughters or granddaughters (sad, isn’t it?) and, let’s face it, we don’t look 16 or 26 or even 36 anymore! Have a wonderful day, Honey!

  4. Hello Honey;
    I have always enjoyed your comments and photos but I want you to know that I love your ‘new’ format! It seems that you are enlisting additional quality commentators and speaking out beautifully on the very important issues of the world today. You always showed GRACE and STYLE but I detect even more thoughtful and loving columns coming from you. Please keep up the great work!!
    Cheryl in PA

  5. Hi Honey!
    I have found out that since I turned 60 last May I’m taking the “less is more” approach to everything! and I love it! I think I look and feel younger than ever!
    thank you for all your inspiration!
    blessings to you!
    Jamie from TX

  6. Just like always, you are so right on. One of my pet peeves is seeing someone over sixty who is dressing like a teen. Older women have such an aura about them, like a glow. We should play that up, not down.

  7. Luv comments very helpful ???? sometimes u feel like u are swimming up Stream your articles always confirm my thoughts ????????????????????????

    1. I buy my panties at Victoria’s Secret. They have such a wide selection and they are feminine. Bras! OMG that is a hard one. you just have to keep trying different brands until you find the right fit for you. Happy holidays. Warmly, HOney

  8. hiya… i’m turning 60 in 2 months time and i’m so proud of the way I look – I do a lot of sport and therefore can wear tiny denim shorts and skirts with no regrets! I have numerous tattoos and am going to have a new one in light of my 60th birthday !!! This changes the whole ballgame and you know what – if you can pull off outrageous things like not adhering to a certain code of dress or whatever – than go for it baby!! As long as it does not look ridiculous or pathetic!! I adore the way I dress and look and am proud to be 60 and trendy – but of course I don’t take it to pathetic lengths!!! So all of you who are 60 and want to spice up your life a bit – try a new trendy look and see if it suits you – be bold and brave!!! Tzipi

    1. Thank you for your upbeat attitude. My attitude is the same. Be true to yourself and enjoy the ride. Happy New Year. Warmly, Honey

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