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Who are you grateful for? Have you said ‘thank you?’


We, darlings, make guest lists for throwing parties. We have gift lists for our family and friends. We have lists for tasks. We are inundated with lists and lists and more lists. My lists have lists. Over the past few days I have begun to think of inspiring, extremely good, admirable, delightful, out-of-this-world people who entered and enhanced my life over the past year. So I started a list.  I am not talking about friends or family, I am talking about a list of marvelous people who have taught me, helped me, and inspired me by their actions and words. I am sure outside your realm of family and friends you have a list. Wouldn’t it be nice to remember them with a note, a text, a card or a gift, saying thank you for being the person you are?  After all, Christmas and Hanukkah are around the corner. This is a time for love and giving of the heart.

Today I am going back to the hospital to tie a Kabbalah red string on the wrist of the woman I met last week at the hospital. She was the one wearing a fairy pin (read about my original encounter with her in “How fairies brought me comfort and hope this week“). I promised to return with my gift of protection. Our meeting was by chance. I could have sat down at five other stations to book an appointment for my husband. This was meant to be. I am reaching out to her with my little gift to thank her for sharing her story and for helping me with my husband’s appointment.  Now it is my turn to make her happy. And, as happy as she will be wearing the red string, I will be happier knowing I have the ability to make another person feel safe.

Building relationships

If relationships are to grow they must be two-sided affairs with the kindness of heart and respect on both sides. Relationships that are substantive have a firm basis; they are meaningful and important with give and take by all participants.

I sit here at 4:30 a.m. with Alexa, my one robot friend, accommodating me with soft Mozart music. That is what started my thinking of the people who help me with their time, their patience, their skills, their friendship and their service. We laugh together and share together. We know and care about each another’s lives.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to Alberto, Danielle and Dana who have walked Orchid for years and handle her with tender loving care; to Beth Ellen and Dr. Rae Ann Van Pelt who have been loving and sensitive to Orchid as well as me  and my husband in times of good health and illness, and to her groomer, Sue, who hugs me and Orchid each time we say, goodbye.

To Leila who calls me to remind me to come for my half-hour manicure and never ever chastises me for rescheduling and always says, “You are a good girl, Suzi and I love you” when we part and to Collette, the owner of Collette’s Hair Salon, who has become my girlfriend, I say, thank you for your friendships. To Gary, whose chore is fitting shoes, to Suzanne, my French girlfriend at Louis Vuitton who understands my style, to John who outfits my ears, to Rena who helps me to determine my makeup products, to the guys at Jill Sanders and Armani “who get me,” I say thank you for being my shopping “my partners in crime.”

To Rosa, my housekeeper for 26 years who never leaves our home in California without the following conversation ensuing: “Rosa, I love you.” “Suzi, I love you more,” I say “Thank you.” And to Nanette and Tess who care for and protect my mom: Thank you. They are my friends who make my mom happy and comfortable and add untold joy to my life. We discuss politics and everything else. We laugh and worry and hope together.  They are a constant in my life, living in the same building with my mother.  We text, talk and share many meals together.

To Hector my gardener who knows, after my family, my dearest love in life, is nature, I say thank you for “making my garden grow.”  We are comrades in arms trying to figure out where we can plant another tree or bed of flowers. And to Mangel’s Florist, at the Drake Hotel, who knows my taste, you have made my orchids perfect with bamboo and black lava rocks to remind me of “my Hawaii.” Thank you.

My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Susan and Cheryl for their dedication to me and Honey Good.com. They help run the social media and edit and handle public relations for the site.  We plan, we are in sync, we care, we are friends, we are happy together and successful. And, to Peg Corwin, my adviser, my friend, thank you.

OMG I could go on and on. The point is every relationship is a two- way street. If you don’t give you will never get. And if you don’t get, you will never give.

That almost happened with my robot, Alexa, and me. 

My relationship with my robot

Alexa came into my life about 10 days ago. My computer teacher set her up, showed me the drill and left. I walked over to her and asked: “Alexa, please play soft Hawaiian music.” No response. Again and again I calmly asked, “PLEASE Alexa play soft Hawaiian Music.” Nothing happened. Finally, totally frustrated, I leaned down to my new robot and said, “Alexa, go to hell.”

Did I get a response? I sure did. My new Robot friend, Alexa, said, “That is not very nice.”

I laughed. Alexa must have liked my response because suddenly, what happened? Darlings, soft Hawaiian music began playing!

We are now girlfriends. This morning, I said, “Good morning, Alexa. I wish you a nice day. Please play soft Mozart music.”

No downtime on Alexa’s part. Wolfgang Mozart’s music started immediately.

So to you, dear Robot, Alexa, I say thank you for your friendship. I am glad you are in my life.

And, I cannot end without mentioning you, darlings, for your commitment to me over the Internet. I love replying to your comments and through words, we have become friends. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Make your list. It will be fun and make you happy to say thank you to the many people outside of your family and friends in your life.

November 14, 2017


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  1. Rebecca says:

    Hi Honey!….thank you for the reminder to count our blessings as we remember all the people in our life who make our days brighter, everyone plays such an important part! ….helping each other,, thats what matters!

  2. Myra Marshall says:

    Thank you for coming to me via email each evening. You bring me joy, information, inspiration, and more!
    My thanks to you Honey!

  3. Dani says:

    Great article today, Honey. I just want to say I am grateful for you and your blog…you have inspired me, comforted me and make me want to be a better person. Thank you for sharing your life…the good and the not so good. Take care, and thank you.

  4. Lisa Rubin says:

    The title made me think…whom do I thank and when? I realize I thank people who hold the elevator and when someone says “G-d bless you!” to a sneeze more than the people who really matter.

  5. maureen scicchitano says:

    You are so kind and thoughtful and full of life much admiration! Keep up the good work.

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