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Get my look: Winter white

When it comes to nature, winter often coats the world in beautiful clean white. So why is it then that in the winter we coat ourselves in dark and sometimes drab tones? Darlings, it doesn’t have to be this way. We should embrace winter white more!

I was out on Saturday night with a woman who was wearing a winter white coat with a gold chain accent. It was just dynamite, darlings. It was so chic and fresh. Even though it was a neutral it was a pop of something different, with everyone else all bundled up in their black. I love winter white and already incorporate it into my own “look” and I recently did a photo shoot with my own favorite winter whites. I want to show you darlings how to wear winter white and feel confident in this casual look. Here is how to recreate my look for yourself so you too can enjoy some clean and fresh looks this winter.

Hat and scarf

My hat and scarf are Louis Vuitton and are two shades of creamy winter white.




Top Left: C.C. Ivory Knit Beanie – Buy it here: $10 at Shoptiques
Top Right: Smartwool – Larimer Cuff Hat Beanies – Buy it here: $36 at Zappos
Bottom Left: Everlane The Wool-Cashmere Rib Chunky Beanie – Buy it here: $38 at Everlane 
Bottom Right: Calvin Klein Turban Beanie – Buy it here:  $22.80 at Macy’s


Left: Rebecca Minkoff Asymmetrical Fringed Muffler – Buy it here:  $47.97 at Nordstrom Rack
Center: Marks And Spencer Textured Fringe Snood Scarf – Buy it here:  $16 at Marks And Spencer 
Right: ASOS Long Tassel Scarf in Supersoft Knit In Color Block – Buy it here: $23 at ASOS

Pants and Sweaters

The chunky zip-up sweater is also Louis Vuitton. The wide-legged cream pants are Zoran.

Left: Charter Club Straight-Leg Pants, Created for Macy’s – Buy it here:  $34.99 at Macy’s 
Center: Pendleton Seasonless Wool Chic Street Pants – Buy it here: $29 at Sierra Trading Post
Right: Calvin Klein Essential Straight Cream Suit Pants – Buy it here: $89 at Calvin Klein


Left: Bagatelle Faux Shearling Collar Cardigan – Buy it here: $69.97 at Nordstrom Rack
Center: Vero Moda Long Open Knit Cardigan – Buy it here: $42 at ASOS 
Right: Charter Club Stitched Open-Front Completer Cardigan – Buy it here: $39.99 at Macy’s

What do you think, darlings? How do you incorporate winter white into your wardrobe?

  1. Great timing!

    Today I wore a pair of jeans, boots, a silk top AND a stark white silk jacket, kind of resembling the last picture in your jacket suggestions. I enjoy wearing conflicting pieces, for example a pair of jeans with a dressy jacket (or blouse). We are very casual in the area I live, but casual does not mean sloppy.

    I have my gorgeous basic black coat, of course, but I love my color pieces and like to mix it up.

    Remember “back in the day” when handbags only came in white, black and brown? Then color came on the scene and I wouldn’t think of going back to a boring neutral color. But now I love a clean, chic white bag. It kind of seems unique these days to wear one!

  2. I️ love your Louis vittion hat and scarf! That is what I️ want:). Any idea s where? Love your red accents. Red is one of my favorites. You are so cute. So elegant . I️ enjoy your writings❤️

  3. I LOVE wearing white however, I haven’t been able to do so.
    So, I have a question to all the stylish ladies who wear white – anytime of the year. How the heck do you keep the white items clean? Living in the PNW, if I wore white pants outdoors, when you walk, your heels kick up splatters of rain, slush and mud-usually ending up on the back of the pant leg, bottom of a longer jacket/coat.. Same thing with white jackets/coats- dashing thru the rain to your vehicle, your jacket/coat gets wet – and unless your car seat is pristine, whatever is on your car seat/car floor mat can end up on your white clothing.
    What is the secret to wearing white outdoors????

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