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Your time to take chances and make changes is after 50

“The futures not ours to see…Que Sera, Sera.”

Of course, as a young girl, I did not know what my future held, but truth be told, I knew it was going to be an amazing ride. Maybe I felt that way because I walked on the sunny side of the street or maybe it was my dream.  My reason for sharing this story is because most of my adventures began at age 46, almost 50. So darlings, life after 50 can be the most exhilarating time, too. 

Your maturity level has peaked, your interest antenna should be at an all-time high and the timing is perfect. You “get life.” You are empty-nesters and many of you are retired.  It is time to explore everything. And, I mean everything. My motto is “live outside the box.”

Before the age of 50, like you, I raised my family. Unlike most of you, my first huge outside-the-box experience was in my late 30s. Moving to Hawaii was an education. From my growing up years in  “provincial” Kankakee by the Sea to the diversity of Honolulu, Hawaii was an enormous leap that took courage and a huge zest for the unknown. When put to the test, I had both.  And so do many of you at age 50 and beyond.  You just don’t realize it. You know my saying “if you do not try, you will never know.” So, take the leap and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

My move across the Sea, to the unknowns of Honolulu, was no easy task and my growing up years in Kankakee by the Sea with its trials made me into the woman I am today. New endeavors and life experiences, while surviving hiccups along the way, continues after 50 to be my way of life. You experienced your hiccups, too, so do not be afraid to venture out and explore new options now that you have been thinking of pursuing. Now it is your time to do.

New challenges and new hobbies after 50

Do you want to learn to play bridge? Do you want to take a needlepoint or knitting class? Do you want to begin collecting art? Do you want to learn to ballroom dance or finish a college degree or travel the world or join Match.Com or Do you want to downsize and move to warm weather or start a business or plant a vegetable garden?  Darlings, whatever it is, do it.

You will feel visible, relevant and happy with yourself when you step outside the box and explore a lifestyle that peaks your fancy after 50. Trust me. You will be filling your cup with happiness. Our growing-up years were meant for just…growing up. The second half of our lives is to be enjoyed because of the fruits of our physical and mental labors in the first half. 

It is all in our heads at this point, darlings. We have learned our lessons and we know our likes and dislikes. Now it is time to push yourself forward, flourish and tackle your unrealized dreams.

I will share my dreams for the coming year. I have two challenges that I will take from challenge mode to reality mode.

I am going to publish my first book. I have almost completed the first draft. No easy task. I have never written a book. I don’t know the drill. Should I self- publish? Should I find a publisher? Should I use photos or artwork? How many pages and on and on.

My second challenge is Honey’s Sisterhood…An online community of women over 50 who will share stories and advice in all areas and communicate across the world. You, darlings, are already signing up and I am overjoyed.

I am not done. I want to travel. My ultimate concierge and I are contemplating taking a train trip across China and Russia. A friend described it to us and it sounded fascinating.

I am not done. I will continue to reinvent my lifestyle. Not my looks. My lifestyle. I am in the process of defining my emotional needs at this juncture of my very busy life. What was important to me has changed. Change is good. What is important to me…  ‘the now.’

When you are in a contemplative mood, sit down and jot down what makes your heart sing and what you want to accomplish…in the now. I am smiling.

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