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Weekend Musings: Spring Has Sprung

Darlings, Spring has sprung and I’m feeling ferocious!

The arrival of more daylight and warmth this week has me inspired to check in on my relationship to health, friends and money. A little inspiration goes a long way lovelies and I hope my musings give you what you need this find Spring day.


Please check out the blog daily for new inspiration and ideas; lots of women tell me they start their day with a cup of C

As you may know, I launched a community for women: MOXIE! It’s already a great place for women to connect, it’s supportive, safe, and made just for women like us. I hope you’ll join me there. I like to think of it as an online place to share a coffee, a tea, or even a cocktail while supporting one another, without ever leaving the comfort of our homes.

This week’s round up of blog posts include:

Everything You Want To Know About CBD

By now, you’ve most likely heard talk about CBD. As one of the hottest products in the market, the terminology associated with CBD can be quite confusing. So, the question remains: what is CBD?


Why Friends Matters More Over 50

When a woman over 50 depends on her own experience, she has 50-plus years’ worth. When she has women friends her age and older she has hundreds of years of experience. Friends matter all of our lives, but after fifty, I believe, they matter even more.


friends after 50

Body Washes That Invigorate & Refresh

Who knew “being of a certain age,” would mean such a busy life? While I adore my life and my very full calendar, darlings, sometimes I need a moment to indulge myself, refresh my energies and nothing resets my perspective more than a steaming, hot shower.


body wash

5 Must-Have Spring Survival Fashions

After being in heavy coats all winter, spring fashions are something I look forward to every year. The good news is that according to Anna Wintour, Editor of Vogue, Spring 2019 fashions are, “Everything for Everybody.” Lots of prints, light fabric and fun. But as any savvy woman over 50 knows, don’t let those light spring fabrics fool you  – April showers bring May flowers!


Spring Survival Fashions

Your Relationship With Money: Time To Take Control

When my editor suggested I try to better define the relationship between women after 50 and money, my thoughts were all over the place because money holds so much power over our lives.


Relationship with Money

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