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Refresh! New Body Washes That Invigorate & Refresh

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Who knew “being of a certain age,” would mean such a busy life? While I adore my life and my very full calendar, darlings, sometimes I need a moment to indulge myself, refresh my energies and nothing resets my perspective more than a steaming, hot shower.

As I’ve mentioned before, I do my best thinking in the shower. I take time and space for this cherished self-care, allowing the shower to rejuvenate my attitude, relax my muscles and invigorate the start of my day. It is essential that the products I add to my experience are refreshing and Spring is the perfect season to change them up with luxurious body washes that delight the senses. Below are my recommendations for new body washes that will provide a pep up any time of day:


Darlings, what is the best time for a tropical vacation? Well, you know me: anytime. But if getting away to a tropical destination isn’t on your immediate to-do list, then use your shower time to escape to the islands. Kopari’s clean, coconut scent is fresh and tropical but not cloying. It truly reminds me of my beloved Hawaii and the clean, scented air that is everywhere. The Coconut Shower Oil is a true delight because it suds up while holding it’s nourishing shower-oil texture. All the ingredients from Kopari are sustainably sourced and they’re paraben and sulfate free. We’ve been using parabens and sulfates on our skin for years and we didn’t even realize how terrible they were for us. Kopari is indulgent and good for us. What a DELIGHT.

Dove Dermaseries

The benchmark for beauty since 1955, Dove is empowering women to see themselves as beautiful, inside and out. That, my darlings, is an attitude I can get behind. From their “no digital distortion,” promise in advertising, to their #GirlCollective Self Esteem project, Dove is empowering people, “…to realize their personal potential for beauty.”

I know many of you can relate: my skin gets very dry and it’s a daily struggle to keep it moisturized. The Dove Dermaseries line does a beautiful job of keeping my skin soft and comfortable. Their Dove Dermaseries Dry Skin Relief Bodywash is designed for sensitive skin, contains a blend of glycerin, sunflower seed, and soybean oils and is soap and fragrance-free. This blend locks in moisture, smooth skin’s surface and replenishes essential natural skin oils. I really love that it is truly fragrance and odor free, allowing me to emerge fresh and ready for the day.

Clinique Aromatics Elixer

Tried and true, Aromatics Elixer is like that friend you adore, but haven’t seen in awhile.  Like any dear friend, the minute you see her, you remember why you love her so much. The refreshing clean and refreshing scent is the perfect springtime reboot.  IN the shower, I adore how it stays with me throughout the day. I’ll be moving around and I’ll catch a subtle hint of the morning’s reinvigorating shower; such a wonderful reminder about taking a deep breath and treating ourselves nicely.

Clinique’s products are always so gentle on the skin and this body wash is no exception. Go ahead and lather up knowing your skin won’t feel like a crumpled up piece of paper after you dry off; you’ll feel smooth, refreshed and rejuvenated.

LUSH: Plum Rain + Deep Sleep Shower Jelly

Just strolling past a LUSH store feels luxurious. Those instantly recognizable black doors give way to an undeniable invitation.  It’s the perfect spring splurge because all their products use only natural ingredients which give way to lush, natural scents – and who can pass up those adorable product names?  Have you tried “Plum Rain,” body wash?. Darlings – it is bright purple, smells like plum and orange and gives me an instant uplift on even the dreariest spring mornings…

On the other end of the day, when I need something to help me wind down, I reach for another Lush favorite, the Lush Deep Sleep Shower Jelly. My lovelies – Shower jellies are so fun! Made from a type of red seaweed and glycerin, Shower Jellies are fun, wobbly, sweet smelling skin softeners that can be warmed or cooled, depending on your particular mood. I love the light lavender and chamomile scent, helping me drift off to a good night’s sleep.


While I’ve always paid attention to what I put IN my body, I wasn’t always the most conscious of what I put ON my body. You know, Darlings – Days spent as a young girl on the beach, slathering on sunscreen or tanning oil, yearning for the summer tan – we all did it! It’s a part of all our stories. And as I grew up, I started paying more attention to the ingredients in those lotions. Dermalogica is a skincare line that does the same. Their salon-only products were some of the first to remove oils, fragrances, and alcohol and now they have a body care line devoted to the same principles! Dermalogica’s Conditioning Body Wash has a light fresh scent that I love, but moreover, it helps even out my skin tone and improves its texture. My forearms have never looked so good! I especially love the delicate mix of Sandalwood, Sage and Tea Tree oil, that gives me an earthy grounding, while still staying feminine.

A hot bath or shower is one way we women over 50 can take care of ourselves. The simple activity of mixing hot water with products that delight and soothe our soul can help calm our restlessness, anxiety, and troubles or just wash off the day. With spring starting today, take a moment to venture into your favorite department store and pick up a bottle or two of body wash.

I hope my options inspire you to find the body washes that refresh and inspire you., I’d love to hear about your favorites in the comments below.

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