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5 Must-Have Spring Survival Fashions

Spring Survival Fashions

Darlings! Spring has sprung! We’ve had a few gorgeously warm days here in Chicago and it reminded of how much I LOVE spring.

After being in heavy coats all winter, spring fashions are something I look forward to every year. The good news is that according to Anna Wintour, Editor of Vogue, Spring 2019 fashions are, “Everything for Everybody.” Lots of prints, light fabric and fun. But as any savvy woman over 50 knows, don’t let those light spring fabrics fool you  – April showers bring May flowers!

Spring survival fashions are all about being ready for the unexpected – Adopting a carpe diem attitude, but with a sensible coat! It’s about staying fashionable, while also being smart – which I know lovelies, you always are. This spring, splurge on a few statement pieces you can wear all summer and pair them with less expensive attire. Mixing high-low fashions is a positively chic way to feel great about your new finds without breaking the bank. Why NOT pair a fantastic purse with my favorite go-to-taupe pants which I’ve had for years? Another little secret of mine is to buy inexpensive, risk-taking, trendy items; why invest in trendy pieces that won’t be as fashionable next year? By pairing a statement accessory with a trendy, but inexpensive item, I get the best of both worlds – the statement piece looks refreshed and the trendy piece looks more expensive. As you can probably tell, I got positively giddy shopping for spring fashions and I just had to share some of my favorite spring fashion finds and trends!

Living Coral: THE color for 2019

Described as “an animating and life-affirming shade of orange with a golden undertone,” Living Coral is THE color for 2019. Chosen by Pantone for it’s “warmth and vibrancy,” Living Coral speaks to our “innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits,” but how to wear it?

As someone with a cooler skin tone, I focus on wearing it as a statement necklace, earrings or scares – I LOVE a good scarf. Warmer skin tones can wear it as clothing or accessories. Still not sure you can carry off the color solo? Try mixing it with a neutral color, like a chocolate brown or taupe.


On those spring days when temperatures just aren’t high enough yet (or that wind starts to pick up as it does in Chicago), my strategy is to layer. My favorite way to layer includes adding a thin base layer, another thin layer and a jacket. Two key pieces: a thin turtleneck (base layer) in a bright, spring-time color and a long jacket. The jacket is an excellent place for a pop of living coral or chartreuse, keeping you warm AND fashionable. Another option is a “Structured Cardigan.” They come in a variety of colors and give me more shape than a regular cardigan. Imagine this beautifully neutral structured cardigan with a coral scarf.

Accessories & Shoes

It’s still boot weather and spring gives me more options. Spring is the time when we lighten our load, we can emote this lighter feeling through color, weight and textures of our accessories and shoes. The key to spring boots is to add color or remove clunky styles in exchanged for a lighter, less heavy design. As I put away my black and brown boots, I might pull out my red boots or other brightly colored boots and pair them with a knitted cap or better yet, a structured tote.

A beautiful scarf is perfect for laying and the bright colors and beachy feel will be a perfect addition on cool summer evenings too.

This coral tote would make an elegant statement piece that takes you straight through summer. It’s a show stopping conversation piece that hits all the right notes for updating your spring wardrobe.

A TrenchCoat

The trench coat is undoubtedly a classic. Worn by everyone from First Ladies to Rock Stars, the trench is always appropriate and this allows room for designers to get creative. With fun prints, bright colors and unusual fabrics, a trench coat is something I like to add to a pair of skinny jeans and a simple top. It’s not a huge confrontation to my style, but it really elevates my look from frumpy to fabulous. An updated trench coat puts a little spring in your step on rainy days. Have fun with mixing and matching because the trench coat’s classic styling is the perfect backdrop with which to express your stylish self.


“Bumbershoots,” as they are called in London are a spring survival fashion stable. No fabulous woman should be caught without one in her tote on these unpredictable spring days. I love the umbrellas that are compact enough for me to toss in my tote so I’m always ready.  But don’t settle for a simple black number that you picked up at the corner bodega, opt for a clear one, a pink one or one with a fun handle. Better yet, splurge on a nice large green one that will allow you and your Ultimate Concierge to walk side by side without vollying for coverage. Just the thought of such a romantic setting makes me want to go out right now and pray for rain!

Transitional seasons like spring really give us the chance to freshen up some of our favorite styles.

I hope you’ll take some risks this spring and try some of these lovely pieces for yourself! And please, share your pictures with me either on Facebook or better yet, let’s chat about it in my new online community: Be Moxie Now!

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