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Weekend Musings: Big Hats, Travel, Baking, Gratitude & Girlfriends


Jenny Pfanenstiel’s studio. Photo: Jenny Pfanenstiel/ Forme Millinery.


Every first Saturday in May, Louisville Kentucky holds their biggest event of the year. Yes, my darlings, I’m talking about the exciting Kentucky Derby. But what may be even more thrilling than the horse race is the incredible and fun-filled fashion–at least for us fashionistas out there!

My readers, it will be a wonderful sight to see Churchill Downs covered with the blooming of brightly colored hats and spring dresses this afternoon!

Whether you’re attending the coveted event, holding a Derby-themed party, or attending another horse racing event this year, here are some lovely ideas to plan the perfect early-spring ensemble from Town and Country Magazine!

Remember my darlings you still have The Preakness and The Belmont Stakes to flaunt your fanciful hats and perfect dresses.

Kentucky Derby Fashion Trends 2019


My darlings, as we near the beginning of summer, travel is on many minds. If you’ve been following me on my blogging journey, you know I’m a worldly woman. My ultimate concierge and I enjoy traveling to wherever our wanderlust leads us.

I’ve said before that I often get asked what my favorite country is, and I always respond with, “I don’t have a favorite country.” This is because each country is distinct and unique in its own way.

Therefore you might be asking, “Then Honey, how do you pick a destination?”

Well, my darlings, that is up to you! I recommend you pick a place that will enrich your life, allow for personal growth and offer memorable experiences. Remember that travel is not about the destination!

However, if you need a little help in selecting some of the best travel destinations of 2019, Travel and Leisure has put together a beautiful list of ideas. Take a look, my darlings. You may be inspired to call your travel agent right away. Enjoy the endless possibilities!  

Best Travel Destinations of 2019


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Enjoy your beautiful spring weekend, my darlings! 

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