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Weekend Musings: Reinvention, Tech Advice & Much More!

The Theme of Reinvention

Hello, Darlings! I hope you are having a great first full week back after Holiday celebrations.

It can often be hard to get back into the swing of life after so much celebration, therefore I hope you are all doing well. I wanted to give a reminder to everyone that every Thursday, I’ve started a blog called, “Ask Honey“. Think of it as an advice column of sorts where I will answer all your burning questions.

If you have something you’d like my help with, please email me at askhoney@www.honeygood.com to be featured. In light of the New Year and new decade, this month’s theme is “Reinvention”.

Are you struggling with reinventing yourself after leaving your job, losing a loved one or getting a divorce? Maybe it’s something as simple as trying to meet new friends or getting involved in your community. If so, I would like to share my best life wisdom with you.

I hope to hear from some of you, Darlings!

Tech Advice For People Over 50

If you have received a technically advanced holiday gift this season, this might be a great read for you!

Sometimes it can be challenging to get an Apple Watch or an iPhone and know how to use it. It seems like technology is changing day by day so there is always something to learn or a new product on the market to try.

This great article outlines different types of technology, how to use them and where you learn to use them!
Click HERE to read!

Self-Care Essentials For the New Year

To go along with my self-care blog this week, I thought this article by Town & Country was a perfect companion piece.

Self-care has become an important part of our culture, and rightfully so. We all need to take care of our mental, emotional and physical well-being no matter what our age so we can live long and happy lives.

Their great list of essential self-care items includes a gold face mask, a few great clothing items, rose shower gel, supplements and much more.

Read the full this HERE 

What are some of your favorite self-care items?

This Week’s Roundup of Blog Posts Include:

2020 Is The Year of The GRANDWOMAN!


Reinventing Your Fitness Routine 


How I Reinvent Gift-Giving: Stories From The Heart



5 Ways to Reinvent Your Self-Care Routine in 2020


Ask Honey - Advice for Women

Ask Honey – Advice For Women (January 9, 2020)


Lipsticks To Rock In The New Decade

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January 11, 2020


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  1. L says:

    Dear Susan

    Everything happened to me all at once
    I got a divorce lost my mother and moved to new city. I am doing much better now
    I try to do self care daily I think that’s what keeps me moving forward. With trying to reinvent myself and new life .I’m taking my time with everything one day at a time is my focus .
    The theme this month is a great reminder to take care of our body mind and soul they all interconnect with each other❤
    Thankyou honey !!! Enjoy your weekend

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Every word you wrote is positive and true. You are wise. Take care and keep to your schedule. Warmly, Honey

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