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Lipsticks To Rock In The New Decade

It’s never too late to try a new shade of lipstick, Darlings! 

January’s theme is reinvention, so re-invent we shall! With a new decade upon us, now is the time to try new things, including new make-up colors, brands and routines. 

Now, let’s delve into lip color, specifically lip color after 50. I’ve written many articles in the past about what color lip you may want to try as you age, as well as make-up tips. I thought I would refresh your memory a bit.

Firstly, let’s go over a few make-up rules that I live by:

1. Avoid Heavy Foundation

2. Avoid Bright or Dull Blush

3. Avoid Dark Eyeliner on Upper and Lower Lids

4. Avoid Eye Shadow With Glitter

5. Avoid Heavy Concealer Under Your Eyes

6. Avoid Mascaras That Are Too Light

Don’t Be Afraid To Wear Bold Lipsticks

Bold lipstick can be a little scary for some of us to wear, especially as we age. As well, lip color can depend on personal preference. For instance, you may think bold colors don’t look so great on you, or maybe you just don’t like the way they look in general. 

But, whatever color lip you wear, I suggest you don’t pick it based on age or what you think people your age should wear. In addition, always wear a lipstick color because you like it and enjoy wearing it. 

Perfect Lipsticks To Wear In 2020

One reason makeup and lipstick in specific can be daunting is that there are so many options on the market. You can get expensive lipstick, cheap lipstick, lip gloss, and lip stain. How do you know what to choose? 

There are many ways to figure this out. Firstly, you can decipher your skin tone. Secondly, you can go to the department store to see if you like it and lastly, you try some of the brands and colors I’ve listed below!

Take a leap, Darlings. I do hope you find something you like! 

Nars Lipstick – Shanghai Express

“A modern semi-matte lipstick that provides full-bodied, velvety color in a highly pigmented and nondrying formula. Rich, vivid shade range from neutrals to high-fashion hues. Long-wearing, full-coverage finish.” – Nars


Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick

“Intensely perfect, perfectly intense. Ink your lips in up to 16 hours of saturated matte with Maybelline New York’s Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick! This highly pigmented liquid matte lipstick features a unique arrow applicator for precise application. In addition, the formula is long-lasting and gives a flawless matte finish in 10 super-saturated shades ranging from classic red liquid lipstick to nude and bold bright lipstick shades. For easy removal, use with Maybelline’s SuperStay Eraser lipstick remover.” – Amazon 

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

A creamy-matte, full-coverage lip color that delivers intense moisture with bold, long-lasting color and stays in place for up to six hours of continuous wear. Its texture is weightless on lips and delivers superb comfort with a color-rich formula that will not bleed or transfer. Lastly, enriched with vitamin E and avocado oil, it hydrates and softens lips so they look and feel beautiful. It features a plush doe-foot applicator for easy use.” – Stila 

Vice Lipstick – Urban Decay 

“The brand’s proprietary Pigment Infusion System™ gives the formula its super-creamy texture, rich payout and superior color dispersion. The creamy formula is loaded with nourishing ingredients, too. A yummy butter blend comforts, hydrates and enhances, leaving lips soft and conditioned, never dry. Aloe vera, jojoba, avocado and babassu oils nourish and soften lips. Illipe butter (derived from Malaysian illipe trees) provides long-lasting moisture. And vitamin C and vitamin E provide a hit of antioxidants.” – Urban Decay 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick

“Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick is a full-pigment liquid formula that dries down to a weightless matte finish for smudge-proof wearability and long-lasting color. In addition, the comfortable matte formula delivers full-coverage wear that creates the appearance of fuller lips and lasts all day.” – Amazon 

“CHANEL ROUGE ALLURE dresses your lips up with unmistakable attitude. Its new formula contains concentrated, ultra-thin pigments that offer radically intense, long-wearing colour with full coverage and a satin finish. Undoubtedly, it leaves your lips supple and protected with lasting comfort.” – Chanel 

Covergirl Outlast All-Day Lip Color

“Get brilliant lip color that lasts with Covergirl Outlast All-Day Lip Color. This advanced formula keeps lips looking vibrant and fresh for up to 24 hours. The nourishing topcoat locks in color and provides instant moisture for soft, shiny lips. Most importantly, feel free to smooch away—this transfer-resistant lip color is kiss-proof, smudge-proof, and food-proof.” – Amazon 

Experiment With Colors and Brands 

I hope one of these brands and colors tickled your fancy, my sweet readers! Most importantly, have fun trying on your new shades and send me pictures. I would love to see your beautiful faces. 

What are your favorite lipsticks and lip colors, Darlings? 


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  1. Happy friday

    I love lipstick it’s been my signature since I was 18 and never stop wearing it !!

    My mom who passed away just few years,ago never left the house without having her lipstick on I guess I inherited that trait from her

    Enjoy your weekend xo L

    1. I love lipstick because I feel glamorous, amorous and feminine. It is a win win. Your mom knew and so do you. It says, I am woman. Warmly, Honey

  2. Happy friday

    I love lipstick it’s been my signature since I was 18 and never stop wearing it !!

    My mom who passed away just few years,ago never left the house without having her lipstick on I guess I inherited that trait from her 😊

    Enjoy your weekend❤ xo L

    1. I guess we are our mother’s daughters. I never leave the house without my lipstick, just like my mother. We are on the same page. Have a nice Sunday. Warmly, Honey

  3. Dear Honey,
    I don’t know who picks the NARS lipstick colors but they nailed it for me. Every timeI buy a lipstick it turns fushia pink and the Shanghai color did not.
    Now let’s hope they keep that color around for awhile!!

    Thank you so much,

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