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The Apple Watch 5 Adventure

My life is exuberant. It seems I turn an average event into a stimulating, adventurous challenge without even trying. Take my Apple Watch 5 Adventure. In my last musing when I told the story of what brought me to the conclusion that I had to have the new Apple Watch 5, it was nearly a 1,000-word story. By the time I own the watch, it will be a 3,000-word story. For those of you who wear the 5, could you write 3,000 words about the purchase of your Apple Watch 5?

On an entirely different subject matter, but with the same intensity of exuberance and adventure, yesterday I had a phone conversation with my daughter, Jenny. By the time we hung up the phone, we had a true story. What she is working on turned into a real-life documentary! The two of us always invite adventure into our daily lives. I believe we owe this to my mother, her grandmother.

On my recent visit to Arizona, I told Jenny that her grandmother tried everything. I guarantee you that my mother would be wearing the Apple Watch if I took her to Apple. And she’d have multiple bands at that! She is 98 years young after all.

Chapter 2 of My Zest to Buy The Apple Watch Series 5

The stunning Apple Watch 5, jam packed with technological features and insights

I have always ached for adventure. Whether it involves imagining how my dining room table would look for a dinner party or flying off with my ultimate concierge to Syria and Iran, I make my experiences exciting.

This brings me to Chapter 2 in my zest to finally purchase and wear the Apple Watch 5 on my right wrist, even though I am right-handed! It was another exuberant adventure. I am going to veer off my ‘zest message’ for the watch in order to show you how you can take an ordinary moment and make it come alive with adventure.  

Positively Influenced by Feng Shui

I met a feng shui priestess who noticed I was wearing my watch on my left wrist. She mentioned it was bad feng shui to wear any type of metal on one’s left wrist because it stops the flow of positive energy to your heart. I was so curious and I continued to ask her several questions.

After a long, interesting conversation, I took my watch off my left wrist and put it on my right wrist where it sits comfortably today. I visited her to learn how to place our furniture in our new home and came away with a lesson on what wrist to wear my watch.

The moral of the story, darlings: you can and should make your life an adventure. Be curious. Always ask questions!

Adventure at the Hermes Store

Zest, great enthusiasm, is partially created because of a person’s curiosity, lust, and courage for adventure. Last week, my husband and I were in New York to attend a United Nations meeting. During the recess, we took a walk and happened to pass by the Hermes shop on Madison Avenue.

I stopped dead in my tracks, telling my husband I wanted to look at the Hermes face on the Apple 5 watch. There are over 100 watch faces to choose from and 11 new digital faces with the ability to add specialized functions, allowing you to personalize the face on your watch. The watch does everything.

Darlings, I knew I was in trouble and desperately wanted to try and make this an easy purchase. I knew I loved Hermes–what woman doesn’t? If I loved the Hermes face, I would be able to turn my attention to the size of the face and the color of the bands, buy the watch and leave: a done deal.

My husband knows me well. When he saw the inside of the case where the Apple 5 was housed with several selectable options, he knew he was in trouble thus he looked for a chair. He knew he was in the midst of an adventure.

Apple Watch Bands at Hermes

There were two different-sized faces, large and small, as well as two different bezels, one silver and the other black. There were a variety of Hermes bands of multiple colors; some were solid leather, some were metal. Others were a combination of solid and patterned leather. There were even some sports bands made of rubber. Hermes had both the single strap and the double strap. They were out of stock on some and you could not wear some of the bands with the new black bezel! 

On top of that, a female customer rushed up to the case where I was standing with the saleswoman. She was wearing the Carmel double-strap band with the silver bezel on her Apple Watch 5. She told me I had to have this watch and so did my husband!

Shelly’s Interested Is Piqued

I asked the customer why. She did not stop, telling my husband that he would be able to determine his heart rate, heart rhythm and on top of that, the watch comes with the ECG app!  

Honey Good and her ultimate concierge Shelly taking on technology as the tech-savvy power couple they are

My husband perked up and the customer had his undivided attention! The salesgirl was salivating with the hope that she might sell two Apple watches! I stood there, taking this all in while smiling because I wanted my ultimate concierge to have the Apple Watch 5 for those exact reasons. I thought to myself that the salesgirl should be grateful the customer was selling two Apple 5 watches for her!

See what happens when you invite adventure into your life! 

Exploring My Options

Did we buy the watches at Hermes? No.

Why? Because I realized I wanted to explore my options. If an Apple Watch 5 could be a doctor and save a life, could function as a phone and a text that allows me to talk to my family and friends as well as a thousand other things, I had more homework to do.

I was captivated and enthusiastic. I could feel an adrenaline rush with all the options my ultimate concierge and I could have with the Apple 5 watch!

Make Your Life an Adventure

Reading up on the watch, I learned it could motivate me to realize my fitness goals and stream my songs. I could go without my phone, text, download my latest apps in seconds, use Apple Pay and create my own style. With everything this watch could do, I decided I wanted to buy my Apple 5 watch at an Apple store with an Apple technician who would further educate me. I wanted Apple  Care, AT&T service and an educated technical expert at an Apple Store to handle this transaction for me and my ultimate concierge.

The moral of this story is our lives are what we make them. As Helen Keller said, “Security is mostly a superstition . . . Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

My next story will include pictures of my ultimate concierge and me wearing our Apple 5 watches. And a video of my administrative assistant, saying: OY! Now I have to teach both of them how to use their Apple watches.

My Apple 5 watch adventure has taken me on a very special ride. It has been fun, rewarding, stimulating and exhilarating. My life, even with all my hills and valleys, is dynamic. As my ultimate concierge says, “I am never bored with life having Suzi by my side.”     

Do you have an Apple Watch of your own? Additionally, how do you turn your daily happenings into adventures that are equally inspiring and exhilarating? Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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