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Weekend Musings: Honesty, Cozy, Daughter-In-Laws, Podcasts, Socks and Condolence Cards

Darlings! I’ll be in your neighborhood.

Meet me at the Lady Expo on April 27th (9am-1pm) and get a signed copy of my journal Stories for My Grandchild (click the link above for more info)


If you’ve been outside in this gorgeous weather, I excuse you from missing this week’s posts -they were good!

Before you dive in, as you may know, I launched a community for women: MOXIE! It’s already a great place for women to connect, it’s supportive, safe, and made just for women like us. I hope you’ll join me there. I like to think of it as an online place to share a coffee, tea, or even a cocktail while supporting one another, without ever leaving the comfort of our homes.

This week’s round up of blog posts include:

Telling It Like It Is…. With Love

Telling It LIke It Is

As Moms and Grandmas We Spend a Great Deal Time Making Others Feel Cozy – Don’t Stop!

Barbara Becker Holstein

Building a Relationship With Your Daughter In Law

Building a Relationship with Your Daughter In Law

The Secret Behind My Smile: My Newest Announcement

Honey Good Podcast

How Great Socks Can Improve a Relationship

How Great Socks Improve a Relationships

How to Send a Condolence Card

Condolence Card

Honey Good Signature

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