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Weekend Musings – Ways to Stay Active, Yoga & More!

Staying Active, Enjoying Life & More

My Darlings, how are you all doing out there in the world? Are you staying active?

I hope you are taking care of yourself, your loved ones and your community. Now more than ever it is time to band together as one; To fight this pandemic the best way we know-how. If that is by staying home if you are able, perfect. But if you aren’t able to self-quarantine, I hope you are protecting yourself as best you can. 

To all my friends at home, what are you doing to stay active and healthy? How are you taking care of your mental health? These are things we should ask ourselves. And, remember to check-in with those who may be having a hard time. We all need to watch out for each other however we can! 

Now a few weekend musings…

GRANDwomen Must-Have Imagination!

Darlings, this week I wrote about how GRANDwomen with Moxie need to have an active imagination, especially now when we are mostly all trapped in our homes (and for good reason).

You might have been asking while reading the above, “Well Honey, how do I stay sane when everything is scary? When things are uncertain and I’m stuck at home?”

There are many ways, my readers, we just have to have imagination and a little Moxie!

Read all about it HERE

The Balm of Baking Bread as the World Burns


This beautiful read about the power of coming together and how a loaf of bread can bring at least a little joy to the world. 

I know a lot of us use cooking and baking to relieve stress or help cope and keep active. This article speaks volumes to this and more.

Read it HERE

Bring On The Zen!

Looking for a little zen in your life? How about trying yoga for the first time or picking it back up again to stay active? 

This great video is not very long and aimed for women over 40+ who are beginning their yoga journey. I think we all need to stretch and use our bodies during this time now more than ever. Enjoy!

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