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Coronavirus Will Die Out But America’s Style Will Survive

Coronavirus Will Die Out But America’s Style Will Survive

I wish I could go back and live in a world I am accustomed to. It had style! I want to hug my family and friends. And, I want to walk into all the shops where I am known and greet all the people I know with a genuine smile and a warm hello. My readers, I want to eat in the restaurants where the waiters know my exact order to the extra crumbles of blue cheese on my salad.

I want to visit my manicurist, who is my shrink without a degree and have my short nails and toes adorned with a gorgeous red polish. Don’t forget, I want to play cards with girlfriends even though I am usually the loser and giggle.

I want to go to the movies with my Ultimate Concierge and hold hands. As well, I want to walk into my closet and put together an outfit that tells my style-simplicity. Darlings, I want to go out into the world with a big smile and laughing eyes and gather as I go, and on my way say hellos!

Mostly, I want to kiss and hug my mom, I want to walk down Michigan Avenue and through airports without fear of 6 feet of distancing. I want to stop worrying about the safety of my Ultimate Concierge, my mom, our children, our grands, my friends and everyone in the world, for that matter. I WANT MY LIFE BACK AS I KNEW IT. Yes, I am screaming!

Fashion Dies Out… I Am For Style – It Survives

I know COVID-19 will fade away like fashion and American style will survive, everlasting. Empty streets, hotels, airports, subways, and restaurants will once again be adorned with people of all ages and nationalities. The streets will be noisy, people will be touching shoulders, the theatre will reopen their doors, gyms will fill up and people will go back to work. I know that empty shelves in markets, face masks and chapped hands will fade into oblivion like fashion. And, the shelves in the markets will be dressed to the 9’s with products that survived for years with style.

As well, I know that distancing and masks will disappear and the sound of laughter and holding hands will reappear. I KNOW, I KNOW… BUT WHEN?!

Almost 30-days have passed since we were told the very serious news and consequences of the COVID-19. I swear I keep an upbeat and Steady-Eddie approach with my family during this Pandemic that is causing pandemonium around the world. I know the virus will eventually die and I know the United States of America will survive with liberty and justice for all because she has style.

Simplicity vs. Complex

I know to live is a wonderful thing, Darlings! I know to be curious and enthusiastic makes a woman ageless. So, do wake up every morning thinking positive thoughts and what you want to accomplish. That is style.

I spend a lot of time with my Ultimate Concierge and my pooch America. And, I communicate daily with members of our family, with all of you through my stories on HoneyGood.com and with women who joined my new Private Facebook Group, GRANDwomen with Moxie -Where loneliness disappears. Continuing to be a productive woman is good for our souls, and I know from your messages to me you are all doing what I am doing … staying productive.

I know you are reading, communicating with your children and grandchildren and caring for parents. As well, you are taking courses, ordering necessary supplies on Amazon. You are learning to use Zoom, FaceTime, joining a virtual group(s), cooking, working out, watching documentaries, planting a garden, cleaning closets and downsizing. Productivity is an American woman’s style.

Too Much!

I am busy cooking three meals a day, as you may be doing. And, I mean cooking! I am not ordering our meals out because I am afraid someone touched the food or the box who is unaware he or she has COVID-19. After 26 nights in a row of making really lovely dinners, I gave in and we ordered in.

By the time we picked up the order, drove home, took the food out of the car and sterilized the boxes containing the food in the garage, transferred the food to plates, sterilized the door handles, took off my clothes and left them in the laundry room… AND took a shower and washed my hands ten times during the process, it was over two hours to eat. I actually became sick to my stomach from exhaustion and was almost too tired to eat! That is anything but simplicity. That is what I call craziness.

The shopping at the market (I have gone twice in 26 days) and the take-out is against everything in my demeanor because my style is… simplicity. This new production of shopping with masks and gloves, sterilizing everything, washing my hands several times a day, keeping my distance from the human race is anything but simplicity.

Real Simplicity

We should be grateful for a roof over our heads, food on our table and a family that is safe and sound. Have the wisdom to realize we will whether some hard times ahead.

Simplicity is remembering that the best things in life are free. Love. Family. Friends. Pooches. Nature and our sight to take it all in – this is simplicity at its finest. This is style.

This is the American way that will survive forever.

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April 5, 2020


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  1. Mary Jane says:

    Loved reading this! You describe what many of us are feeling. I work in a grocery store and while I’m thankful for my job, it is a constant worry about catching the virus. People just don’t want to stay home and are not treating this seriously. And it has been absolutely crazy at work!! I’ve never seen anything like it in my lifetime and I’m 63. Living in the South, we’re used to hurricane prep. This way surpasses that!
    I think there were so many mistakes made preparing for this virus. People wouldn’t have done panic buying if they would’ve clarified that grocery stores would be open during this pandemic. There would’ve been plenty of supplies available for everyone.
    I’m hoping this is a blessing in disguise. People are slowing down and spending time with their families. One customer told me she and her daughter were baking cookies that night. I asked her if she would’ve done that otherwise and she said probably not. So maybe some good changes will come out of this!
    Honey, take care of yourselves and pray this will be over soon. And may we all stay healthy and come back to even better style than before! God Bless❣️

  2. Sonia Tuttle says:

    You made my morning. Thanks for being so upbeat and caring.

  3. CarolAnn Warnecke says:

    Phenomenal article and oh so true. My feelings precisely. You hit it on the head. When we get back to “normal”, we will all be so grateful for what we have!!!!

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Glad you enjoyed reading my musings. Thank you!!! I invited everyone on this page to join my new private Facebook group, GRANDwomen with Moxie..where loneliness disappears. It is just over a week old and the women are so engaged with one another.You will probably enjoy. Warmly, Honey

  4. Nancy says:

    Honey, thank you for a very optimistic take on the current situation. I live alone, but I’m not alone, and I’m so grateful for a roof over my head, I do love my condo, friends that I can reach out to,,,,actually using the telephone instead of texting is gratifying, but I find I’ve forgotten how to have a leisurely phone conversation, learning it’ll come back…Facetime with girlfriends is the next best thing to seeing them in person. My women’s club has set up Zoom so we can have virtual meetings, my son and I talk daily from our respective homes. I do feel awful about our local businesses. They are being very inventive for food delivery and service, many of them are contributing to the community, those in need, frontline responders. And yes I’m cooking from the pantry,
    I do wonder at times when we will be able to go out, wear clothes other than pajama bottoms, sweatshirts etc. We all try…to do our best. Our local Nextdoor has set up a feed so we can post positive pictures, family, pets, what was for dinner. I feel we will get thru this, and please keep up you positivity… also I didn’t get a chance to reply and say thank you for answering a question about relationships. I miss my boyfriends dinners, he’s an amazing cook……..
    Thank You,
    Nancy from Hercules, CA …SF Bay Area,

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Come join my new private Facebook group..GRANDwomen with Moxie…where loneliness disappears. I think you would love it. Of course it is free. We are having our first ZOOM HONEY’S HAPPY HOUR this Friday at 3:00pm western time. We are on the same time. Hope to see you join ( only if you want too) and on ZOOM! Love your article and you are welcome for my advice. I remember! Warmly, Honey

  5. Carlene says:

    I totally agree!! I’m exciting people to find the silver lining (s) in the “crisis” because, ttrust me, there is one! Life as we know it has changed dramatically, no d doubt, and will continue. And change can be good. Positive vibes to all!! This too shall pass….

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      You are a woman after my own heart! We shall carry on with positivity. Yes, change can be good when the right people realize they should take a look at their actions and….change. Keep the faith. I do. Positivity to all…I agree. Come join my new private group on Facebook, GRANDwomen with moxie…where loneliness disappears. And, you to Pat and to everyone who wrote to me about CODOV-19. Warmly, Honey

  6. Pat says:

    I miss buying falafels from a kiosk on the street!! Or a drink from a little kid’s lemonade stand! And wine tasting elbow to elbow talking it up with strangers! Will those ever return? Should I be sanitizing our pooch every time we take him out?? We just took a rainy romp on a vacant beach near Davenport! Have a nice Sunday, we are despite the challenges. 😘

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      The days and the Falafels will return1 Have faith. I do. I love falafels! I searched and searched in Israel for the best falafel. I finally found it at a stand in a little tiny place in Jerusalem. I wonder about our pooches. I don’t know the answer. Let’s for now just count our blessings. Right? Right! Warmly, Honey

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