My goal is to help you create a lifestyle of positivity and possibility. I am smiling!

– Warmly, Honey

A GRANDwoman with Moxie Uses Her Imagination!

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Embracing the Unknown With Imagination 

The societies of the world have been forced to shift their lifestyles into unknown territory.

Life has confronted the citizens of the world with a frightening plague. There is nothing worse than fear of the unknown and therefore during these times we must gather our wits about us, make sound choices and continue to keep our spirits up as GRANDwomen with Moxie who use our imagination to intermingle as best we can with those we love and those we enjoy.

Let us hang our hopes on the positive, that the capsule of time will be short, that we will be resourceful and that all of us and our families will come out of this experience grateful that we made it through the rain.

Using Our Imaginations 

Since everything is in our heads we certainly can use our imagination to find ways to keep ourselves connected to our families, our friends, our livelihoods, our many outside interests, and even new discoveries during this time.

We have been told to ostracize ourselves from others and stop doing the things we love. It is one thing to be told to exclude or avoid people and places we don’t desire, but quite another to be held hostage by a virus that is attacking our world.

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Interesting Links To Enjoy

GRANDwomen with Moxie have choices. And, today it is my pleasure to offer you some interesting  links to click onto that may spark a desire in you to visit!

Flower Arranging Basics & Crafts 

Free Online University Art Classes

12 Historic Sites & Attractions to Visit (Virtual Tours)

10 of the World’s Best Virtual Museum and Art Gallery Tours

A Variety of Virtual Tours (Including Street Art & More Unique Places)

Visit National Parks via Google (360 Degree Tours)

Take a Class of Your Choosing From The Masters of Each Craft

Zumba, Yoga and Many More Fitness Classes

Ideas to Share

I have ideas in my mind to share with you. Things that bring me joy. Things that may bring you joy to dream about, talk about with family and friends over the phone, on ZOOM, on Facetime, in emails, on a conference phone line or a handwritten personal letter to those you care for; And last but not least, maybe just maybe you might want to write your thoughts in your private journal. 

Here is my list of ideas you can talk about with your family and friends or write to others or to keep in your personal journal.

  1. What blessings do you count? 
  2. What are your personal strengths of character?
  3. What piece of wisdom will you always remember?
  4. Write or call people you would raise mountains for
  5. Write or call someone you are proud of
  6. Write or call someone you can always count on                                           

Topics to Discuss One-On-One or In Groups

  1. Bring up an intriguing topic
  2. Favorite ways to engage one’s brain during this time
  3. Your favorite scents and how you found it
  4. How does nature inspire you?
  5. Discuss a favorite line from a movie, book or show
  6. A work of art that makes your heart sing
  7. A funny personal story to share
  8. How do you discuss these times with your adult children and grands?
  9. Things that make you feel healthy
  10. Little things that brighten your day, everyday
  11. Why you enjoy your girlfriends?
  12. What do you enjoy doing by yourself?
  13. What is your daily favorite ritual?
  14. What is the most beautiful thing you own?
  15. Destinations you dream of visiting
  16. Do you feel invisible?
  17. Your favorite celebrations?
  18. Who is your oldest friend and how do the inspire you?
  19. Three of your favorite books
  20. Your strongest positive trait that will get you through the Coronavirus pandemic

The Many Seasons of Life

We have all journeyed through many springs, summers, falls and winters in our personal lives. Each season has its patterns as do our lives. It is important to keep yourself invested in your emotional health because depression plays a role in our immune systems. Staying engaged in life is very important and keeps our immune systems strong.

Explain this to your children and grands. Don’t forget to take your Vitamin D3, 6000 units a day for your immune system, but check with your doc. And, smile! It too will raise your immune system. You have a roof over your head, food in your homes and family and friends who love you and who you love. Feel your gratitude. 

How are you taking care of yourself and using your imagination during this time? Please let me know in the comments below, I want to hear from you. 

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  1. My dear Honey, as usual I read your muse every day they do inspire me, a for a short very short time, but then I realize that no one I am able to apply no matter what. My imagination works overtime all the time as I am blindfolded in all of this/ I am not surprised about this epidemic as I am living in ia nightmare of my own, but somehow in my wild imagination I feel has a connection, but my story has a better chance to be believe it, I am sharing this not for my sake but maybe with your wisdom and knowledge you can help others My life is a nightmare hard to believe but not anymore, I am far from normal, because really I should not be alive by now, that alone is a miracle. I feel I am suppose to do something, nut have not idea what, as I fall flat in my face, every day being sick, I through up every thing I put in my mouth, have pain all day like being in labor and I take pain killers, I was in the hospital, fell in the shower, actually I didn’t fall, thats what I tell people so it sounds real, I was pushed and fell in a crazy position, where i had to crawl out of the shower, to my front door, naked until I believe a neighbor call 9ll, I was in intensive care, as I through up for days without stop. (really i should be dead) but somehow was not a voice but in my head, just so you believe you are white, but white is black, i am not suppose to say that to you, because in my imagination, we don’t believe in the same things, but know we are all in the same boat, or are we? I never met you, but I feel I know you, we are from completely different backgrounds but maybe connecting by the soul, anyway thats what I believe. My story is too long, but know i feel It will be believable, No one is with me, have not witness at all, its just me, and I am not suppose to tell you, again this is all me, I got up this morning and have breakfast , read the paper , really should not be alive, that is a miracle by itself.

  2. This article is one of my favorites. ’A Grandwoman with Moxie’ – what a great and beautiful way to feel. I love love it.
    Thank you is just what I needed in this isolated time
    Lovingly From
    A grandwoman with endless imagination. Your posts are my Anam Caras (soul friends)

  3. Thank you very much for your list of links to enjoy. It is a treasure of worthwhile, substantive resources I’ve not yet come across during my internet surfing time. I will peruse these sites as time allows and save some of these gems for the future. I learn so much from the web and truly enjoy finding new sources of knowledge and inspiration. This list made my day!

    One way I am taking care of myself these days is through my volunteer work at a local food pantry. Food pantry services everywhere are needed more now than ever with recent layoffs and families with children young and old home from school. I’ve loved being a pantry volunteer now for almost two years. I meet the nicest folks each and every day. They are always most gracious and grateful for the blessings provided by the pantry, and I am honored to be there to serve them. It is very fulfilling work.

    I enjoy your joyful blog. Thank you for sharing your time and inspiration. It is much appreciated.

    1. How wonderful you are. Giving of yourself and your time. I am grateful to have a woman like you reading my musings. Thank you. Be safe. Stay well. Keep smiling. I know you do because you are a grateful woman giving back. Warmly, Honey

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