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– Warmly, Honey

Today on ASK HONEY – Questions & Opinions


Dear Darlings,

I decided to share my thoughts, my lifestyle, my decisions and my reasoning why every woman has the ability to rise to any occasion including the COVID-19 Pandemic. I am also going to answer an Ask Honey question pertaining to this subject; though they are asking my advice, they are wise and know the answer, and why they should rise to the occasion. 

One of the virtues of a GRANDwoman with Moxie is her natural ability to rise to any occasion. This is second nature to her and an extraordinary and unique built-in gift. 

A Woman Had The Skills To Cope

Out of the blue a situation arises, COVID-19, and she is called upon to use her coping skills. She rises to an occasion that takes courage, intelligence, creativity or all three rolled into one. To those observing her, she has an art. I call it, an inherent instinct, an inborn ability that endowed her with this power. Each time she rises to an occasion she feels her confidence, courage and self-esteem flourish. 

An Ask Honey Question

Anonymous Asks:

Dear Honey,

My only child is getting married next year in a small destination wedding of about 80 guests. I’ve been divorced for several years from his father and neither of us has remarried. We have been amicable throughout. I’m certain he will not bring a date to the wedding. So, I have been seeing someone for a good while, but am considering going alone to the wedding just to minimize any chance of stress in terms of my kids, exes, etc.

My child has met my boyfriend a few times and seems to like him, but I worry this could be a focal point among people I’ve not seen for a good while, especially in such a small venue. I’m not trying to hide the relationship, but I don’t want to flaunt it either. I’m sure my boyfriend prefers to go, but I feel wedding isn’t about us. Please let me know if going alone seems right.

Thank you for your thoughts!

– Anonymous

Dear Anonymous, 

You have risen to the occasion!

You know exactly the right path to take. You are very astute and know the day of your son’s wedding is all about him, his new wife, your families and long time close friends. This is his wedding day; a day he will remember all the days of his life.

You are correct that the day of your son’s wedding is not a day to introduce your beau. Your wisdom comes from motherly love and keen intelligence. Your son is fortunate to have you as his mother. 

It will be telling to see your beau’s reaction to your wise decision. I am smiling. 



How We Can Rise To The Occassion

I hope you and your families are safe. As wives, partners, mothers, grandmothers and friends, we have had to take stock of the daily uncertainty of these times and rise to the occasion.  

How can we rise to the occasion to confront this worldwide pandemic from attacking our health and financial futures? We will do what we do best, go deep inside ourselves, formulate a plan and rise to the occasion. 

Though we are Isolated from family and friends and fearful to go to the market or drugstore, we persevere. Though we cannot buy the foods and products we need because our grocery store’s shelves are empty, we will survive. Though we must remember not to touch our face and remember to wash our hands for 20 seconds several times daily, we will remember not to forget. We will make it our habit to wash our clothing as soon as we return home from the market and leave our shoes outside our door because we know it is for our safety.

And, we will repeat the above thoughts in message to our families in emails, phone calls and texts until it becomes second nature to them because we are all Mother Earth, sending out our love. Our gift to ourselves in return? A peacefulness that we are doing our best.

Ask Honey… Ask Honey… Ask Honey…

We worry about the financial futures and the health of our children, relatives, friends and even all those we don’t know because worrying causes action and worrying is second nature to us. We pull out of our tool box ways to inform, educate, enlighten and even blow the whistle on up to the minute information. In other words, we use all our skills to rise to the occasion. 

My Goal Is To Protect Those I Love

I stay in touch with my children and grands and I protect my Ultimate Concierge. I make phone calls, send texts, write emails and preach that age is just a number from our attacker, COVID-19 and they owe it to themselves to self-isolate. I send only informative emails that I know they will want to read.

I cook all meals at home because I am afraid to get takeout foods from restaurants; my Ultimate Concierge will ask me if he can just go out for a haircut and I put my foot down. I hand him 6,000 units of Vitamin D3 tabs each morning because I know he will forget, I insist he take walks to stay strong and watch interesting documentaries, walking tours, the news and movies to stay connected to the world outside our doors. I remind him when he has a virtual meeting with the guys. And, while I am writing, I ask him to read beside me. My rising to the occasion benefits me as much as it benefits my family. I am using the gift of my skills to help those I love.

 Stay Strong! We Owe This To Ourselves

Whatever makes you feel strong and alive you must do for yourself. There are a million and one things to do while you are self-isolating. You may want to challenge yourself to learning a language. There are courses on the Internet. You may want to shop online for some things for your home or your family and do things you have been putting off. 

I walk America, walk on my treadmill, talk to friends by text, email and phone, write my stories, and I am beyond excited to be working with my team installing games for you to play on! My team and I are launching my new Private Facebook Group, GRANDwomen with Moxie – Where loneliness disappears this week, where groups of women will join one another in conversations on a variety of topics.

I am not wearing make-up but I am giving myself facials! I have taken off my nail polish and am letting my hair air dry instead of using a blower and curling iron. I am relearning how to time my cooking so the meat and the veggies are both hot when I serve my Ultimate Concierge dinner. I am staying very connected to those I love and care for. I am watching Anne with an E at this time with my Ultimate Concierge and America and enjoying it.

I am above all else, hopeful. I refuse to allow myself to get down. I have the gift of rising to occasions. Therefore, I will not let this Pandemic rob me of my positivity nor my resilience. If you are feeling overwhelmed, now is the time to recognize that you and every woman has the ability to rise to an occasion. If you tucked it away, seek and restore it. It is a gift. Unwrap it and spread your messages to all those you love, while remembering to take care of yourself.


We are all GRANDWOMEN with moxie, and we need to stick together. If you have a question for next week, please ask it in the form below.


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    1. Yes Honey, we as women know how to rise to the occasion. I am grateful that I had a mother and grandmother that taught me to be a strong woman. Although I live many states away from my daughters and grands, I give them words of encouragement at this difficult time through phone calls, emails, texts…. Thank you for your strength and words of wisdom.

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