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Weekend Musings: Summer Travel, Zen & Much More!

Cruising Around The World

My darlings, I hope you enjoyed another lovely summer week. I am currently traveling on my next adventure: a European cruise! We are headed to so many places, but our first location is the beautiful Monte Carlo. I can’t wait to share with you all about my travels and the wonders each new location holds. In the meantime, enjoy these lovely weekend musings.

Garment Bags For Travel

When traveling all over the world, I often must bring clothes for any occasion. With that comes the need to pack outfits that remain wrinkle-free and in great shape. Remember, I buy my clothing to last, therefore I like to take care of the fashion that I buy. One way to keep my clothes perfect is by traveling with a garment bag.

Town and Country Magazine recently published a great list of wonderful garment bags to take on the go. Maybe you will find one you like to take on your next adventure.

Explore HERE.

Summertime Blues

Have you ever heard of the “Summertimes Blues” my readers? I hadn’t and it’s something that perhaps some of you struggle with. According to this article from TheWeek, the author states:

The medical community believes that the summertime blues could be a form of seasonal affective disorder, brought on not by the lack of light that induces the condition in the winter, but instead by the unceasing daylight and cultural pressure to be ebullient about the season. “[S]ummertime depression often brings insomnia, loss of appetite, weight loss, and feelings of agitation or anxiety,” writes The Smithsonian. “Summertime SAD can also create an increased feeling of isolation. If misery loves company, [wintertime] SAD sufferers can find plenty of other people to commiserate with during the dreary winter months. But during summer, most everyone else seems to be having a great time.”

If this sounds like something you suffer through, darings, know that you are never alone.

Find out more about the Summertime Blues HERE.

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