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Fall Brings Renewal… and Agreements. Discover What I Mean In Today’s Story.

The other day, I was sitting on a park bench in the charming little park across the street from our condominium building with our new pooch America. The park has a cobbled path that leads through it to another lane and has become a very popular walkthrough. America and I sat watching my fellow Americans; some with their children, some walking their pets, some arm in arm, some with caregivers, and some racing through to visit shops in the area. I smiled, got up with America and entered the lovely little park, found another bench and was grateful for some peace and quiet.

The falling leaves on the ground impacted me as I thought of the changing season and all that goes with it. When the season changes from summer to fall, it is common to look forward to revamping our wardrobes, reorganizing our closets, remodeling a room, restyling our hair, relocating to a new community, and of course, the approaching holidays. In other words, darlings, fall should be uplifting.

I thought about what I am adding to my wardrobe, our trip in October to Europe with our grands, returning to Palm Springs and friends, Thanksgiving in Florida, and vacationing in Bali with my ultimate concierge in December.

What am I adding to my wardrobe? A leather skirt, a glossy trench coat, clunky sneakers, a few Missoni headbands if I can find them, fabulous belts and handbags and new jeans, etc.

Where did we decide to travel with our grands? We wanted to organize a trip that kept us together night and day. We wanted them to experience a great history lesson. We chose to do two days in Paris and then we will hop into a van with a driver and guide to the Normandy Beaches. We will visit Versaille, Monet’s Garden, Mont Saint- Michelle and Bayeux to see the Tapestries, eat in bistros along the sea and bond as a family.

Palm Springs and friends, Florida for Thanksgiving, December on a romantic Island… all were just passing thoughts of gratitude and excitement.

On a more substantial note, I thought about the past seasons of my life, probably because it is the week of the Jewish holiday; a time to rejoice, repent and ask for forgiveness.

Coincidently, I just read a book, The Four Agreements, and I want to share its lessons. My trainer, Jeffrey, gave it to me.

What are the Four Agreements?

1. Be impeccable with your word.
2. Don’t take anything personally.
3. Don’t make assumptions.
4. Always do your best.

Agreement #1

Be true to yourself and say only what you mean. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love for all those in your life.

Agreement #2

Nothing others do to you is because of you. What others say and do to you is because of their own reality. When you become immune to their actions, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

Agreement #3

Communicate with friends, family, and co-workers as clearly as you are able to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and of course, darlings, drama.

Agreement #4

Do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.

Thousands of years ago in Mexico there were a group of people of knowledge, called Toltec. They were scientists and artists who came together. This book is their story told by the author who is a Toltec.

I recommend this book by don Miguel Ruiz. Read it. You will not be sorry.

Happy New Year to my Jewish darlings. May you have calm waters, heightened interests, and love around you. To all of my darlings, happy Fall. It is time for your renewal, your reinvigoration, and revitalization. How lucky are we to have the chance to embrace it? I hope you AGREE.

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  1. I really enjoyed this post….thanks for all your words of truth. What part of Bali are you traveling too? It’s been on my bucket list! Happy Autumn! Also, that book sounds so interesting! ⭐️🍁

    1. I am glad you enjoyed my musings, today. I will have to let you know where in Bali. The book is fabulous. One of the best, ever. Warmly,Honey

  2. Dear Honey,
    I think your four agreements are a wonderful way to start a fall renewal. I’m guilty of assuming and taking things personally even when I know better. Always a work in progress and your sage advice is a great reminder.
    The pictures of you and America are so sweet. A precious new puppy is also another way to start the new season. Happy Holidays!

    1. This is coming your way a bit late but still very heartfelt. L’Shana Tova to your family…a year of good health and calm seas are sent your way. Warmly, Honey

  3. Good Morning Honey… So happy to see a post with little America. I’m guessing he will be well cared for while you are traveling to Europe – but will he get to go on the trips in the US? I’m hoping so. We did the Normandy beaches and St Michelle along with most of what you posted last year. Loved each moment. Enjoy those grands. A lifetime of memories for all of you.

    1. America will stay in our home while we are gone with a young couple and their baby. They are doggie babysitters and I have known them for many years. I think America will have a vacation at home!!! I have been to Normany and Mount St. Michele as I mentioned and am so glad you had the opportunity too. I am very excited to have this experience with grandchildren. Warmly, Honey

    1. My ultimate concierge is my husband, Sheldon Good! I gave him the nickname in my writings because he helps me with everything!!! Glad you asked. Warmly, Honey

  4. Hello, I read all your articles with interest and especially liked this one. I have sent it along to others. On an additional note, and since you have a larger audience than me, would you will willing to view and enlighten others on some of the docu-series that have been showing? I am in the middle of The Truth About Vaccines and it is maddening and enlightening at the same time. A new series on Dppression and Anxiety start 9/24 – 10/1. I just watched a webinar today on how bad and over vaccinated our pets are. It was given by Dr. William Falconer. I am happy that you have your new baby, America. I just lost my girl, Missy, age 16. Please feel free to email me if you want more information. Keep up the great work… Barbara from Pembroke, MA/Ormond Beach, FL

    1. Hi Barbara, Please send me more information. How do I find the docu-series you are referring to? I believe my dog Orchid died because of over vaccination. I am only going to give America her first to appointments of vaccines and one rabbi. Then I am done with vaccinating America. Please sign up for Moxie! on my site. I will be doing my own podcasts, interviews, and much more. It is coming soon. So glad you are reaching out to me. Warmly, Honey

    2. I am sorry you lost Missy. Please send more info. My breeder confirmed what I felt about vaccines for pooches. She told me after the first two sets when they are pups, STOP with the vaccines. With rabies vaccine’s one and then stop. There is a blood test that checks the degree of each vaccine in our pooches bodies, except rabies. We are helping one another. America sends licks. Warmly, Honey

  5. America is so precious! Ordering two copies of this book. One for me, and one for my grandson who is following my young adult study of our great Philosophers and Historians!

  6. Honey, this post really helped me, as I go through a difficult family time. Thankyou. I love your sweet America! Also please let us know what chunky sneakers you love!

    1. I am so sorry you are going through a difficult family time. So are others!! Not that that will help but know you are not alone. I cannot remember the brand names. I see a pair. I like them, I buy them. You know us women…we are gathers!! Warmly, Honey

  7. WOW!
    No more vaccines for my Pekingese, Mindy!
    Now trying to decide if I should continue with my train of thought on no flu vaccine…last January ended up in Hospital with what they think was the flu. Very challenging…preventative from a healthy perspective is my mindset.

    1. I cannot answer that question. I do not take the flu shot. But, I have taken it in the past. Warmly, Honey

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