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How to start appreciating the simple things in life after 50

I have a friend who is a young woman and our personalities are so similar, you might think we are mother and daughter. Our personalities are almost identical. Our thoughts and our karma seem to be one in the same. We believe in fate, the belief that we are responsible for carving out our destiny and, just as importantly, we know the importance and need to be mindful and take advantage of the simple things in life.

One day, we were sitting in my home discussing our websites (we each own one) with Orchid between us. She made a gesture lifting her hands and I noticed a tattoo on the inside of her wrist that read, “simply be.” She explained the purpose of the two words and the reason for the placement of her tattoo. The words were to give her a heads up when stress was knocking on her door. The placement of her tattoo was for a specific reason – “simply be” was for her eyes only. I loved that!

I do not have a tattoo, but if I ever considered one I think I could copy my friends. I do, however, have another word I would consider.  To maintain my calm and mindfulness I could put the word “walk” on the inside of my wrist on the same hand as my red Kabbalah string! Why? Because walking is an exercise in appreciating the simple things in life and like my grandmother’s chicken soup, walking, does something for my soul! Walking lifts my spirit, tones my muscles, lets me feel the earth beneath my feet and see the godliness of nature surrounding me. My walk charms me by allowing me to have my dog, Orchid, by my side, quiet time to dream and reflect and increase my vitality — mentally and physically. Walking allows me to simply be.

I walk every day. When I was in a cast and a walking boot for four months healing from surgery from a broken ankle, I choose to use a walker instead of a scooter.

I walked.

If you are not a walker and would like to start a new routine, this is what I advise for beginners, until you find your own path —start off with a purpose. Choose either a destination point, a long walk with your dog or a daily walk with a dear friend or loving spouse —it is good for your heart in more ways than one!

This is my routine in the spring, summer, and fall in Chicago.  Living in the middle of the city I am in the midst of marvelous hustle and bustle, but I choose to walk early in the morning when the city is quiet. I love the silence of the early morning, but sometimes I make it a social activity and walk with my girlfriends.

Yes, walking is a discipline. It is a wonderful activity that will allow you to relish the simple things in your life and allow you to simply be. I hope you find the simple things that speak to your soul and allow you to find the peace inside yourself! How do you appreciate the simple things? How do you stay mindful?

*This story has been updated, but was originally published in 2015.

  1. I strongly agree with your thoughts on walking. And it can become an addiction, in a good way. I started out walking during a time in my life when I was battling a lot of anxiety entering into my second marriage. I helped so much. I was able to drain my thoughts and go home to enjoy the endorphins, and just relax. Now, I miss it when I don’t walk. I’ll even walk in the rain. I attest my weight control to walking, because I love desserts. ha! I’m happy I found your site. You are adorable, and I love your writing!

  2. I,. too., walk every day for 2+ miles. It is so good for my soul as well as my body. I have recently bought a FitBit and love to see if I can increase my steps each week. I also love the early morning hours. This is a quiet time, but, it also allows me to beat the heat in SW Florida during the hot months.

    It is always amazing to me to hear the bird sounds, see the sun sparkle on the lakes, and see the blooming plants and trees. I return home ready to face a stressful day of Mom care and husband care. Both need lots of my time and help. If I did not gird myself with my walk, I think I would find it hard to keep giving.

  3. I look for you everyday on my emails and I love reading what you write. You are so inspiring and I so enjoy what you have to say, I plan to start walking more, thank you for your encouragement!

    1. I am so flattered that you enjoy what I say. Thank you so very much. I walk every day.It is great therapy for good physical and emotional health. Warmly, Honey

  4. Dear Honey,
    Like you, walking is my peace, spirituality and my way to connect with nature. There can’t be enough said for walking! Thank you so much for sharing this valuable advice with everyone..
    Give yourself a gift this holiday season and start walking all you lovely ladies!

    1. You are so welcome, Susan. I walk every day. It is the best therapy for good physical and mental health. Happy holidays. Warmly, Susan

  5. The Loving Universe is truly amazing. I have been depressed after a serious illness for 3 years and have become a blob on the sofa. I wanted to take just a short walk to start something today but couldnt get off this darn couch! I googled inspirational stories over 50 and this site popped up! I will listen and allow your support (all of you!) and try to begin taking care of myself again. Thank you, wholeheartedly thank you. Julie

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