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When life gives us lemons, we just have to make ourselves some sweet lemonade. Here you’ll find our musings, pearls of wisdom, and personal stories to guide you through life’s passages. Explore how to embrace your beauty with style, discover new adventures, navigate the nuances of relationships, pull back the curtain to deal with life changes, and resonate with the reflections of other women. 

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Passages After 50


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Keeping our minds sharp as we age becomes increasingly essential, and mindfulness exercises after 50 will help you take steps to do just that. In general, as you age, your body typically stops being as strong as it was in the past. You can do things to stave off that advancement of age, though. Now’s […]

9 Mindfulness Exercises After 50 That You Should Start Today!


Honey good hand on a tree on streets in Chicago getting outside after 50

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A visit to the tea aisle in your local grocery provides a mind-boggling array of herbal teas, each claiming to boost this, brighten that, and change your life for the better. It is difficult to know which one to try next! This handy guide will help you during your next grocery trip (or Amazon shopping […]

5 Herbal Teas to Relax Aches, Soothe Pains and Improve Your Health


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Whether it’s from exercising or simply aging, no one likes feeling pain. Luckily, nature has blessed us with some ingredients that can ease our troubles… anti-inflammatory ingredients to the rescue! Did you know that oxidation and inflammation are intertwined? That’s because oxidation leads to forming free radicals that can damage the cells and thus lead to inflammation. Some nutrients, however, […]

Best Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients For Pain Relief in 2021


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This article was written by Karen Harrow Malodorous Caused by Aging Malodorous caused by aging is an uncomfortable topic. You may need to read this more than you want to read this. I will not leave you in your discomfort without some practical solutions. I am not a medical professional so if in doubt, see […]

Our Body As We Age – Let’s Talk About Malodorous Aging


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How to Boost Your Immune System in 7 Tangible Ways With the common cold, seasonal flu, and nasty bugs like COVID-19 lurking around every corner, doing whatever you can to stay healthy is likely a primary concern. A two-step strategy is your best defense. First, adopt habits that will reduce your likelihood of getting sick […]

How to Boost Your Immune System in 7 Tangible Ways


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