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The Perfect White Blouse For Fall

Let’s talk about the perfect white blouse for fall! 

The Perfect White Blouse For Fall

Searching for the perfect white blouse for fall? Nothing is more classic and versatile than a white button-down shirt, which shot to fame for women when Hollywood legends such as Lauren Bacall, Grace Kelly, Katharine Hepburn, and Marilyn Monroe embraced them in the mid-20th century.

Chic women have continued to follow their timeless lead, taking full advantage of how flattering white is to nearly every skin tone and how beautifully it mixes with everything. These attributes make the white shirt the perfect neutral basic to wear with whatever you like, darling.

How To Care For The Perfect White Blouse

What’s more, caring for white clothes is far simpler than most people imagine, and with a few simple tips, your white blouses can retain their dramatic brightness. A bit like a fabric diva, white wants to be set apart – and not just from colorful clothes that can transfer and dye or make them dingy. Separate white blouses like this: acetate and acrylic wash together; linen and cotton wash together; wool washes alone; all delicate whites should be washed by hand. And yes, darling, you CAN bleach your whites, which makes them rather low-maintenance, actually, to care for.

Remember, though, bleach should be used judiciously as it does weaken the fabric. Fabrics that DO NOT take to bleaching (read your care tags) are silk, acetate, spandex, rubber, and elastic. Yellowed whites should be washed, and then rinsed in a vinegar and water solution to bring them back to bright.

I Found The Perfect White Blouse For You!

Now, out of the laundry and back into the closet! The below chic silhouettes show the versatility, wearability, and classic styles available in the perfect white blouse. One of these is sure to carry you through to snowfall.

I love this cut because it’s both relaxed, and also fluttery and feminine all at the same time. It’s washable and made from linen with a curved hem and full-length, ruffled collar. Get it here.

I would pair this top with leggings or my favorite denim. The rounded back hem is extremely forgiving while lending a modern feel. Get it here.

I love the contrast piping on this long-sleeved blouse. Th tied collar complements and black pleat detailing is so sweet. Plus, this baby is machine washable! Get it here.

Ann Taylor’s woven button-down is the ideal “neutral” to pair with some of the season’s most colorful patterns… think scarves, bags, hats, and more. Long sleeves with button closure and button front placket; get it here or at Ann Taylor stores.

This one, by Brynn Lyford, exudes an easy femininity. I personally love to wear jersey material; it’s cool and comfy and launders well. Get it here.

More Perfect White Blouses

  1. ROSKIKI Women Summer 3/4 Bell Sleeve V Neck Casual Chiffon Blouse
  2. Ralph Lauren Tie-Waist Button-Down Shirt
  3. Michael Michael Kors Draped Button-Front Shirt
  4. L’Agence Jordy Button Up Blouse

Accessorize Your Perfect White Blouse

Lastly, I want to mention one more thing. Don’t forget, the great thing about white blouses is that you can accessorize them. And, as you know, I do love a great accessory. Accessories can completely change the look and feel of a blouse. It can dress it down, it can dress it up, change it for day or night.

I love to wear a nice red flower brooch, or even tie a scarf around my neck. A great handbag can also dress up a simple white blouse. Don’t forget a fabulous pair of earrings and some bangles to complete the look. Oh, and a nice pair of shoes! Have fun with it, and always be true to your personal style.

I would love to hear about your favorite style staples and your favorite white blouses! Please do tell! Write yours in the comments section below so we can all share our information. Thank you and happy shopping! 

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  1. I believe a white blouse and a good fitting pair if black pants can be worn anywhere, anytime. It was the one essential I put in a carry on that would solve lost luggage anytime.

  2. So glad you are posting fashion advice as you are such a fashion icon with such a chic , elegant aesthetic style . Thanks for sharing your fashion tips.

    1. Thank you for the compliment. My go to these days is also accessories. After all how many black pants and sweaters do we need. One accessory can change a look! I do love my white blouses. Warmly, Honey

  3. What about chic white blouses for busty, “fluffy” women? Button downs are so uncomfortable. I spend all my time adjusting things rather than enjoying my time with people.

    1. A gals gotta do what a gal’s gotta do to be a smash. Take your time to search for tops that are comfortable and chic instead of spending your time trying to get comfortable. Warmly, Honey

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