The Brooch: An Elegant & Timeless Accessory

Bringing Back the Brooch

In one of my most recent blogs, I gave you several accessories that were not to be excluded from your wardrobe. Included in that list was the darling brooch. Over the years, this accessory as gone from ‘out’ to back ‘in.’ Now you can catch fashionable brooches on runways around the world. I am not kidding!

Look at these stunning images from the fall 2018 shows of Louis Vuitton (right), Celine (middle) and Miu Miu (left). The brooch is here to stay and frankly darlings, I am definitely excited about this fashion trend being back–not that I ever let my classic pieces go out of style.

Looking Back In Time

The history of the brooch is a very interesting one, my readers. Did you know that they actually had a very functional reason before they became fashionable? In fact, they were used to hold together a piece of cloth. They were usually made of bone, shell, wood or stone. The first brooch traces back to the Bronze Age around 3000-1200 BC.

Eventually, they were refined and made with high-quality metals. Then in the 1400s, gemstones were added to the mix. When diamonds, rubies, and other precious stones were eventually used, brooches became a way to show your status of wealth and privilege.

It wasn’t until the 1920s that costume jewelry became popular and then brooches were made with synthetic materials. This made the statement piece accessible to more people and very much a part of fashion history.

In the 1950s, classy cocktail brooches were developed. Nowadays I believe we can thank the Royal Family for keeping them current and part of our daily fashions.

Ways to Wear A Brooch

There are so many ways to wear the classic accessory. Now I do suggest that you wear them with outfits that have clean lines and a minimalist look. That way, yours can be a statement piece: one that stands out instead of blending in.

As well, if your look is already a statement, you don’t want to overdo it by having a brooch draw away from your style. Think of it as an added piece of jewelry. Too much can be overwhelming, darlings. You don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons!

And remember, if you are wearing a brooch on clothes, ensure the clothing fabric is sturdy enough to support its weight. Avoid pinning them to silk or jersey fabrics. You don’t want to ruin any pieces of your wardrobe.

Worn in the Hair

Add one to an up-do for a wedding or any formal event to spice up your look. They look very classy and elegant, darlings. You are sure to be complimented left and right for your perfect style.

On the Neckline

Instead of a statement necklace, try a brooch at the neckline of a button-up or sturdy blouse. It will add a punch of elegance and grace to any look. You can even get a collared brooch to really give that business look a stylish statement.

Pinned to the Waist or Shoulder of a Dress

Use a brooch to dress up any plain colored or structured dress. It will draw the eye to the waist and provide a sleek, slimming line. As well, pin yours to your shoulder to add some pizzazz and class to a cocktail or casual dress. This look is so very elegant when done right. In fact, it’s one of the Queen’s favorite things!

Scattered on a Stylish Jacket

A brooch will add beautiful detail to any blazer, darlings. This is most likely how you’ve seen many modern brooches worn. The material of a blazer or jacket is perfect for the weight of one that needs more support.

On a Hat

Need a way to dress up a plain hat? Add a brooch or fun pin to class up a wide-brimmed hat, fedora or fascinator. Sometimes we need a little extra spark in our lives and this is a great way to do so with creativity that lets you show off your personality!

As a Cufflink

Instead of a cufflink or simple button, add a fashion flair to the sleeves of your button-up shirts. I had never thought of this until looking through my closet just now but dear readers, I think it’s a wonderful idea.

A Few of My Favorites 

My beautiful brooches in this picture are from several places including gifts from my mother, a jewelry shop in Paris and Tiffany’s. If you would like to purchase the red flower on the silver stem by Elsa Peretti, you can find that piece HERE.

For many great fashion-forward options, I also suggest Bloomingdale’s or Nordstrom.

Do you wear a brooch, my darlings? Post photos of them in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram. Make sure to tag me in your looks! I might feature you on my Instagram stories.

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