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Relaxing Destinations For Short Vacations

Relaxing Destinations For Short Vacations

Hello, my wonderful readers! In the last few weeks I wrote about 5 hidden travel gems, and summer festivals across the United States. With how much I love traveling, I am always thinking about where my Ultimate Concierge and I will travel next or what adventure we may have with our families in a new location. If you are looking to take a relaxing vacation for two, or with the whole family, I’ve compiled a list of five splendid destinations for short–or longer if you desire–vacations! As always, make sure you check all COVID-19 restrictions before you book.

Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara is a city on the central California coast, with the Santa Ynez Mountains in its backdrop. The climate is often described as Mediterranean and the décor of the sweet coastal city reflects that. Their website claims “the sea and the mountains feel as one, the sun feels more golden, and the valleys overflow with a bounty of color.”

I have to say I agree with them, darling. It’s perfect for a short excursion because it’s not a long plane ride from anywhere in the US and it gives you the feeling of being in a different country. I went there for Christmas once and this charming idyllic town was a throwback to the gold rush days of California. I loved the salt sea air, the stories of the rich and famous who live there, and the colorful community.

Enjoy a weekend of spas, the beach, tasty wineries, fresh seafood, and lots of beautiful art.

Martha’s Vineyard, MA

I love the east coast! It is such a rich and wonderful place that has so many different experiences and adventures waiting for you.

One of my favorite destinations is Martha’s Vineyard. Seated on the Atlantic, located just south of Cape Cod, this longtime New England summer colony has a unique mixture of harbor towns, farmland, sandy beaches, and gorgeous lighthouses.

What I loved most about my time spent at Martha’s Vineyard was the island living. I didn’t get a chance to meet the year-round residents, but it’s a place where I could see myself spending more time. The history is rich and full of life. The fresh vegetables and fish are just delicious. There was not one thing I did not like about Martha’s Vineyard. It’s a place that all ages can enjoy and find a plethora of things to do.

Montreal, Canada

I don’t know if you believe in past lives, but I myself have always felt like I was a French woman in one of mine. Montreal, Canada was a place where I felt at home. The sounds of the French language and delightful perfumes wafting through the air were so delicious and welcoming. Not to mention the smells of the French bistro cuisine and quaint coffee shops were tantalizing to the senses.

What I love about visiting a place like Montreal: it is not hard to get to from the US. If you and your travel partners have a passport, it is a wonderful place to visit over a long weekend or for a short vacation. Who doesn’t love visiting a new country without all the worries of long-distance travel?

Montreal is somewhere you can immerse yourself not only in the beauty of Canada but also in French culture and historical cobblestone neighborhoods. You must visit!

Charleston, SC

There is very much a theme with these relaxing destinations, my darlings. Just like the cities I’ve named above, Charleston, South Carolina is a place full of history, beauty, and cobblestone streets. This port city was once a federal stronghold where the first shots of the civil war rang out! So, my darlings, if you are enamored by America’s history, this is the place for you and your friends to visit. Charleston is, in fact, one of the most intact old Southern cities, dating back to 1670. When we came to Charleston, we entered by the sea in a friend’s yacht. I recall gazing at Fort Sumter and thinking to myself, “I am witnessing the history of a young America.”

As well, if you have ever dreamed of being a Southern belle and you adore magnolias, azalea gardens and old plantations don’t miss a visit to Charleston. I felt like I was living a past life as I walked the cobbled streets and rode in a horse-drawn carriage with my Rhett Butler aka my Shelly. We had such a wonderful and relaxing time there. I think you will too, my readers.

Playa Del Carmen, MX

I wanted to include a primary beach destination for you all and Playa Del Carmen is it! You’ll need your passport, but it will be worth it. Known for inexpensive plane tickets and luxuries, Playa is a place you can bring the whole family.

Located along the Yucatán Peninsula’s Riviera Maya strip of Caribbean shoreline, Playa Del Carmen is known for its coral reefs, picturesque views, and palm tree-lined beaches. Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing beach destination? But don’t worry my darlings, if that doesn’t tickle your fancy there are plenty of historical sights to see and spa days to be had. You can even visit Mayan Ruins or experience an evening sound bath.

Where Would You Go?

These are just a few destinations my darlings! I hope some of them inspire you to travel.

What destinations would you recommend? Join the conversation in the comments below or on Facebook.

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July 13, 2021


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  1. Susan says:

    Hello Honey. I loved your picks for a short vacation. One of my favorites is Alexandria VA. Strolling through historic streets and landmarks, beautiful waterfronts, local shopping, & incredible restaurants is a dream come true. Add in washington area museums & sights just a short ride away on reliable public transportation. I hope your readers get to experience it!

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