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Love Gives Us a Reason for Living

Love gives us a reason

Love gives us our reason for living. We shower love throughout the Universe in many ways. Giving love is as essential as getting love. Love is the richest of all of our emotions. Love always wins over hate… in the end. Love is what makes the world go round.

I decided to write about love because Valentine’s Day is soon arriving.

Love Brings Happiness

The ability to feel deep affection for others and the Universe is concrete, not abstract.

When you are treated with love, your heart feels full because it is full. When you can return love in all forms and appreciate its real value, you understand and acknowledge that love is the sweetest and most passionate of emotions.

Descriptive Love

I am sitting in the great room of our home in California as I write this story, feeling love all around, albeit different types of love. I feel tender love towards my pooch, America, lying next to me, fast asleep, with his paw on my leg.

I feel devoted love towards my ultimate concierge, sitting on my other side, our legs touching as I write and he clicks, and then you know what happens? His clicks and my typing set in unison.

Endearment is the emotion I feel for Rosa, my housekeeper who I hear clanging dishes in our kitchen. As I glance around our great room, I feel intense love and attachment to everything.

I love nature and as my eyes scan the panoramic view outside of my windows of the snow-capped mountains above and beautiful flowers blooming outside the windows, I am spellbound, another form of love.

I love bouquets and the floral scent of French perfume. The intimacy of sharing girl talk with my maven girlfriends brings a smile and so does my genuine warmth towards exceptional women who dare to be different. I love the feelings I get when a stranger smiles at me as we pass one another on the street. I love my intimate conversations with my granddaughter, Skylar. I love the adventure of life and all its offerings.

Why Love is Essential

We crave love. We are at our finest when we give love. Love is grand. It falls into so many categories…passion, friendship, family, the Universe, love of self and selfless love.

With Valentine’s Day less than one week away, please consider writing a note, a text, an email, or dropping a card to someone who would not expect to hear from you. A gift through words is a keepsake.

I am going to send out several individual short, though personal, notes in text messages and emails to those people who are important in my life.

I am going to write my ultimate concierge a love letter.

I am going to phone my mother, who is halfway across America, to tell her how grateful I am to have her lessons in my head, and, of course, send her kisses over the phone.

I am going to send my appreciation, a form of love, to my Honey Bees and bring Rosa pink roses.

I am going to give and share my love with others on Valentine’s Day because I know, after my love for my husband and family, the best kind of love is selfless love.

To all of you, I send my friendship, my appreciation, my heartfelt joy and my sincere thanks for playing a significant and loving role in my life. Happy soon-to-be Valentine’s Day, darlings.

What do you love most about life and how will you share it with others? Please share your thoughts and ideas via TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.

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  1. Sometimes it’s hard to find reasons to appreciate love. Still have my husband (age 70), but we live very, very far away from our son and from our daughter. One granddaughter, lives 1/2 way across the country. They seem to RARELY have time to Skype. We want to visit, but get no reply to our request, even tho we always stay at a hotel to not inconvenience anyone. I’ll have to find other ways to ‘love’.

    1. And, you can!!! Join a group of women who have your interests. Force yourself to do that. You will make friends and find joy. Trust me. I know. The ball is in your court. Warmly, Honey

    2. There was a magic sentence in your message, “I’ll have to find other ways to love.”Join a group is one suggestion. Join my online group Moxie for starters. There are many groups to join and it is just beginning. Go to on google or go to and sign up. Join a book, movie, gym class, garden club, etc. in your community. You are not alone in the ‘Children department.” Many parents and grandparents are going through what you are experiencing. Life is different within families than it used to be. Move on and carry on. You can do it. Warmly, Honey

  2. You are always so uplifting, kind and sweet. I enjoy your writing very much. My favorite line is “love always wins over hate….in the end”. Very profound and true. Thank you and Happy V-Day to you.

    1. I believe it does. When people carry hateful thoughts and do hateful deeds, in the end, they punish themselves.Happy Valentine’s day, Sue. Warmly, Honey

  3. And, I love you for loving us. Everydqy, I read your wonderful words. I consider all you share. Such a plethora of wisdom.

  4. This is such a great reminder to voice the love we feel for others! I am always telling my daughters and husband how much I love them but maybe not as much others in my life! Happy Valentines Day!❤️

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