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Stories for my Grandchild: A Grandmother’s Heritage


Based on my feelings, I am convinced there is an unspoken bond between a grandmother and her grandchild. I loved and admired my grandfathers, as I am sure you did, but I loved and had a bond with both my grandmothers. Oh, how I admired them.

I listened to my grandmothers’ tones of voice and their laughter. I noticed their gait, I copied values and mannerisms, style of dress and even the way they decorated their table for the holidays. There was a tie, a link, an unspoken pledge, a bond of love between us. They are forever a part of who I am. We are descendants of the same Tree of Life.

From generation to generation…we are now the grandmothers and we have the same internal bond with our grandchildren as we did with our grandmothers.

There are many extenuating circumstances. Many of us live a distance away from our darlings, many of us are shy talking about our heritage, and some grandmothers are separated from their grandchildren because of family problems. One thing we all have is that bond, that tie, that love between grandchild and grandmother.

honey and skylar


Skylar and I never had the pleasure of living near one another. If we had, I would have shared stories of our family going back a few generations and my personal life story with her. How wonderful to have told her about my grandmothers and why I adored them. I would have told her of what life was like for me, a little Jewish girl, growing up in the minority in Kankakee by the Sea and its positive force on my life. I would have shared stories of my first love, my major hurts, and disappointments, why it is important to be grateful, stories of my travels and my life with her grandfather, who passed away before she was born.

In story form, I would tell her the history of her family tree, weaving in the culture and customs of our family lifestyle. Additionally, I would share my values and teach her why I think living outside the box is value. I would share four of my favorite words with her and why I find their meanings invaluable: fierceness, curiosity, wanderlust, and gratefulness.

I know she knows I adore her. She knows I am sentimental, loving, empathetic, daring and helpful. She knows I am well-traveled and have a vast scope of knowledge. I know she knows I am a phone call away, 24/7.

Sharing Our Heritage, Our Lessons, Our Values

That is a lot to know but not enough because she has missed seeing and hearing all the little things that are ‘the meat’ of who her grandmother is.

The books I gravitate to and why my enlightenment with nature and why, the importance of soulfulness and why. How valuable it would be to explain to her the importance of seeing her glass as half full, even when it feels empty.

Next, I would share my interpretation of why gratitude is a prelude to happiness. I want to leave the good parts of me within her as my grandmothers left the good parts of themselves within me. It is hard because Skylar and I live so far apart.

stories for my grandchild


For those reasons, and a hundred more, when an email popped up in my inbox from Abrams Press inviting me to author a book because I was their ideal 21st Century grandmother, I was elated. I felt the following emotions…disbelief and shock, excitement and wonderment, appreciation and gratitude and an “OMG, I am going to be an author!”

When the dust settled down so to speak, I adjusted to what was ahead of me, writing a book, this Journal in its entirety, working with a New York Editor (now my friend,) learning to understand a contract, signing a contract, being asked to be a part of the art design and font decision-making, Suddenly, I was able to reel in the enormity of importance of this little jewel I was about to write, Stories for my Grandchild, available on Amazon for $16.99. It hit me in a magical way, and I was over the top elated.

The Back Story

I was giving, through my written questions, every grandmother around the world the opportunity to write the story of her life in her words in her journal. She would pass it on to her grandchild. In reality, we are co-authors. How special.

Stories for my Grandchild would become an heirloom gift, from a grandmother to her grandchildren. And, hopefully, her grandchildren will pass it on to their grandchildren. And, oh how happy this made me and how serious I took my assignment.

What makes me very proud of my accomplishment is that you will be leaving a great gift to your grandchild, the story of your life, that they may always know their heritage. And my, what a story they have in store, what a story Skylar has in store, too. I am smiling.

What will you leave your Grands? Please share your thoughts with me via TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.

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    1. Thank you, Jani. An heirloom. A keepsake. from you to your granddaughter. How special. Happy New Year. Warmly, Honey

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