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Meet My Valentine

What is the meaning of love?

Dedicated to Carolyn, Ines and Susan, who know…

Valentine’s Day is on my mind because it’s only a day away. It is the day of love, and people around the world are feeling love in the air. I have been noticing Valentine hearts everywhere. As I drive home from the market, my mind wonders ‘what is the meaning of love?’

“It is what you feel and what you give. It is the purest emotion. It feels gentle and warm and never difficult to give. On Valentine’s day I will think of all those I love, in different ways and degrees; but my main thought will be centered around my husband, my ultimate concierge Shelly, who I tell, “You are all around me.” That is the deepest meaning of love.

Upon arriving home, I unpack the groceries. I see Orchid, my dog, lying on the floor waiting for my kisses and pets as feelings of love run through me. Instead of sitting at my desk, I gather my laptop and write my musings by her side. Orchid licks my leg while I am typing, and I stop momentarily to rub her tummy and give her a kiss. It is love; it feels warm and gentle. I look around the room and I am captivated and in love with its beauty and serenity. I stare out the windows at the magnificent foliage in the yard and the glorious blue sky, and again, I feel an abundance of love for nature. I hear laughter flowing through the rooms of our home. It is the voice of my ultimate concierge, Shelly, on the phone and I feel the intimacy of our bond and I smile.

Happy Valentine’s Day


To my darlings who will be alone… As I mentioned in a paragraph above, there are different categories of love. Love is not just between people. For those of you who will be alone on Valentine’s Day, I don’t want you to feel lonely or sad. I want you to think positive and make a plan to involve yourselves in something you would love to do or love to learn. When you feel stuck you must try and invigorate yourself and push forward and get involved. You will meet new people. Ride your wave. This is my Valentine gift to you..

To my dear girlfriends who read this story, you are my Valentines. You have opened my eyes to interesting thoughts. I respect you, and I value you. We have giggled together, shared together, traveled together, shopped together, walked together, encouraged each other and given each other tips and so much more. Happy Valentine’s Day.

To my family near and far, Happy Valentine’s Day. Love is what ‘you feel.’ Love is what ‘you give.’ I wish you all a day filled with feeling loved and giving love. Happy Valentine’s Day.

To my Honey Bees Carolyn, Ines and Susan at Honey Good. You all know the meaning of love and show it. Your loyalty is proven love. Happy Valentine’s Day.

To my mother, my role model, my best friend. ‘I am my mother’s daughter.’ I am smiling. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

To Nanette, Tess, Yoli and Rosa: All of you make my heart sing. Happy Valentine’s Day.

 To my darlings at Honey Good. I feel like I know so many of you through your comments and replies. You have given me advice and tips, and I hope I have given back. Happy Valentine’s Day.
And lastly, to my ultimate concierge, my husband. You protect and guide me and keep me safe. Your dedication and devotion makes my heart sing. You make me laugh and never miss a day telling me you love me. Your love is the reason for my contentment and joie de vivre. I love you. ‘You are all around me.’
Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, darlings!
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  1. Aloha,
    A happy belated Valentine’s Day to you and yours. Thank you for wishing us a happy Valentine’s Day. Warmly, Honey

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