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Holiday Gifts For Significant Others

Holiday Gifts

I love buying gifts! The reason is simple; I feel good when selecting something to show another person how remarkable and cherished they are. My number one priority is to make sure each gift is perfect for the person receiving it. I never go out and just buy, instead, I carefully think and consider what type of gift the person will love. Also, I look for gifts that are symbolic of the importance this person plays in my life. I shop for that special gift for that special occasion for that special person. Often, my gifts are keepsakes, filled with importance, a nod to good times spent together. So why is it that selecting holiday gifts for significant others can be such a challenge?

Since the holidays are upon us, I thought I would share a few favorite gifts that I have given to my husband and ultimate concierge, Shelly, over the years.

Monkey Business

A caramel colored crystal LALIQUE Chinese monkey. It was the Chinese Year of the Monkey. “What a meaningful gift,” I thought to myself eying the monkey sitting on the shelf in a thinking position with his back slightly rounded and his hand on his chin. What made this gift so personal? Because it was the year that Shelly retired. He was entering a new passage in his life. “Think, think, think! You will find your new calling,” I wrote on the card. The monkey still sits on his desk many years later.

A similar set by Lalique is sold online here.

A Gift of Love + Acceptance

A  paperweight with an artist’s drawing of cigars under the crystal. I am sure you figured out why it was so well received. It also sits on his desk, and I think it symbolizes that because I love him, I love and respect the things he enjoys, even when they are different from my interests.

Some gorgeous paperweights I would gift to someone special this holiday season: Here + here + here.

The Best Gift Ever… It Was FREE!

A poem I wrote. This poem described Shelly’s personality to a “T” in a sterling silver Tiffany picture frame. It sits in a prominent place in our den. To this day it is his favorite gift. (Stay tuned, I will soon share a copy of this poem so that it may inspire you to pen your own!)

Cash is King

A customized money clip. I had a special coin made into a money clip and gave it to Shelly on our first anniversary. It says “We are one!” on the back.

A money clip is a great gift when you are at an absolute loss as to what holiday gifts to get your significant other. On their own, they come in a variety of designs crafted for all types of special interests but, trust me, darlings, it is the inscription that makes this gift memorable. Don’t skip that step!

Money clips are available in a huge variety of price points from luxe, here, to mid-range, here to quite affordable, here.

A Sharp Dressed Man

Cufflinks. For another anniversary, I gave Shelly a pair of Barry Kieselstein cufflinks. One set has the design of the Sun, and I gave it to him as a birthday present. The card read, “You are the sunshine of my life.” The other set has Lions on it. The card read, “You are the King of my jungle!”

Cuff links can be as much fun to purchase as it is to buy any other accessory for yourself. They come in a stunning variety of finishes, shapes, and designs and of course, prices range from ultra extravagant to bargain basement.

Need inspiration? Here, here and here.

Holiday Gifts

Sealed with a Kiss

A crystal candy kiss. I kissed a stark white card with red lipstick on it and gifted it with this candy kiss. Similar, here.

Tie One On!

A silk tie from Hermes with palm trees which was a memory of a trip to Hawaii. The card read, “Aloha! I love you.”

If you are looking for a high-end tie, Alexander McQueen makes some stunners, here. For ties at about $125, the Paul Smith collection is sharp, here. Lastly, for affordable ties — less than $35 — Express has a nice variety of designs, here.

No matter what you choose to purchase when it comes to holiday gifts for significant others, remember that love is the greatest value and the greatest keepsake. So, over the holidays, with a great big smile, wrap your arms around that person and seal your love with a smooch + a hug, a pinch of patience, a generous serving of kindness and all the gratitude your heart can hold.

What’s your secret to holiday gifting success? Will you be shopping CyberMonday sales? Please share your thoughts with me via TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.

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