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Love-ly Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Love-ly Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts for him, I say give from the heart!

*Affiliate disclosure.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day—a celebration of love, affection, and appreciation… here are some last minute Valentine’s Day gifts for him. In case you missed it, make sure you see my Valentine’s Day gifts for kids and grands!

Whether you plan to enjoy a romantic dinner for two or a cozy night at home, it’s always nice to spend quality time with your significant other and create lasting memories. And if you’re looking to spoil your sweetheart this February 14th, I’ve got you covered with some loving Valentine’s Day gift ideas to make him feel loved. This special day is fast approaching, so all of these gift ideas should either arrive in time (if you need to order them) or require no shipping at all!

If you don’t have a romantic Valentine this year, you’ll want to treat your friends to some quality time — Galentine’s Day, anyone? Friendships are just as important to foster, as is your relationship with yourself!

Know someone who is on the lookout for a last minute yet thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift? Send them this story!

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Him — Quality Time Together

Honey And Shelly Good dining outside for Valentine's Day as a gift from the heart spending time together Valentine's Day Gifts for him

I love to travel or have a special meal with my ultimate concierge as a Valentine’s Day gift for him and for me.

When it comes to truly special gifts for Valentine’s Day, I can’t think of anything better than to spend some special one-on-one time, devoting and lavishing all of your attention on your special guy.

Here are some ideas for spending quality time together:

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him: Plan a Trip

Plan a trip where you and your honey can get away from it all and just be together. It could range from an extravagant bucket list trip (like visiting national parks this September with me, Honey Good, and my ultimate concierge all planned out to a T by Collette Travel) to a cozy B&B the next town over. And this trip does not necessarily need to take place on Valentine’s Day. Presenting the gift of the trip could be part of the fun! You can put the tickets or planned itinerary in a basket with some of his favorite goodies. You could make it a fun game and prepare a scavenger hunt and leave clues throughout your home leading them to the final destination.

If you would like to gift your love with the ultimate trip with me and my forever Valentine, click here for more information. The deadline to sign up is March 1st!

Share a Meal

Sharing a meal is a intimate and sometimes even sensual act — and the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Sure, you likely share most if not all of your meals with your Valentine if he is your partner or husband — but this time, go out of the way to make it extra special. Whether you cook at home (or get him involved in the kitchen) or take him to his favorite spot, make sure to go all out with the planning and let him know how much he means to you. If your meal is at home, make sure to set the mood with some candles and his favorite romantic music in the background.

Take a Class Together

This idea could skew toward the romantic, like a dance class, or it could be you making an effort to learn something that interest him, like a wood working class. Get creative!

Honey's Book, Stories for My Grandchild

If you wish to gift the legacy of your truth and your stories to your kids and grands, buy my book. They’ll love your handwritten account of your most important stories in this keepsake journal.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That He’ll Love

With these romantic gift choices, I tried to find items that would be meaningful while paying close attention to the delivery date. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that anything that you order will arrive in time for the special day, but if you order right now, you should be in good shape!

Personalized Cufflinks

image of personalized cufflinks valentine's day gift for him to shop for on Valentine's day that he'll love

These personalized cufflinks are a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart.

Stamp a tie clip, money clip, and cufflinks with his initials or a special anniversary date to make them more unique than his other pairs. Get this personalized, thoughtful Valentine’s gift here.

Indoor Putting Green

image of an indoor putting green Valentine's day gift 2024

Is your Valentine into golf? He’ll love this putting green as a gift.

Perfect for when the cold weather prevents him from going out for a round of golf, this putting green is nine feet long and — the best part — easily rolls up. Make sure your Valentine’s Day gift for him is a hole in one by purchasing a gift that he’ll love here.

The Art of Shaving Kit

shave kit for a valentine's day gift Valentine's Day Gifts for him

A smooth shave means more kisses, talk about a romantic gift for Valentine’s Day.

The gift of a well-groomed face is one from which you can both benefit. Don’t you agree, darlings? This deluxe shaving kit has everything — Shaving Cream, Shaving Brush, After Shave Balm, & Pre Shave Oil — for a clean face. When you see how smooth his face gets, you’ll understand why this is such a romantic gift! Get this shaving kit here.

Bourbon & Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

bourbon coffee for valentine's day for him

Does your guy like bourbon and coffee? Here’s your match made in heaven.

Give his morning cup of coffee an extra kick with this package of bourbon-infused coffee beans. Because it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere… and this coffee has incredible reviews! Just the thing if he loves coffee and bourbon. Grab a bag here.

A Framed Keepsake

image of a keepsake map with a the national parks perfect to commemorate a romantic trip for Valentine's Day Gifts for him

The gift of adventure brought home in a keepsake.

If you’re looking for another truly personal gift, try framing a map from one of your many travel adventures! If you go with this one, you’ll be able to cross some national parks off of your list that you’ll if you travel with us in September! You and your honey could travel with me and my honey! Be sure to click here to book before March 1st! Get this map here.

What Did You Pick Up For Your Love? Shh… I Won’t Tell!

Leave me your best gift ideas in the comments below! I love to get new ideas and share with our community.

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February 9, 2024


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  1. Cindy N. says:

    Wonderful gift ideas. My Love, will be receiving his favorite fav’s. My Brownies for starters.

  2. Chris Kissel says:

    It has been a tradition in my home to start the day with Chocolate Fondue. It was a special treat no matter which day of the week Valentines Day landed on ❣️

  3. Sheryl R. says:

    Hello. I realize Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but for me and my Guy, every day is Valentine’s Day! My Man travels a lot for business, so I gave him a mini photo album filled with (tastefully done) pictures to “remember me” by. I hid it in his suitcase before his trip. When he got to his destination and discovered it, he called me immediately to let me know how delighted he was with his Valentine’s Day gift! Needless to say, he did the unthinkable and cut his trip short! LOL

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