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A Video of Tips for Fabulous Lips After 50+ from Professional Makeup Artist Elise Marquam-Jahns

Tips For Fabulous Lips After 50+

My darlings, I have a treat for you. Our very first contributor vlog is ready for you to view!

The wonderful and talented Elise Marquam-Jahns shares tips for fabulous lips after 50+. She explains how to discover your true skin tone, how to pick the right lip color and more.

We can trust Elise because she is a professional makeup artist who is passionate about helping women 50+ get their glow back. She also founded Boomer and Beyond Beauty and is both an accomplished author and speaker. 

One fun fact I learned from this video is something called facial contrast. Elise talks about a recent study that claims that when we have facial contrast, we appear more attractive to other people. As we age, our lips tend to get paler, which means our facial contrast is less noticeable. Adding color to our lips returns that facial contrast and makes us both feel and look more attractive to ourselves and others. Isn’t that fascinating, darlings? 

Watch the video above or click HERE for more pearls of wisdom like this! I do hope you enjoy.

What beauty tips would you like to know from Elise? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 


Elise Marquam-Jahns is a professional, working makeup-artist who is passionate about helping women 50+ get their glow back.  In addition to her work as a makeup artist for a major cosmetics line, she founded Boomer and Beyond Beauty and will soon launch her “Boomer and Beyond Beauty with Elise” YouTube channel for women 50+.  Elise is also an author and speaker and hosts Normandale Community College’s monthly Learning Well Edge Talk Radio show where she interviews experts in the field of health and wellness.



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  1. Love all this very good information for lips. My favorite lipstick is Estée Lauder Envy, also the Double Wear clear lip liner! So fantastic. Rebellious Rose just perfect. I am so pale cool!

    1. Hi, Cheryl–I’m so glad you found this information helpful! Estee Lauder makes some gorgeous lipsticks. I’m definitely going to check out “Envy” and “Rebellious Rose” as well as the clear lip liner. Thank you!

  2. I loved her tips and how to determine what tone our skin is! I never knew how to figure that out. Thanks for posting video!

    1. Hi, Mary Jane–One other tip for finding your skin undertone is to cover up your hair and hold a bright yellow fabric up around your face and a bright pink fabric. If you have a warm undertone the yellow will make you look radiant and if you have a cool undertone, the pink will be fantastic. Carole Jackson’s book Color Me Beautiful from the 80s is still a great guide!

    1. Hi, Susan–

      I’m wearing a Revlon Colorstay lip liner in “Wine,” a special edition matte MAC lipstick in a deep rose/violet color (unfortunately no longer available) with NYX Glam Aqua Luxe Lipstick in “Pink Jewel” over it (unfortunately, discontinued, but if you “google” it you may still be able to find it on some sites) and a lip gloss on top by Cover Girl called “Lip Lava” in a bright violet–which, alas, is also no longer available!

  3. Enjoyed this video. I am a cool person and use Lancome #112 “Mars” lipstick. I’ve used it for years and still get compliments. So afraid they will discontinue it.

    1. Hi, Sarah–
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the video. I’m always on the lookout for great cool tone lipsticks so I’ll definitely check out Lancome’s “Mars.” Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Honey

    Loved the tip on putting mat lipstick first then putting lip gloss or luminescent shade overtop 🙂

    She had great tips thanks for sharing with us 🙂


    1. Hi, L–
      So glad you found the “matte lipstick first” tip helpful. And putting a gloss or luminescent shade over it makes all the difference.

      Best wishes,

    2. Hi, L–

      So glad you found this tip helpful. Putting a luminescent lipstick shade or gloss over a matte lipstick makes a world of difference!

  5. Excellent tips! I have warm undertones and have been using a neutral matte lipstick! All wrong, now I need to go try something new!

    1. Hi, Elaine–
      I hope you’ll have fun searching for a fun, new warm toned lipstick that’s luminescent or a gloss to go with it! Finding just the right color will really make your skin glow so it will be worth the hunt!

      Best wishes,

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