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Lessons My Father Taught Me That Have Stayed With Me Through The Years

Dedicated to My Father on Father’s Day

To all of my darlings,

Today is Father’s Day. For those of you fortunate to have your father, I am very happy for you. For those of you with sons-in-law who are fathers, I send a Happy Father’s Day to them. And for you who have lost your father as I have, let us celebrate their lives.

My father would have loved Garden Valley, Idaho. It sits in a low area of land between the mountains of Idaho. It bodes natural soft running streams and a landscape covered with a gorgeous carpet of deep green grass, an assortment of tall trees with deep roots that buffers the strong winter winds and shades the land with a fullness of leaves in summer. Wildflowers of all colors blow gently in the wind and rich soil allows for an abundance of beautiful fruit and vegetable gardens. There are deer, elk, and birds of all varieties and a sense of peacefulness that beckons you to wade deep into your thoughts. When I visited Garden Valley I thought often of my dad, smiling, because I was the lucky child to inherit his love of nature.

Always Thinking of Him

Although my father passed away a few years ago, hardly a day passes when I do not think about him. There are situations that arise and I react as he would. When I walk America and we pass little flower gardens, I think of my father, knowing how delighted he would have been. My taste is akin to my father’s and I try to take the high road as my father always did. Darlings, I believe we inherit our parents’ genes as well as their behaviors.

In our homes in California and our wonderful “apartment in the sky” in Chicago, I have my personal I love you items given to me from my parents. They include family collections that leave an everlasting impression on my mind. As I move daily from room to room, my eyes will focus on one of my family treasures and a pleasant memory flashes before me.

Today, with tears in my eyes, I glance at the three monkeys that sit on a table in our home. They represent the saying, See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil. Thoughts of him race through my mind because these nine words describe my father. If you ask anyone who knew this wonderful father of mine, they would echo my words.

Thank You, Father

As I write today, I am  grateful my children and grandchildren have spent many years with their grandfather and great grandfather and how fortunate I am to be able to say, “Roy Lang was and will always be revered as the father of fathers.”

He believed that the lion’s share of traits is learned behavior, meaning that the most important influence on a child results from their parents. As I  mentioned earlier, my father’s wisdom is with me every day and has left a lasting imprint in my mind.

I honor my father on Father’s Day and every day because:

  • He taught me to take the “high road” in every situation. I am not as perfect as my father in accomplishing this extraordinary lesson, but I try.
  • He taught me to be self-aware. “Develop your own self-awareness, which will lead to discovering your own strengths and skills.” This, he explained, will instill self-confidence. I passed this valuable lesson to my children and my grandchildren.
  • Through his actions, he instilled my life’s values within me. “Have a high moral compass. This will be your code of ethics you will follow through all the days of your life.”
  • He taught me to be charitable, honest and have a kind heart.
  • “Speak your mind but know how to hold your tongue,” he stressed.
  • He displayed gratitude every chance that he could.
  • “Be proud that you are a Jewish woman. Pass on your heritage with pride to your children and grandchildren.”
  • “Put your husband above all. He should be your dearest confidant, lover and friend. Remember, your children will leave the nest one day.”
  • “Love nature, beauty, adventure, your family and life.”

Proud and Blessed

My father was a gentle man and a gentleman. He was truly admired by all. How proud and blessed I am to call him my father.

As I write this blog, tears run down my cheeks. I miss him dearly. I wish I could wrap my arms around, ‘this father of mine’ and tell him that his life lessons are alive within my soul, every day of my life.

To all of you, darlings, I wish you a wonderful celebration with your families. If you are without family, please reach out and celebrate the occasion with a few friends or a friend’s family. They will certainly welcome you with open arms as part of their own, as memories are meant to be shared.

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June 16, 2019


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  1. Martha says:

    This is a beautiful and touching tribute for your father. He sounds like an amazing person! My father, who passed several years ago, was a wonderful Dad and person. We so admired him – my mother adored him. We miss him….

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Received your message!!!! It worked. Now we can communicate. We were lucky to have great dads. Thank you for liking my story. Hope you have a wonderful day. Let’s stay connected. Warmly, Honey

  2. Kay Alden Nelson says:

    This is a beautiful, moving tribute. I sit here with tears flowing, as every word could be about my own wonderful dad. He would have been 100 years old on Mother’s Day. My husband, my sister and her husband, and my three children went to the cemetery to honor both my mother and father on that day. It was incredibly moving to all be together and think back to the great life lessons we all learned from these two remarkable people. How lucky and blessed we are to be able to look back and say “thank you!”

  3. Claire says:

    Thank you for the beautiful and touching story, Honey.

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