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A Love Letter to my Husband, Sheldon F. Good

Love Letter to Sheldon

This letter is an expression of my gratitude and devotion to my darling husband, and Ultimate Concierge, Shelly…

Before I became a writer, an author and the owner of an Internet company, our lives revolved around one another. I know you miss the days when it was just ‘us.’ I do, too. Life was uncomplicated. Now our lifestyle is on overload. It’s a combination of running, your involvement with the UN and other projects, devoted time to our sick pooch, our love for family, my responsibilities at home, our appointments, our travels and our social life. You are my savior.  You are Mr. Interested, involved in everything I do because you are committed to me. And I am so grateful. I know I disappoint you when I become preoccupied with my ‘too many’ tasks. I am sorry. But, let me remind you of this: my preoccupations have nothing to do with my complete devotion and love for you, my Ultimate Concierge. You make my life complete.

Lifestyle Changes are a Mixed Bag but Never Boring

It was five years ago, on that sunny afternoon, that an incident took place that would change our lifestyle.

Remember that April day around 4:00 p.m., when I came running into our home to find you and said, “Sit down, sit down, I have to tell you about a serendipitous experience I had with a writer I met by chance this afternoon.”

She had looked me straight in the eyes when I told her I was looking for a new purpose and said to me, “If you keep a journal for three months, you will find your voice.

Remember your answer? I do, perfectly.

“Bring your laptop to bed tomorrow morning. We already have Orchid and newspapers in bed with us.  While we are having our coffee and donuts, you can write on your laptop and I’ll read my newspapers.” And, you smiled.

The writer’s words, my excitement, and your approval lined up, and we did not have a chance but to go with the flow. It was simply in the cards. And with that, life change, a mixed bag of delicious moments and utter frustrations, but never a moment of boredom beset us as a couple.

The day I set out on my quest to find my voice, that was just the beginning of our changed life together.

I followed the writer’s advice, with your approval, writing daily for three months. Even while we were traveling, I never missed a day. I remember writing in airports, in hotel rooms, on airplanes, and in cars as we traveled through areas of France and Russia. You sat next to me, never disturbing me, though I know you missed our conversations. I felt so blessed, then, to have you by my side. And I feel blessed right now, five years later, that you are sitting next to me, watching Wonder Woman, as I continue to write my musings. Having you by my side makes every day a great day.

The past five years have been overwhelming, but never boring. Every day is a new day, a new adventure, and each year more time is dedicated and revolves around my little Internet company, and us. You make me smile because you mean the world to me, and there is no one I prefer being with than you.

You Lighten my Load!

I remember the day, not too long ago, when I got into the wrong car, thinking it was my car because I was on my iPhone talking to my assistant about HoneyGood. I called you to come help me because I thought there was something wrong with the starter since my key had fit into another person’s car!  You arrived on the scene to find the problem solved; I had gotten into a car that was identical to mine, and I would have likely realized it was not my car if I had not been on my phone talking about my website You were only happy that I was safe and sound, never mentioning you were inconvenienced. My problems always vanish when you are near.

And then, there was the morning I had a conference call at 9:00 a.m. I tried to be the perfect wife. I set the table for breakfast, poured juice, sliced a delicious honey crisp apple, put your favorite sourdough bread in the toaster, placed butter and jam on the table, made fresh coffee and in a pot of slowly boiling water, I placed some eggs to hard boil. With all that was going on, I forgot to check the eggs that you found around 2:00 PM, still in the pot with no water. Remember? You showed me the burned pot and what was left of the damaged eggs. I felt awful that I had forgotten about the eggs for your breakfast because the conference call became primary. But you laughed, making everything alright. You are my comfort and my strength.

With my Following Grew my Love for You

My writing hobby brought readers, my darlings, to, and I loved the feeling of growing a strong, vibrant community of women over, and under, 50. All women. I was content. My FB has now grown to 125,000 women, and you continue to be amazed at my Instagram following. And what’s more, you are utterly amazed that my little hobby turned into a little Internet company, bustling and always filled with activity!

How many times have you heard me scream from the office, “OMG! I am so frustrated?” But you just watch and listen to my frustration as my lack of technical understanding takes hold. You watch what takes a knowledgeable person 30 minutes to handle take me a few hours, with help.

What your Love Means to Me

All of these situations have taken precious time away from ‘us’ and added an extra burden on me… guilt because I am constantly struggling with my computer instead of spending time with you.  I am faced with unthinkable, inconceivable, mind-boggling and undreamed of situations on the Internet.

But through it all, you are always beside me to calm me down and help because you are the most unselfish and caring person I know and I never forget how blessed I am. You give me suggestions and every once in a while, tell me how proud you are of my accomplishment. When I need you all I have to do is ask. You are my comfort. You are my wisdom. You are my love.

Would I have done some things differently after I found my voice? Sure. I am now smart from being dumb; an expression you taught me. However, I do know the wisest decision I made was marrying you. And that is the most important decision a person can make in their lifetime.

 You, Shelly Good, my Ultimate Concierge, you are all around me. I am so blessed.

With all my love and devotion and appreciation,

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  1. I have a wonderful husband,too. I can identify with you on all the feelings you expressed about having a husband who takes such good care of you. I do wonder sometimes if I let him do too much for me. I’m very spoilt but I do so appreciate him.

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