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Memories of My Parents On Global Day of Parents

blended family

A Home of Harmony

I wish everyone grew up in a home with harmony. As I look back on my parents’ relationship, my brother and I were fortunate to never see strife between the two of them. I know my words sound like a fairytale, but their marriage was just that for a few good reasons. If I were to give credit where credit is due, I would say my father’s nature was key. His philosophy was to take the high road. My mother’s spirit and curiosity about everything were also key factors. Their marriage was peaceful in its tone and they lived an exciting life. They were also lucky, as they had not one disaster to overcome.

My father was not a pushover because he chose to take the high road. He was a wise sage. My father’s steady-but-never-boring persona made it easy for my mom to adore him, eagerly want to please him and take care of him. And she did; my mother always put my father above everyone, including her children and herself.

Background on My Parents

A six-year age difference existed between the two of them. My mother was eighteen and my father twenty-four when they married.

Looking back on my parents’ relationship, their life was harmonious. They both brought excitement into their relationship. My mother was a fire. My father knew how to encourage her fire and, when necessary, help her douse the fires. On the other hand, my mother made my father’s life so very comfortable and exciting. They were true lovers.

My father was an excellent golfer. My mother learned to please my father and became a very good golfer as well. She was a curious woman. As a result, together they played bridge, took art classes, studied the great books, took dance lessons, played golf, traveled, and enjoyed a fabulous social life.

They were fortunate enough to not have tragedies in their lives. They remained healthy; my father was financially successful, had many friends, and gave back to our community. My mother kept a lovely home and kept close to her family, which gave my brother and me a sense of the importance of an extended family. They were a fun couple and had many many lovely friends. My brother and I were privileged to have parents with sound values and a stable home environment.

In Celebration of The Global Day of Parents

Today, June 1st is the Global Day of Parents. I am very aware of this day because my Ultimate Concierge is involved with the United Nations and I recall the day the name was proclaimed by the General Assembly of the UN in 2012. I have had the good fortune to spend time at the UN with my husband, attend meetings, partake in lunch in the UN Dining Room and meet many involved and interesting people.

The purpose of the day is to appreciate all parents worldwide for their selfless commitment to their children.

Since the 1980s, the role of parenting has come to the attention of the international community. Consequently, the General Assembly has adopted a number of resolutions. These resolutions emphasize the role of parents in the raising of their children. The family has the responsibility for nurturing and protecting their children. Their children should grow up in an environment of happiness, love, and understanding.

In 2015, world leaders adopted central goals to focus on ending poverty, promoting economic prosperity and family well-being by 2030.

My Friends Across The World

In 2019 I was lucky to have spent time with friends in Moscow attending the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) Congress. My friends are from all over the world: the Philippines, Lebanon, Scotland, England, China, Bulgaria, France, Canada, USA, Italy, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, Columbia, India, Haiti, and of course, Russia. We are from a variety of countries with different cultures, yet we all want the same thing for our children: for them to value and respect us.

As a whole, we are all parents and grandparents who struggle with our children and grandchildren, given the influencers of the internet and socio-economic troubles.

We talk frankly about our families and share information. We all strive to give our children a foundation of love and the skills to make wise decisions at an early age so they grow up to become responsible adults. Fundamentally there is no difference between any of us because parenting has the same basic core values.

A Russian Boy Named Filipp

I spent a day with Filipp, a young 21-year-old Russian boy. He is a videographer and photographer. I could have been his grandmother and yet he was so taken with me. I felt the same way about him, therefore we established an immediate friendship. He told me, “You are the first American I have met.” We walked the streets of Moscow, visited Red Square and the Kremlin, gazed in awe at the 260-year-old Bolshoi Theatre, visited St. Basil, walked through parks with beautiful gardens, and stood on a bridge overlooking the Moscow River. For five hours, we never stopped talking. Multigenerational relationships certainly work.

He told me about his parents, his sister, and his schooling. He told me he would love to eventually study photography and film at USC or Northwestern, all the while taking photos and short videos. When we parted, he put me in an Uber and hugged me goodbye. About 40 minutes later, he phoned me saying, “I want to make sure you got home safe.”

I was undoubtedly touched by his call. We exchanged a WhatsApp message:

Fillip: “Thank you for all the advice and interesting stories. I’m glad to meet you 🙂 Enjoy your time in Moscow!

Me: “I am so glad to meet you, too. I enjoyed our day. Thank you for everything. Keep in touch. I am interested in your life.”

So you see, darling, families raise their children in the same manner around the world. Most children honor their father and their mother. Love, honor, and respect should be the three key elements taught by parents at home so their children will love, honor, and respect themselves, their parents, and people they will meet along their traveled path of life.

How have your parents impacted the way you live your life now and the way you raise your children and grandchildren? Let’s discuss this in the comments at the bottom of this page. 

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June 1, 2021


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  1. Margo says:

    Parenting never ends. My mother was always my confidante and I always knew that both my mother and my father had my back.
    Since January my husband and I have opened our home to my son and his fiancé who was diagnosed with stage iv lung cancer so she could be treated in Boston. It has been a bumpy road with failed treatments, clinical trials and overwhelming side effects.
    They were married this past Saturday in their home state of Florida. Never has the idea of taking one day at a time been more meaningful. I know that she will never be in a position of taking care of him, that that job will remain with me still even though he’s 49. I also know that as I reflected over the weekend in the early hours of this morning, it occurred to me why I had such a good time at this wedding: I truly felt I was the mother of the groom and the bride, that the past five months have given both my husband and myself a role of parenting the two of them through the worst imaginable time.
    As my son walked me down the aisle I told him to enjoy each day and not think about tomorrow and assured him we would be there for him in the future.

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