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The Buzz: How to Lead A Happy Life

Live A Happy Life

Within our community of strong, vibrant and visible women over 50, we talk a lot about happiness… because who doesn’t want to be happy? But as you may know, happiness isn’t always just something that happens to us. Luckily, everyone has the power to make small changes in their behavior, surroundings, and relationships that can help set us on course to live a long, healthy and happy life! Today, I’ve rounded up a few ways that can help you lead a happy life, but you can find much more information here.

Let’s Talk Happiness!

  • Use your mind. Happiness often comes from within, so challenge your negative thoughts, treat yourself like a friend and approach every day with as much optimism as possible!
  • Find your happy place. Did you know the place you live, including your home and neighborhood, have an effect on your happiness? So declutter your space, spend time in nature and choose a community that makes you feel at home.
  • Build robust relationships. At our age, darlings, it’s no secret that we should surround ourselves with the people who make us happy. So why is this sometimes hard to do? Spend time with the people who bring out the best in you, get a new pet or try embracing your solitude!
  • Choose kindness. Being kind to others is a sure path to happiness, but don’t forget to also be kind to yourself! You deserve the best!

What are your tips for living a happy life? Please share your thoughts in the comments below! 

Live A Happy Life

The Week in Review

My New Book is #1 on Amazon and the BIGGEST surprise is… it’s all about YOU!

This week I was thrilled to announce my first book, Stories for my Grandchild, is now on sale on Amazon. And, as of this moment, it is actually the #1 New Release in Grandparenting!

But, what’s more important than any of that, is I want YOU to understand that “my” book is actually all about YOU. The book is a keepsake journal of your life, your values, your family history and your wisdom and dreams for your Grands that you will pen in your own words and gift to your Grands as a ‘keeper,’ a lifetime heirloom.

I am so proud to have taken such an important role in creating a book in which YOU tell your story to your Grands in your own words. A book your Grands will one day press to their hearts and think, “This is my grandmother. She is part of me.” Did you miss the story? Let me explain…

Searching for a Healthy Snack? 6 Ways Walnuts Fit the Bill

Snacking has become commonplace in American culture, and while grabbing an apple or some cut up veggies while on the go would be great, most people don’t. In fact, have you ever noticed just how much junk food surrounds you while you grocery shop? A lot.

Next time you’re feeling snacky, make the heart-healthy choice and reach for a handful of walnuts! This week on the blog, Honey Good contributor, Dr. Earl Mindell, shared the many health benefits that come along with snacking on nuts. Read the story!

I Crave a Simple Lifestyle

Does “having it all” mean that a content, simple lifestyle is out of reach?I don’t think so, darlings!

This week, I shared how I prioritize simplicity and joy in my bustling lifestyle. And… you can, too!

In fact, on the blog right now is my personal prescription for contentment, ideal for every woman over 50. It’s my 10 essential steps to discover complete peace of mind. Read the story!

Skincare Secret Revealed

It’s no secret that skincare is important! But what is less known is the right way to go about caring for our skin.

This week on the blog, I spilled my favorite beauty secret that was shared with me over 45 years ago! Trust me, it’s about to become your new lucky charm… Can you guess what it is? Read the story!

Summer to Fall Transition Pieces for Women Over 50

Updating your wardrobe each season is fun, but not entirely necessary! If it has already started to cool down where you live, it’s time to transition your favorite summer pieces into fall.

And this week on the blog, I demonstrated how to do just that with some new looks for the new season. Be in the know… Read the story!

How to Embrace Change – And Bloom – After 50

Have you ever considered that the quality of your life can be better or worse based simply on your mindset? It may seem like a simple concept, but this week on the blog, we discussed how when faced with change, many women often face despair. Have you ever felt this way?

If you missed it, find out how changing your mindset can change your life for the better… Read the story!

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