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Staying Connected on Grandparents Day… No Matter The Challenges!

Staying Connected

I was raised to believe that family is everything. Shelly, my children, and my grands are my world.

And yet, I also have girlfriends, run a business, go on many travel adventures with Shelly, and take care of managing and running a household, as most of you do.

My life is a crazy, complicated, joy-filled journey. So, above all else, staying connected to my daughters and my 25 grands is a challenge that I’m up for! Everything else pales in comparison.

Today, I’m sharing some tips for new grandparents, we’ll call them rookies, who are dedicated to leading an adventurous lifestyle, but also determined to stay connected to their grands, wherever they may be.

With a big, bustling family —including 25 grandchildren — I think it’s fair to say… I’m a pro.

Here are my top four tips for “Rookie Grandparents” to stay connected and capture the moments that matter, even with family members scattered all across the country and perhaps even the world!

Staying Connected


Staying connected to your grands via mobile is a must for 21st-century grandmothers like us.

I must caution you not to be old-fashioned! It’s fine to send cards and gifts, however, don’t become upset if you don’t receive phone calls and letters in return.

Today’s young adults do everything on their smartphones and the savvy grandmother stays connected by communicating with them on their level.

How can we stay hip after 50? If your grands send you a text acronym that you don’t understand, simply Google it! Here’s a fun guide to text acronyms for the beginner! What do you think? LMK.

Embrace emojis! They are how many of your grands are accustomed to communicating, so don’t be upset if your long-winded text garners a thumbs up or heart response. Instead, opt to have fun with emojis yourself and perhaps explore the many emojis and their uses here.

Still need help staying connected? Stay tuned because tip number four includes affordable mobile options, in partnership with Tracfone.


Pictures and videos are no longer for special occasions, as today’s young adults are accustomed to capturing absolutely everything digitally! That’s a win for grandparents like us.

Encourage your children to share each and every moment they capture your grands with a quick picture or video text. Let them know that too many pictures of your new grandbaby are never enough!

Then, you can easily create your own printable photos, or even photo albums, using a variety of services that flawlessly transfer digital memories to print.

Another tip: don’t ask your kids to send traditional photographs of your grands. They’re just as busy as you and, with today’s technology, you can stay connected via your smartphone as well as social media networks.

If you just must have printed pictures, take the time to explore the many ways that you can easily archive digital memories, as well as transferring them to print.

Staying Connected


It’s time to get social, grandparents. If you’re not yet savvy with social media networks, get on board.

To maximize your ability to stay connected with your grands, you have to make the extra effort and master the types of communication that your children are most comfortable with. They likely include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Snapchat.

Don’t be surprised if you find more pictures of your new grandbaby on Instagram than you ever get in your mailbox. Just use your smartphone to stay connected to your kiddos’ favorite social media networks wherever you go! The good news is, you can keep on adventuring while also adoring the newest addition to your family.


Whether you’re across town or across the country from your grands, it’s essential to find a reliable way to capture and share the moments that matter. With Tracfone, “Rookie Grandparents” can stay connected with grands and other family members – no matter the distance. And yes, it’s more than affordable – with the 30-day smartphone plan including talk, text, and data for just $15, you can easily capture and share your favorite moments without breaking the bank. Even better, you can enjoy Unbeatable Nationwide Coverage™ on America’s largest and most dependable networks to ensure you’re fully connected this Grandparents Day and beyond.

With no activation or cancellation fees and Unlimited Carryover®* to keep any unused minutes, text and data, you can change your no-contract plan as often as your needs change, without penalties.

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With Grandparents Day just weeks away on September 9, how do you stay connected to your grands despite a bustling lifestyle and perhaps the challenges of distance? Please share your thoughts with me via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.

This post is sponsored by Tracfone, but opinions are, of course, my own.

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