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Olive Oil: Skincare Secret Revealed

Olive Oil

We’ve discussed previously on how incredible and fabulous cosmetics with Olive Oil are for our skin. Today, I want to share my thoughts on natural Olive Oil. I say my thoughts, but it is really the thoughts and the lesson of a plastic surgeon from my past.

A year ago I was meandering through the makeup department at Neiman Marcus; my eyes darting, here, there and everywhere, as yours do darlings… I am sure! I gazed at the beautifully packaged products and then stopped short… my mouth opened in awe and then a smile covered my face as my eyes landed on a skincare product with Olive Oil for the face! I just smiled in awe.

Why the Awe? Why the Smile?

It was over forty-five years ago, when I was in my early twenties, that my mother took me to visit a plastic surgeon. The reason: a mole on my cheek. My mother called it ‘my beauty mark!’ You know how mothers are, darlings!

My mother feared, as do all Jewish mothers, that the mole was ‘very’ dangerous! The plastic surgeon informed her, “Don’t worry. Leave it alone. If I remove it Susan will have a scar.” He was correct. Actually, he was correct on all the advice he gave me that day.

Before leaving his office I remember sitting up very straight, trying to look very mature as I looked him square in the eye and said, “Please give me your advice on what skin product line I should buy for my face, so I won’t age.”

He looked at me smiling back, an older man in his fifties or sixties and said to me, “Dear, my advice is to stay out of the sun and away from the cosmetic counters at the fancy stores where you will be enticed to buy expensive products that don’t work! Just buy pure natural Olive Oil in the grocery store. Your skin will love it. And you, my dear, will love the look of your skin.”

Olive Oil

Why Your Skin Will Adore Olive Oil

Olive Oil is no longer just for cooking and here are four reasons why:

  1. Antioxidant Content. Have you ever heard of oxidation? This is a process that can produce free radicals in your skin, potentially damaging cells and contributing to cancer development. Olive Oil acts as an antioxidant, which is a substance that prevents oxidation from happening in the first place!
  2. Vitamin Content. Olive Oil contains many essential vitamins that your skin needs to stay soft and healthy, including A, D, E and K.
  3. Antibacterial Effects. Did you know Olive Oil has been shown to have antibacterial properties? This means it can help to fight infections in your skin tissue.
  4. Moisturizing Effects. You can apply Olive Oil directly to your skin for a moisturizing effect, especially after exposure to the sun, but just be sure to blot off any excess. You can also apply it on damp skin to prevent a greasy feeling. Who knew!

Back to My Story…

I ended up listening to that plastic surgeon that day, and boy am I glad I did! After all, I am a firm believer in listening, darlings! So… for the last forty-five years, I have worn pure and natural Olive Oil on my skin each night! During the day I wear either Olive Oil or Crème de La Mer, depending on how my skin feels.

That wise plastic surgeon gave me great advice! How do I know?

Forty-five later, as I mentioned at the start of my story, I came across face products at Neiman’s with Olive Oil as one of their important ingredients! My friend and sales professional, Rena, showed me all the brands. The manufacturers finally caught on to my brilliant doctor’s theory of Olive Oil!

Well darlings, this is how I felt after reading the labels on the facial products. It looks like Olive Oil. But… it is not Olive Oil. It is a mix of chemicals and Olive Oil!

I suggest the next time you visit your market, just drop a bottle of Olive Oil with Grape Seed in your cart. It is sumptuous, natural and makes your skin feel yummy.

Pass this on to your friends and tell them the secret to beautiful skin does not have to come out of an expensive bottle… a little Olive Oil with Grape Seed will do!

Housing Your Olive Oil

Oh, one more thing, darlings… I have figured out how to house my Olive Oil. I love everything extremely feminine so I bought a beautiful small bottle with an eyedropper cap, and I have a little funnel (it is my husbands) that I use to pour the oil from my large bottle into my beautiful little bottle. Voila!

In due respect to the manufactures products being sold some forty-five years later, I wish the plastic surgeon were alive to give me his opinion. But since he cannot, my common sense tells me: natural is best.

Do Something GOOD today: pass this beauty trick on to your children and grandchildren!

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  1. Huh! OK, I’ll check it out at Whole Foods. I’ve been using Pure Argon Oil now I’ll try Olive oil. Would love to read a blog about the makeup you use. Your eyes, your lips the whole shabang. We want to know. You look Fabulous!

  2. I meant Argan oil. Check it out. It’s supposed to be excellent for your skin. I purchased mine on Amazon, but you can buy it at Whole Foods. It’s another excellent moisturizer. My next purchase will be Rose Hip oil. I understand that is pure Vitamin C and is also excellent for your skin. I could go on and on.

    1. Natural products are right in front of our nose in the market. Mothers always know best, don’t they? Warmly, Honey

  3. Dear Honey,
    Argan oil also works as a deep conditioner for the hair. I don’t use it often but helps when my hair gets dry from processing it.

    I’ll try the olive oil!

    1. Try it. It will be interesting if you see or feel a difference. Try grapeseed in the market. The bottle is pretty. Warmly, Honey

  4. Been using olive oil from top to toe for many, many years. I know it has to be very good because everyone is always surprised when I tell them my age, 85. So far, so good.

    1. Naural products are always best. You are living proof and an example for us. Thank you so much. Warmly, Honey

  5. I have been using Rosehip or oil and all of oil on alternating nights, and I love the results I got to roller bottle glass vials, and I put each oil in its own little rollerball bottle, this is a very efficient way to dab it on my skin without getting it all over my hands. Our use the little glass rollerball bottles that I find in the Essential oil and aromatherapy section at the health food store

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