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Stories for my Grandchild by Honey Good.

I am thrilled to announce my first book, Stories for my Grandchild, is now on sale on Amazon. This hard covered book, darlings, is about you! Not about me. And, that is the reason I am so happy, because ‘to give is far better than to receive.’

Stroies For My Grandchild

“The greatest gifts you leave your grandchildren is what you leave them in their heads”  Susan “Honey” Good

The book is a keepsake journal of your life, your values, your family history and your wisdom and dreams for your Grands that you will pen in your own words and gift to your Grands as a ‘keeper,’ a lifetime heirloom.

As the author, I wrote this book and developed the prompts for you to answer. Abrams Books was looking for a 21st Century Grandmother to be their author. I was so fortunate they chose me and was thrilled and elated that this project appealed to me. I was selected to be the grandmother who produced the prompts you would answer to record your family history, including your life story, your values, and wisdom, and love in your written words. It is a forever keepsake for your Grands. The project touched my heart.

I envisioned myself with pen in hand writing my history, my values and my dreams for my Grands and I was eager and enthusiastic about the challenge.

Stories For My Grandchild


Writing one’s thoughts is challenging, and this journal proved to be very challenging because every grandmother follows her own personal life path.

Today’s 21st Century grandmother chooses her title. She may pick, Abuelita or Bubbie or Grandma or Honey. Some grandmothers travel the world, and others go near and far by watching National Geographic on their television screen, or they read books on the history and cultures of places around the world, that pique their fancies. Some grandmothers have blended families, some live with their grandchildren, and others live far away from family. Some live on farms, some live in cities. Grandmothers are a melting pot of nationalities and religions. My prompts had to be written for every type of grandmother. This was my challenge!

Stories for My Grandchild


The one commonality all grandmothers share is the love for their Grands, and that is the thread I used throughout the journal. I always thought about what a grandchild would want to know about their loving grandmother. Sharing stories from your past gives your grandchildren a sense of identity, a connection to their heritage and a deep relationship with you. I focused on this message. I wanted you to be able to leave — in your words — a book your grandchildren would press to their heart and think, “This is my grandmother. She is part of me.”

Stories For My Grandchild


I had the desire to be able to express my thoughts to the editor, Karrie, about the artwork and the font. She wanted my thoughts and said they were welcome. I knew I did not want a frilly font. I wanted the font to be visually bold and robust, acknowledging the strength and courage of grandmothers.

I wanted the artwork to be florals because flowers resemble grandmothers; soft, sweet smelling women with beautiful ‘natures’ who bloom outward with love. I began my search. I hunted for a drawing of the first flower found by man (over 4 million years old!) because grandmothers are filled with wisdom. When I found the flower, it was beautiful, and the artist’s renderings bring that symbol to life on the cover of OUR book.

From beginning to end, this project was a dream come true. In my mind, it was a flawless experience. Karrie’s and my temperament were the perfect blend. We signed our emails, warmly, and when we finally met in New York, we were already friends.

Susan Berman Hammer, who has been by my side since I began my musings, was my right hand. She helped me with my contract with Abrams, she read and reread my prompts and quotes and introduction. She is a ‘T’ crosser and an ‘I’ dotter! If anyone at Honey Good wants something researched or scrutinized, we all go to Susan. She was invaluable not only to me but also to Karrie. We were a blended team of three: author, editor and T crosser!

I hope you will love and enjoy becoming an author, too, darlings! Please, pre-order your book, “Stories for my Grandchild,” on Amazon today. I promise you, it is a gift for you and a lifelong gift for your Grands. I am thrilled because this gift is not at all about me. It is all about you!

What lessons and values do you most want to leave to your Grands? Please share your thoughts with me via TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.

Purchase Stories for my Grandchild  on Amazon now.

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August 19, 2018

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  1. Theresa Levy says:

    You did it!! Congratulations . I’m sure it will be a success. Love, Theresa

  2. Akaisha says:

    Congratulations, Honey. I would love to “see inside” this book – it’s a feature that Amazon offers. I am thinking of purchasing it for my sister, who has two grands! Will you have that feature turned on once it’s released? Best to you!!!

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      It is up to the publisher as far as opening up the book. But in a few days Honeygood.com will have a landing page for the book and we are showing some of the pages. Stay tuned. Warmly, Honey

  3. Randi McAllister says:

    Ten years ago at age 57 I had a severe brain aneurysm and almost died. But, thanks be to God, I made it and now have 4 beautiful grands age 11 and under. When I came home, I had several people helping me recover and one of the things I did was to write a short book about Grandi’s house including pictures of our cats, dog, and horses. I had the pages laminated and bound at Kinko’s and gave it to my grands.

    Your journal idea is terrific and I hope to write in it.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      I am so excited about the Journal. A lasting keepsake. You knew the importance of leaving a legacy because you were tested. I am so glad you are well and can be a grandmother to your grands.Warmly, Honey

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