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How to Sync Your Life in Elsewhere

How to Sync Your Life in Elsewhere

on a morning walk with America.

It is a foggy Saturday morning. I am sitting at my desktop whose name is, 21. My laptop is 13 and my travel computer’s name is 12. I refer to them by their size to tech teachers. “I am having problems with 21,” I say in desperation. “She is not syncing with 13! I don’t know what to do! I am having a meltdown.” I have come to the conclusion that computers, just like human beings, have problems with relationships and life situations when they don’t sync! What can be done?

For me, the situation in Elsewhere is unprecedentedly scary, anxiety-provoking, and uncertain. I believe you all feel the same.

In Sync with Reality

My thoughts have been negative because of my reality. My feelings of anxiety and unease have become more and more layered as I am forced to feel entirely ‘new’ fears. Connections with loved ones have been taken away from me. Masks have been forced on me. Eating outside in the cold Chicago weather is new to me. Holiday gatherings are forbidden to me. My hands are raw from constantly washing and sterilizing them.

The new negative words in every citizen’s vocabulary is fear and anger instead of love and joy. I see my rights taken from me. Normalcy and safety have been upended. The realization that many citizens in Elsewhere are unaware of what is taking place, slowly but surely, in the world, drives me mad. I see COVID-19 as the perfect storm for governments around the world to take control of our lives. Naive people laugh. I am not laughing. And, I am afraid one day for our children and grandchildren it will be fight or flight.

How to Sync Your Life With Elsewhere

Unpacking my 83 boxes after moving from Shangrila has been cathartic. Alone with my treasured possessions, I had time to get in touch with my feelings. This is very important, darling, because your thoughts will emerge instead of remaining pent up inside.

It took me six weeks to figure out my silver lining during this time of chaos. I asked myself, “What do I have 100% control over?” Over six weeks I lived into my answer. Myself! I cannot control what is going on in Elsewhere but I have 100% control over my personal actions. I will nurture myself to remain physically strong. And, I will delete everything I am uncomfortable with that is within my power; New stations I oppose; People who disappoint; Projects that stress me to the nines; I will add to my lifestyle habits that will make me strong; People who are loving and bright; Projects that ‘light my fire.’

Suddenly, with thoughts of a silver lining, I am able to see the forest from the trees. And, I am able to feel the positivity I had lost for a short time. Darling, I believe in me. And, I believe in the positive actions I am taking.

Learning New Skills, etc…

I began taking Yoga. And, I am learning the importance of breathing, I am learning how to become aware of how I sit and stand and walk, and now I can catch myself when I am in a bad position. Yoga started on a downswing; which I admitted to my teacher because I know it is important to be authentic and not fear expressing my feelings. Darling, I wanted to quit at times and I told her. I believe my authenticity created an honest conversation that created a desire to hang in there. Consider yoga; it is a wonderful practice.

Socialize. Conversing is important to me. I am a conversation junky. And, I have missed the jibber jabber of talking to many people. You and I have had a social void for nine months. Yesterday I heard a man talking about his chili recipe. I never saw him in my life. So, I told him I loved chili; and guess what? We exchanged emails and when I opened 21, there were two chili recipes from Mark! Converse with people when you are out, darling. We are social animals.

Look forward. Last night we sat outside for dinner with friends. My girlfriend, who is normally full of life and now full of sadness suddenly blurted out, “I bet we have a roaring 20s when this Pandemic ends.” I felt so alive listening to her words. “OMG, I think you are right.” So, darling, look ahead with positivity that there will be a surge of happiness when things return to normal and everything we took for granted will now be filled with baskets of gratitude.

You Can Get Through This

Nurture the you in you, daily; in some ways or in many ways. Do what is good for your soul. Be kind to yourself. Be introspective of your needs. Take pride in what you do. You can feel emotionally happy within your core if you are authentic to your needs and desires.

I am going to make Chili after I walk America. I will share my new friend Mark’s recipe next week. Bye for now.

What do you do to stay in sync in Elsewhere? I would love to hear your thoughts. Please write to me in the comments at the bottom of this page! 

Warmly, Honey

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November 22, 2020


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  1. Rosie says:

    Hi Honey,
    Yes, Elsewhere for sure! As I study Ezekiel, the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation, Biblical prophecy is unfolding right before my eyes. Connecting the dots between world events and what the Bible says about end times is pretty eye opening and amazing. I find it all very reassuring, not that things will be getting any better on earth, rather that God has a plan and I take refuge in that.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Can you tell me and the rest of us the plan. I love your name and I want like you to live in a rosier world. Happy turkey day and God bless.

  2. Margo says:

    I want to know when we will have had enough and start doing something about it. Why are we continuing to kowtow to these groups? Why do we feel comfortable letting these people brainwash our children and generations to come into denigrating America and apologizing for who we are?
    It seems to me that we just stick our head in the sand as long as we are still comfortable in our personal surroundings. We rant and rave on social media but really, what good does it do? It’s apparent that our country is split down the middle and the side that has turned on itself is quickly taking over, instructing people to brainwash white children into hating themselves and their country. Where are the rest of the Megan Kellys of this world that are brave enough to stand up and say enough!

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      I am brave enough! So are you! So are millions of others. We don’t speak out because we are the good apples in the bushel. You know the saying, “It is always the bad apple that is so intent on destroying the lives of the good apples…they ruin the bushel.” Keep your fingers crossed and think positive. Have a happy turkey day. Warmly, Honey

  3. Sharon says:

    Honey, I am in complete agreement with your concern that government will take over our lives. It’s already happening to some extent, isn’t it? My other concern is the news stations that provide only the information they choose in order to control our thinking. I sincerely wish there was somewhere to find an accurate, honest, unbiased, not opinionated presentation of what is going on in the world. So many people blindly buy into whatever the news journalists are pushing without researching what these newscasters are saying. So many news stories are untruths with bits and pieces of quotes taken out of context from what the speaker intended. I, too, fear for my grandchildren and great grandchildren who will be brainwashed by school teachings and newscasts that don’t reflect the entire picture. The current cancel culture is also a major concern. Short of a revolution, I don’t know how our country will ever be a safe, sane place to live where we are not afraid to voice an opinion or refer to its history without being attacked by someone who is offended because we don’t agree with their thinking. Unfortunately, I have had to remove a woman from my life who I thought was a friend until she badgered and bullied and verbally attacked me because my thinking did not agree with hers. Thank you for your positive attitude included in this blog. I, too, prefer to be optimistic so, even in the midst of all the negativity, I will continue to look for a silver lining.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Look for the Roaring 20’s to come back. Finger’s crossed. Happy Turkey Day and God Bless. Warmly, Honey

  4. Mary Jane says:

    Hi Honey!
    Another inspiring post! When I get down about all this craziness, I do the same as you. Center myself and take care of me. I think we all have to do that in this world. Take a step back and nurture ourselves. When I do that, I can stay positive in a world full of uncertainty. Now….it seems the craziness of toilet paper and paper towels is coming back around again! Why??? It makes so sense. The media doesn’t tell us the truth. We have to research on our own to find a shred of that nowadays sadly.
    I pray 2021 will be the “roaring 20’s” like your friend said! We need a fabulous year after this fiasco! Take care and God Bless!

    Mary Jane Chapman

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Take care and God Bless and have sweet dreams of the ‘Roaring 20’s’!!! Happy turkey day!! Warmly, Honey

  5. Lynne says:

    Thanks Honey! Just what I needed!💜

  6. betty j whitley says:

    My feelings about living in Elsewhere are the same as yours. More often than not, I am enraged about the election, Governors who think they have the right to take away our rights while they go about their business as usual, voters who tell me there is nothing I can do about it and angry at myself because I figure they are right.
    It is hard to get a handle on your life when the only one you’ve known is taken away. I am 73 years old and I am so dismayed about the future of our great country. My granddaughter who just graduated from USC at Irvine has been indoctrinated with lies and hatred for our country. She feels the need to apologize for being a white person and spouts hateful rhetoric about ‘privileged white people.’ Our educators have not only failed our young people, but they have failed our country.
    I can not see the light at the end of the tunnel because I fear it is not even flickering..
    This is the first time I have left a comment, but so enjoy your website. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Hi Betty, I understand how you are felling. Angry that this has silently been building up in our schools and universities for years.Where were the parents? Didn’t they talk to their kids about what they were learning in school? You must continually talk to your granddaughter.For Christmas buy her the book, Chesapeake by Mitchner. It is the story of our founding fathers. She will love the story and possibly learn. Tell her about the author. Buy her books by famous black women writers who she can respect that explain the truth about our Nation. Talk to her about your past.This is what you can do to feel better. And, talk to her about the election, calmly. Not in a political way but about the important value of honesty, not Republican or Democrate. I hope I helped. Warmly, Honey

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