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How to Transition Positively in Elsewhere (The New World)

Honey transitioning positively in Elsewhere

The world population has been on an emotional journey for almost five months. It still seems like a bad dream. However, I have come to terms that life in Elsewhere is the real McCoy, and I have no choice but to live within its perimeters… but on my terms. I had hope that our world landscape would return to normal, that Elsewhere would disappear… But over time I realize that what was… was. It is perplexing and shocking to realize that 7.8 billion people, the population of the world, is on a transformational journey together to a new way of life because of a virus, COVID-19, and in my Country, upheaval compounds the situation.

Sitting in my apartment in the sky in my beloved Chicago with my pooch America asleep by my side and my Ultimate Concierge in a chair across from me, reading a spy novel, I listen to soft Hawaiian music in the background as I pen my thoughts. I am finally comprehending the enormity of the emotional journey the world population is on and after a phone conversation yesterday, I know I have to wave good-bye to the normalcy of the life I have led and move on in a positive way.

A Wake Up Phone Call

Yesterday afternoon, my iPhone rang and I saw my daughter’s name light up my phone. I was in my office that overlooks the skyline of my beautiful Chicago and Lake Michigan, a lake so grand in scope it reminds me of the Pacific Ocean that was outside my backdoor when I lived in Honolulu. The sun was shining as I picked up and said, “Hi! So happy you called.”

Our conversation was normal until I heard my daughter say, “Mom, I cannot sleep at night.”

Startled,  I asked, “Why?”

“Because I am worried about your safety living where you live in Chicago. Protestors could come into your building and take it over and hurt you.”

Her comment said it all. That my daughter, with much on her mind, was worried about harm coming to me because of the building I live in. It hit a nerve because she could be right.

“You love me that much!” I said trying to lighten the conversation.

“Yes,” was the reply.

We spoke for a long time and when we said good-bye we were laughing again.

That evening my Ultimate Concierge and I left our building for an outdoor dinner with friends. I remember asking one of our great doormen, “Do you have a plan if violent protesters try to take over our building?”

“Don’t you worry, Mrs. Good. Don’t you worry.”

I worried that I had to think about being worried.

The Main Disrupters, COVID-19 and Unrest

The main culprits are COVID-19 with an added disruptor; Violence across America. Every American has seen a life change. Thousands of families have suffered lost loved ones, millions of hard-working people have lost jobs and businesses, many millions are rethinking careers, and millions of people in Elsewhere are escaping cities, states, and countries for several reasons; mainly safety. World wide populations are suffering as well and suffocating from loneliness. Parents and grandparents are fearful of their family’s futures as well as their own. Children are worried about their parents and grandparents, as well.

How Will We Cope?

The first stage on this emotional journey has been shocking. I think we have all completed this phase of our journey. We get it. It is real. Life in Elsewhere will not vanish anytime soon so we have to plan for our futures.

This second stage is muddied with disbelief, anger, confusion, fear, and sadness. We understand we have choices to make. We can put our positive coping skills to work in order to think through our situation and formulate a plan on how our future can be constructive and eventually optimistic or continue to be shell shocked and paralyzed.

This second stage can turn out to be very creative and fulfilling. Transitions in one’s life can prove to be very meaningful. You are probably very disheartened and disoriented as you begin the journey, but when the breakthrough(s) occur you will create new attitudes and aptitudes; maybe new friends, new careers, and even a new place to live.

Every transition is a challenge. This one coming from nowhere to Elsewhere is a corker. Therefore, it is very important during this second stage to stay in close contact with your families and friends for discussions and support.

Some Good News

I was talking to my friend on the phone and she asked, “What’s new?

I said, “Oh! I am going to wear my new Chanel mask with Swarovski crystals out for dinner tonight. Speaking of masks, more than 75% of people were wearing masks on Michigan Avenue.”

The tone in my voice was so casual, making it seems that wearing masks is simply part of our culture! And then she started to laugh! And I started to laugh because the only person we could relate to wearing a mask was the Lone Ranger.

Honey and Shelly staying positive in Elsewhere

More Good News

I realize I don’t have to leave my home to be happy, loving, and productive. My happiness, like yours, comes from my thoughts. My productivity begins with my internal thoughts, all from within. Love is felt, and I am capable of giving it from afar. I can feed my curiosity and knowledge and enjoy love with my family by putting my fingers on the keyboard of my Apple.

So, step number one is the positive power that comes from thinking about alternatives that will give you positive joy.

Lest we forget, let’s remember the good and positive. Since none of us can leave Elsewhere, let’s use our positive power to walk alongside it. Positive power comes from your thoughts and begins with how you feel about yourself. So, step number one is to like the person you are because it gives you harmonious power over Elsewhere.

In my wildest dream, I never dreamt of wearing a mask when I leave our home. At this time I look at wearing masks as a necessity of choice. I like that I have the power to decide my fate. I don’t have to wear a mask. I chose to. That I have a choice to wear a mask of my choosing gives me options. It makes me feel good. My masks are not Walgreens or Amazon masks, by choice. My masks are accessories that I wear that send a message to others who cannot see my expressions or my smile. It’s a message of who I am. I turned my mask into a positive daily experience. So can you.

We Have Control Over Our Happiness

The way I turned wearing my mask into a happy experience is one example of how we have control of our lives in Elsewhere. I am happy because I feel safer and happy because I reflect on who I am. There are so many tools you have in your mental arsenal. Use them. If loneliness is a problem you can find a solution. Maybe lend a hand? Maybe renew old bonds? Maybe escape into great novels?

If you are feeling down without berating yourself, you are better off than a person who ignores their feelings. I believe this will pass when you live in to your answer.

Darling, in essence, we have control over our happiness while we are living in Elsewhere. Elsewhere will eventually go away and a new type of society will appear in its place. After the depression, it was the Roaring Twenties. Now that would be a pleasure, wouldn’t it?

So don’t despair. You will learn much from your journey in Elsewhere if you will it. Remember, you own your power.

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  1. Quantum – I agree with you ; let’s hope as a society we can take this time to grow in quantum leaps . Rethinking education & health care for all , a spiritual awakening where everyone can begin to accept every human on earth . Where we can look at food as beauty and sustenance for every person ; and efforts not to hurt the animals land and soul that we love . Where we honor nature for ourselves and for future generations … if we all could lean in , and strive to be better at a bit of everything ;or just one thing .
    I so enjoy your column; I’m 64 – loving my exercise , food , family , animals , my tennis overhead , and my spiritual journey at this new stage . I would love to be friends on Facebook and see what wonderful ways a new friend and the world can collide..
    I love my new Boom makeup – that’s a heads up!
    Let’s rock this Lady ! Love your stuff ! Big smile

    1. Please join our private Facebook group: GRANDwomen with Moxie where loneliness disappears. I will be looking for your name!!! Warmly, Honey

  2. Yes to your Positive article on “the New World”…… this time has given us an opportunity for an inward journey and an opportunity to put this life and It’s purpose into prospective.
    I personally have Enjoyed and seen it as a divine gift 💝 and have a knowing that God is in charge. Praying for Faith and trust and courage to See the wisdom that all is happening perfectLy in God’s Truth. Thank you ☺️ Peace and love 💗

    1. Yes, in God we trust. And, God tells us he has given us power to be the maker of our fate, too. With warmth and friendship, Honey

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