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Honey’s Holiday Gift Guide 2020 – A Few of My Favorite Things!

Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Welcome, to Honey’s Holiday Gift Guide 2020!

I love love love giving. It is a passion of mine to find that special something with meaning for everyone I shop for. I can love you or hardly know you; it matters not, because with each present I purchase, I put my whole heart into the process. My goal is to light up someone’s life. And, my gifts are never based on cost. They are based on genuine caring. I choose these items for “Honey’s Holiday Gift Guide 2020” to uplift your mood as we are forced to struggle through life in Elsewhere.

Each gift is meant to be an ‘upper’ — either for yourself or others in your life.

Happy Hanukkah or Merry Christmas, darling. This is the time to count your blessings and to give others meaningful gifts that will make them smile.

Self-Nurture Gifts for Elsewhere Living


Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020Nature’s Blossom Sunflowers Garden Kit is a perfect gift for those who’d like to grow a garden, but don’t have an outdoor space. Aside from my Ultimate Concierge, pooch America, family photos, and heirlooms nothing in the world gives me more pleasure than having plants and flowers around our home. Put a smile on your face while living in Elsewhere with homegrown Sunflowers. Give birth to some daily sunshine in your life and plant your own special garden. Good luck!



Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Athena’s Garden Classic Lucky Bamboo Tower is a treat. I love all varieties of good luck pieces and have them scattered around our home. Our birthday candles are under our mattresses for longevity! Our red strings are around our wrists to guard and protect us. I have a turtle collection from best friends, children, and grandchildren that symbolizes long life in Chinese folklore.

My Ultimate Concierge has his collection of elephants with ‘trunks up!’ In our California home, Shangrila, I had my Lucky Bamboo. I just ordered one for our apartment in the sky to give hope that Elsewhere will be somewhere over the rainbow, soon!



Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020Cleverfy Aromatherapy Shower Steamers– For those stressful days in Elsewhere, these aromatherapy Shower Steamers are a much needed at-home spa day. Darling, You must take the time to nurture the ‘you in you.’ I took my Yoga class yesterday and afterward used a Shower Steamer. It is now a day later and between Yoga and the Shower Steamer product, I continue to feel positive physical and emotional effects. Enjoy!


Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020


Hatch Restore – Sound Machine is a great way to get better sleep, especially if you have problems with insomnia. It comes with a free app to control the color of light, the sounds, and much more. Now, I don’t have insomnia; I wake up too early in the morning always raring to go instead of trying to fall back to sleep. However, I am now able to relax and fall back to sleep with Hatch Restore. Less time to stress out in Elsewhere, darling, and I love the app to control the color of light and the clock, etc. A great gift to yourself and others.



Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set – Do you have chronic back/neck pain? This acupressure mat and pillow set not only comes in many lovely colors but will provide the pain and stress relief you need, all without actual acupuncture! My content manager bought this for her father and he loves it! I have not tried it but trust me… I trust her. It works.





Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020RENPHO Foot Massager Machine with Heat – Wish you had an at-home masseuse? Get this RENPHO foot massager and have that spa treatment right at your fingertips. It has different speeds, heat functions, and fit up to a men’s size 12 foot! Share this with your hubby or significant other. This is truly a must-have. I actually feel relaxed as I write about Renpho Foot Massager. It is special and will take away your worries and stress… and the soreness in your feet. 




Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020Sand + Fog Ocean Mist Soy Candle – Made with essential oils, this candle by Sand + Fog, a female-owned and ran company in Long Beach, is perfect for those who love the smell of the sea. I also adore their Christmas candles. Click HERE to buy their Winter Pine scent (one of my Honey Bee’s favorites.)






Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020Handmade Delicate Succulent Cactus Candles – I know many of you are drawn to the desert. With the desert’s extreme heat and little rain, one must admire the strength of the Cactus. Let its strength rub off on you or family members as you light a candle. Let the cactus fulfill you with its courage during this difficult period of time in Elsewhere.





Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Rigaud Candle From Paris – My very close friend, Susan, always has a Rigaud candle lit when I visit her home in New York. The scent hypnotizes me and puts me in a delightfully relaxed and happy state of mind as I marvel at its beauty and take in its scent. The company is located in Paris and began making candles in the 1800s. It is delicious and comes in many colors and fragrances. I love the red and green scents.



Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020Jovivi Thumb Worry Stone – Have you ever felt your worries get the best of you? I have my rocks with words, my crystals with colors, and my worry stone just in case! The worry stones originated in ancient Greece made from Seawater and from quartz in the West where multiple Native American Tribe adults gave them to the younger generation, creating a sense of connection from previous family members. They were considered sacred. A great little gift for those you love.




Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Pinch Me Therapy Dough: Holistic Aromatherapy Stress Relieving Putty – These putties are scented with essential oil, and great for getting all your stress out of your body. With our grandchildren homeschooling, the news on television more and more hateful, this is a great little gift for the younger and older population. After all, we cannot let Elsewhere try and ruin our holiday!



Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020Moon Juice Dream Dust – If you have trouble sleeping, my Ultimate Concierge and I love ‘Dream Dust’. It’s a lovely blend of Ashwagandha, Jujube, Polygala, Chamomile, and Schisandra that targets stress for relief of tension to promote deep sleep and tranquil rest. A close girlfriend told me to purchase this and trusting her advice, I followed her lead. This is a great gift bag item for all ages and genders.





Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 20203Ply Adult Disposable Nonwoven Christmas Pattern Masks – Do you need help getting in the holiday spirit? I love these masks because they represent holiday spirit and joy. Whoever sees you wearing these masks will pick up on your positivity and it will transcend to them. In essence, you are giving them a gift. I bought these for myself and my grandchildren.




Gifts of Spirituality & Hope – Holiday Gift Guide 2020


Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Red String Bracelet (7pcs) – As most of you know I bring my red strings home from Jerusalem. Not everyone is as fortunate as I have been to visit Jerusalem, the home of all religions; That should not stop you from wearing a red string. These strings are sent from Israel. Have a loved one or a close friend tie a red string on your left wrist, knot it seven times, and bless you. The string is to guard you and protect you and should not be cut off. It will eventually fall off.

My red strings last a year or more unless I catch it on something. For that reason please have the string tied tightly. It will not stay tight for long. This is a great gift to give every member of your family and yourself. You do not have to be religious to wear one. The only prerequisite is that you want to. Enjoy.



Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 202024 Frosted Inspirational Sea Glass Stones – I am very spiritual and I wasn’t taught by anyone. But, I often ask where this came from. I don’t know but I am so glad to have this ability to feel compassion, to self-actualize (to focus on internal values), and to take the time to savor little and larger than life experiences… and to be grateful.

I have a collection of stones I picked up from different places, mostly swap meets and stones friends and family have given me. They are precious to me. When I had Cancer one of my daughters gave me a stone that said, breathe. It sits next to me on my desk. I have another one that I picked out of a bag, by chance, that says, accept. It sits on my perfume tray. I have so many and love them all. A great gift for family members and yourself. Choose a stone that will help you and do the same for your family members. Each will be a ‘keeper.’



Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020Sanctuary Bells Wind Chime Collection – Wind chimes are thought to be good luck, bring positive energy, and are used in Feng Shui. Their sound represents harmony. What a marvelous and unexpected present to give during the holidays. They date back as far as 1100 BC after the Chinese began to cast bells. I brought three of ours home from our California house to hang in our apartment in the sky!

Darling, I will probably be the only person who has wind chimes inside a condo. I don’t care. I love them and I plan to hang them next week in windows in our apartment and they will chime when I open them to the soft breeze outdoors. It matters not if the wind is low, I will admire them as the sun hits them every day. One wind chime is from one of my daughters, one I bought and the other is from an old spiritual gentleman.



Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020Ornamental Concrete Pear Paperweight – I am a collector of paperweights. When I saw this concrete pear paperweight I thought to myself, “This is very unique and in the color of blue; the restful color on the color chart. It is mine to have. Out of curiosity, I looked up the meaning of a pear. I became more enthralled. In the Bible, the pear represents longevity and comfort.





Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020Handblown Wishing and Gratitude Globe  – I thought this would be a great gift for my grands because by writing down their wish it reinforces the desire. As well, I like it for friends and for myself. The color reminds me of the sea and blue is the most relaxing color on the color wheel. And, there isn’t a person in the world who does not want a wish answered! Am I right, darling?





Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020Gift from the Sea: 50th Anniversary Edition – When I was in my twenties a best friend dropped the paperback, Gift from the Sea, in our mailbox. I still have the book. She gifted me the book out of friendship; there was no occasion.

Years later my eye caught a write-up of the hardcover 50th edition and I immediately purchased it. To this day the words of Ann Morrow Lindbergh speak to me. I have given this treasure to my daughters and to my dearest friends. It is a life keeper. I wish it upon you.





Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Stories for My Grandchild: A Grandmother’s Journal – I was commissioned to write the prompts for this book by Abrams Press. My editor allowed me to be involved in every aspect from content to all of the quotes and even the art and bookmark. The entire experience was very rewarding because the idea was always to give a grandmother the tools to pass on her valuable thoughts and her story to her grandchildren.

I believe the most valuable gift I can give my grandchildren is what I leave them in their head! This book allows a grandmother to do just that. I am smiling.

Beauty & Fashion – Holiday Gift Guide 2020


Everyone needs a little sparkle and shine while living in Elsewhere. One of my favorite jewelry designers is Matthew Harris of Mateo New York. These pearls are made with love by the sea and turned into a beautiful and fashionable piece to wear. Get them for yourself, your daughter, or your best friend. they will love you forever! And… they are timeless!





Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020

La Mer, The Concealer – I adore this product. I have a blemish on one of my cheeks but my La Mer concealer hides it. The product consistency is not at all thick. It is smooth and I am shocked how well it covers. The tube is shiny and quite lovely to admire. On a scale of one to ten, I give this cover a ten.








Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020MAISON FRANCIS KURKDJIAN; Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait De Parfum – I swear there is not a day I am not stopped and asked the name of my perfume. Taxi drivers; Fed X personal; Women in the market as they pass me walking down an aisle; Waiters and waitresses and strangers walking down the street; Girlfriends… and that is for starters. It is worth every penny because each day when I give myself a spritz, I swoon.






Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Burberry Classic Check Cashmere Scarf – I’ve owned this classic Burberry scarf for many years. It matches almost any outfit and is as soft as soft can be. I love my cashmere Burberry scarves and I have them in many colors. They peek my fancy. I only purchase what I love and I love Burberry.







Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Burberry, The Chelsea Heritage Trench Coat – At least 15 or more years ago I bought a Burberry that resembles this coat. I wear it to travel and I wear it for many fall, winter, and spring seasons; because mine has a zip-in liner in the Burberry design.

I looked for a Burberry with a liner on the site but could not find one. They are expensive but well worth the cost. I love my coat as much as I did the first day I wore it. And, because I choose the Burberry basic design it will stay in vogue forever.






Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings – These are special. They are great for any fall/winter outfit and fit many different shapes and sizes. They are a must-have staple for your closet, and suck your tummy in so it’s nice and flat! Dress them up and dress them down. They will take you anywhere and that is why I bought them. There are other styles under the Spanx label as well. Enjoy looking; I love mine.




Fashion for the Pup – Holiday Gift Guide 2020


Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020Hurtta Extreme Warmer Dog Winter JacketI called my dog walker and asked her for the best warm-weather dog coat. Hurtta is a five-star company for rainy and cold weather. The coat is easy to put on and is lined to keep your pooch nice and warm. Many colors. I chose orange. You will love this coat.




Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020Embark Adventure Dog Harness, Easy On and Off – America pulls when he sees other pooches and people. He is just too friendly! I don’t want to hurt his neck pulling on him and I don’t want him to run off with me. So, this is the great harness I choose. It also comes in other colors. I chose orange to match his jacket.


Cool Kitchen Items – Honey’s Holiday Gift Guide 2020


Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020Wabash Valley Farms Whirley-Pop Popcorn Popper Old Fashioned Popcorn Gift Set – I love popcorn and this in my opinion is the best. I have one and I like it because I can control the popcorn. As I turn it manually it scrapes along the bottom of the pot; therefore my popcorn does not burn. Give this to yourself and to others. I think you will be delightfully happy.



Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020Chinese Wok Nonstick Die-casting Aluminum Scratch Resistant – I used to cook in my Wok when I lived in Honolulu. But, I must admit I enjoy the preparation and cooking to be as simple as can be; Healthy dining and delicious. This Wok has a very interesting design that appeals to me. An added plus.




Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020Rachael Ray 365: No Repeats Cookbook – After five months of cooking, I happened to be at our doctor’s office for a flu shot. I had a nice conversation with the nurse who was administering the vaccine. We spoke about cooking and how long the preparation took. She educated me in no time on how to to make my life easier.

“You have to have Rachael Ray’s 365 30-minute meal cookbook.” “Sounds good to me,” I replied. So, I walked out of the office with the title to the book and you know what I did… I ordered it on Amazon! That’s what a smart woman does. She takes advice and orders on Amazon. I have tried several recipes and they are delicious. Purchase for yourself, friends, and family.



Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook – If you live with a partner, you probably have a hard time finding more variation in your dinners. Well, this cookbook solves that problem for you, without making too much food. This cuts down on waste and also makes it easier on yourself. This is a great gift or stocking stuffer! “Try it, you’ll like it,” as the saying goes. I did and… I love it. Give it a try.



There are so many more gifts to give, and so many more ideas. I hope you enjoyed Honey’s Holiday Gift Guide. Let me know your must-give gifts in the comments at the bottom of this page! 

Warmly, Honey

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Honey's Holiday Gift Guide 2020

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November 23, 2020


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  1. Lucy Fleming says:

    The sea glass pieces with inspirational sayings are from a small business in my town of Kingsport TN. #SupportSmallBusiness I often hand these to friends who are having a difficult time, keep several in spots in my home (they surprise and delight me when I find them) and one in my car.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      I love them too. I put them in envelopes to my kids and grands and friends and take them as a little gift to a dinner party (long, long ago) with a box of candy or a bottle of wine or a little gift. We think alike. Happy turkey day!!! Warmly, Honey

  2. Dagmar Rosenberger says:

    Dear Honey,
    First of all I have to apologize that my English is not the best, because I live in Austria and speak German.
    I always read your daily blog and I like it.
    Also the Christmas presents you propose in you blog are nice, but I think that we in our western countries have everything we need. It’s not necessary to look for extraordinary things.
    What I do is that I told my children that I don’t need anything but they shall make a donation to WWF for a sponsorship to save animals facing extinction. This is what I am pleased with.
    There are so many organizations like Peta or Lady Freethinker who care about abused animals. So I prefer to spend my money for them and not to buy another Burberry…
    Warmest regards,

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Thank you for your comment. I agree with you. Giving to others is gifting ourselves. I love to give and help and so does my ultimate concierge and we do to many organizations. Next year I will mention giving to Charity. You are 100% correct. Thank you so much. I love Austria. We have been their many times.It is a gorgeous city. I am so happy to have you with me. Maybe we will meet one day. Happy Holidays, Dagmar. Warmly, Honey

  3. Lisa Rubin says:

    You did a good job expressing yourself without directly defining your political views or alienating your followers.

    To be honest, I’m coming off sustained exhaustion and irritability over how simple statements or shared ideas can be spun out of control into something political. I don’t know why people need to make everything a political argument and argue until they win.

    Even now, post the presidential election, the atmosphere remains tense. COVID has brought us a difficult burden that many people cannot handle; and for those surviving, a new diagnosis “Post COVID Syndrome, exists.

    For me, I am so happy that I’m here at my 35th wedding anniversary (11/24). I bought my own present (as I always do) of a Trish McEvoy Blackberry Musk Perfume. I give it to him and he gives it to me. My favorite perfume is actually Fracas, but I like to have a few on hand.

    I also think my three grown kiddos are putting together a montage video surely to bring me to tears!

    I hope you have a Joyous and Happy Thanksgiving. If you have turkey that is great. If you prefer veal parmigiana, that’s great too!

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      I love your messaging to me. My mother’s favorite perfume is Fracas, too!! And, once I did buy my own birthday gift, had it wrapped and took it home to my husband to give to me. To this day it is one of my favorite gifts because of the story behind it. Happy Anniversary. Our anniversary is in December, my favorite month of the year because I love all the joy I experience around me. I call December, the month of love. I hope you receive your montage and I am sending good wishes and happiness your way. Happy turkey day, too.

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