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How to Create Hope, Honey Good

Hope is such an important part of your emotional engine. It drives you to engage with life. It is the way you view your world. A hopeful woman can envision and cope. Having hope is positive and exciting. It is hope that makes you want to bother. Do you have the tools to create hope?

First, I will speak of my background with this emotion, and then I will enlighten you with tools to create hope in your life. I am of the opinion, that hope may be our most important emotion, outside of love. Hope casts away doubt. It keeps us resilient, relevant, and optimistic. Happiness does not make a hopeful woman. Ultimately, hope makes her happy.

Therefore, hopelessness is one’s lack of seeing the possibilities. For some of us, it is momentary. By contrast, for others, it is a constant. As for myself, it is momentary. I am filled with hope.


Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all” 

-Emily Dickinson

Learning to create hope is a skill that goes back to my youth in Kankakee by the Sea. To begin with, my parents empowered me and I grew up feeling secure within my large family. I confess my school days were not always easy. Yet, I found the tools to learn to be hopeful.

Ask yourself why you feel the way you do, regarding hope.

Why are some of us hopeful and others of us not? Is it in our genes? Yes. Is it learned in childhood? Yes. Can a person become hopeful after age 50? Absolutely.

Hope is an emotional and physical feeling of euphoria. A feeling of intense excitement and happiness. Hope fuels your desire to continue anything you set out to do. At times, we must create hope for ourselves.




Create hope, a quote by Honey Good

Years back I had an interview with the CEO of the Sun-Times Network. He was looking for an older woman to write a weekly story for STN that would reach 70 cities across America. Remember, dear readers, 50+ is the new black.

After hiring me as a writer for STN, he said to me, “I want you to have an Instagram account. Also, I want you to do a two-minute ad lib video that we will add to each of your stories. We will send our people over to film.”

My first thought was, “Videos!  I can’t do videos. I have never done videos.” However, my answer was, “How exciting, I would love to!”

Was I more hopeful than scared? Oh, yes!

On my way home, in the taxi, I thought about my answer.

He wanted videos and I wanted the opportunity to write for STN. Hope inspired me to  answer, “Yes!” I would cope with the unknown.

For those of you, dear readers, that have long spells of feeling hopeless, I have a few suggestions.


Understand that things can and will go wrong in life

First of all, when building a plan for creating hope, know that things will go wrong. Understand that though things are happening in your life, things are not happening to you. A hopeful person has the ability to feel hope because she can push back through her disappointment. Ultimately, she can turn lemons into lemonade.

Manage fear

When you feel trapped, a hopeful person is not nearsighted. She sees multiple options to survive her situation.

Trust in people

Above all, people need people. A hopeful person has the ability to trust that most people are well-meaning and reliable. Find the middle ground for trust. Your past experiences are your life lessons.

Have purpose

Our brains handle all emotions, including empowerment and purpose. A hopeful person tries to shape her possibilities with her ideals and think about her strengths.

Have a plan

Next, you must have a plan. If you can imagine exactly how you would like something to be, you can make almost anything happen. Picture it clearly in your mind, and then you must act. Make the choice then create a plan.

Things really do work out — have faith

Ultimately, faith comes from within.  So say ‘yes’ to your opportunities and turn your self-doubt into hope. We all have disappointments. Don’t allow them to defeat you. Let the lesson learned fuel you to create hope.


As a woman who thrives on hope and sees her glass as half full, I can say that hope, outside of love, is my greatest source of nourishment.

Likewise, if you have children or grands that lack the ‘hope gene,’ be their guardian angel. Show them, by your actions, the light. And teach them through your words.

Above all, do something GOOD today. Find hope in your life, or help those around you find their own hope!

Does hope come naturally to you? Please share with me in the comments.

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  1. I love your energy, your words and outlook. I have so much love around me, my life has not been easy but I knew I wanted something different in my life and for my children. I never want them to feel unloved, or that they can’t come to me for anything. It is important to have unconditional love and this is what I have given to them. No matter what happens, I have always had and have hope, I do the work needed on myself I know what’s possible! I have struggled lately with the war going on with Ukraine and Russia, asking myself is hope enough? I pray and have hope! I continue to wake up daily hugging mysel first, I smile, I am beyond thankful, grateful
    and start my day! 😊🙏🏻❤️ Debbie

    1. You are special. Yes, hope is a marvelous way to think. It is an energizer and I feel your energy! Your story makes me happy. Stay hopeful, forever! Warmly, Honey

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