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The Power of Choice, Honey Good


“The world is too much with us.” This is a quote from a sonnet by William Woodsworth. It seems apropos to quote this great man as we struggle with our daily lives in the world called, Elsewhere. If I am struggling, with my optimistic perspective, then I imagine you are struggling, too.

The air is so stale in Elsewhere; no longer fresh. What we once took for normalcy, we now question as we struggle through life in an almost zombie state. The UNITED States of America is being threatened as a nation. And by those who would enjoy renaming it The DIVIDED States of America. My hope is that we use the power of positive choices to crush all those who favor tyranny over freedom. Long live Democracy.


My dear readers, you and I have a choice… to choose our attitude over ‘any’ set of circumstances. After a woman turns 50+ the word choice should be in her vocabulary. In other words, we have the power to choose our response to negative situations. Survival is not based on circumstance. But instead based on the choice of how we respond to the adverse circumstances we encounter.
It is never too late to learn to contemplate how we think! You have that choice. Use it. Oftentimes we don’t think about our choices until it is too late in the game. When I do this I say to myself, “ I should have chosen a positive action.” Or, “I should have remained silent.”


It is important to maintain sanity in Elsewhere as well as in other trying situations. To do this, focus on developing positive and intentional responses. As opposed to walking through life with a fatalistic attitude ie: Whatever will be will be. In other words, don’t give in or give up on pursuing a positive direction. Envision your choices.
I know everything in Elsewhere is toxic. So, this is my take — I can be miserable and let toxicity in Elsewhere consume me. Or I can take advantage of my positive power of choice.


Don’t allow Elsewhere to make your world. Say to yourself: “I have no choice but to live in this world, but I don’t have to belong to it.”
What I am trying to convey is to find threads in your personal life that you enjoy. And then enter into them deeply and with full force. This will restore a positive rhythm in your daily life. Positivity gives every woman 50+ a psychological boost.
The other evening, my Ultimate Concierge and I had dinner with friends. My girlfriend said, “ I am so bored with my life. I have gained weight over the past year. I have lost interest in my outside activities. I’m tired of card games where gossip reigns king. I can’t stand the news. My life is dark.”
As I listened, I felt for her. I had been in her place. Fortunately for me, after months of feeling lethargic, I knew I had to restore a sense of well-being. To find that positive rhythm. I made a choice. I listened to my heart. It will always tell you what’s working and what’s not.


I turned my authentic dreams and needs into reality. This has given me a boost and brought meaning back into my life. My dreams were easy to materialize. They broadened my horizons. My needs were difficult to start but have proved very beneficial.


The power of choice, travel Honey Good 
TRAVEL: Creating unique experiences in life is important for women 50+. This gives our lives greater meaning. Traveling to distant places and enjoying new vistas. Hiking forgotten roads and experiencing new cultures provides us with a greater perspective. Why not put something(s) on your calendar. You have a choice. You can remain cloistered behind your doors or you can …live!
ATTITUDE: Creating a positive attitude points us toward a meaningful life. Here again the choices we make even when we do not feel like making them can help rebuild your world.
If you ask me, we can learn to choose our own meaningful attitudes. It is ‘the start-up’ that is difficult. This is where you have to use your power of choice. This is how you remake your world. You are the artist. Take an empty canvas to build your authentic work of art. Listen to the you in you and make big and little choices by playing it safe and taking risks.


Changing your attitude takes preparation and research. It begins with your vision. Carve out time to reflect and become aware of your true preferences. Don’t rush through your preparations.
  • Do you want to plant your first garden? That certainly will lead you down the path of creativity and peace. You made a wise choice.
  • Perhaps you want to create a room or a space of your own? That will take your mind off of life in Elsewhere or other problems.
  • Maybe you want to get in shape now that you have been a slug for a year +. That will certainly up a negative attitude into the positive zone.

We all have the power of choice. No one likes to live in the midst of discontent. Learning to live by your own light is a choice. As I said it is difficult to change our attitude. Yet, it is worth every effort because there is no such thing as divine discontent! 

This is your chance to come back into your own. Reclaim it and turn your future into your personal marvel. You hold the power by the choice(s) you make. 

What choice will you make for yourself? Please share your wisdom with me in the comments!

Warmly, Honey

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January 27, 2022


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  1. Joni James says:

    I’m bored with life too, and find myself waiting it out by enjoying my grandkids and trying new ways to learn how to enjoy cooking. I think there’s a sense in the air out there where lots of people feel that the world has lost its wonder. I’ve been in this place since before the pandemic. But it’s also mixed with other emotions. Like appreciating simple things, contentment, down time, etc…so maybe in a sense it’s a way of slowing down. I’ve never been a person with dreams in particular. Just someone who wants day to day balance and happiness without stress or drama. That’s generally enough for me, but still I’m bored and disappointed sometimes that life isn’t more exciting than it is. But I’m choosing to be content for now.

    • Honey Good says:

      Choosing to be content is a solution for so many ills. Choosing to have a sense of personal balance goes hand in hand with contentment. If you find you are unable to feel content you have the power of choice to find more contentment. If you are bored add one new endeavor into your life. It can be reading, joining a movie, exercise, religious group etc. The first step to stop the boring phase of life is to do something about. That is the hardest part. I know. Warmly, Honey

  2. Linda Fensel says:

    Thank you Susan,, I really needed to see that today.

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