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How to Make Decisions

how to make decisions

One person knows fear, feels fear, and can rise above her fear and challenge herself to make a scary decision and go for it. Her decision to plow ahead and put her fear secondary shows MOXIE. She feels the need to face the challenge. She does not allow her fear to stop her. The feel-good feeling of the challenge wins over fear. The other person sees fear as a barrier and never gets past the decision making. This is not positive or productive. She walks in place. Which are you? Have you learned how to make decisions?

At better than 50, we have the tool between our ears to know that to grow and bloom; one has to take risks. But not all women can. Why? Because we are fearful of making a decision. What if we make a mistake? “Enough! Fearful, schmear-ful!” I say!

The only thing to fear is fear itself, as a very wise man once shared.

What if you fail…but, what if you fly?

Everything we tackle that feels uncomfortable, causes every woman, fear. Me, included. Many women struggle with pushing themselves to test the waters because they can’t get past making the decision. ’They fear the consequences. Perhaps, because they have been told to be careful, they are afraid they might make a wrong choice and feel embarrassed.

They don’t join a card group because they are afraid they won’t be a good a player. How will you know unless you make a positive decision? And that decision is to try! It will be a win-win. You will like cards, or you will learn your interests lie elsewhere.

You will learn nothing if you don’t get past the fear of the decision. We must learn how to make decisions; what better time than now?

Darlings, If you don’t make a decision and try, you will always wonder what might have been. I admit I am a risk taker. I go for everything no matter how fearful I feel. Maybe it is in my DNA. Perhaps it is my entrepreneurial spirit. I feel a positive rush of wanting to try or wanting to discuss, mixed with fear of the unknown. And trust me, I have been scared to death many times.

For those of you who cannot get past the ‘fear of making a decision,’ I will give you some personal advice, backed up with real stories.

Put on your positive confidence MOXIE! coat of armor and be determined because you are in a no lose situation.


I live in a no-lose world. That does not mean I am fearless. It means I see a bigger picture. Remember, one door opens another. Maybe not a door you expected, but never-the-less, a door. You can only lose if you let your fear defeat you.

how to make decisions

Here is a true short story

I was fearful of having a conversation. BUT…I would not let it stop me from making my no-fear decision. I picked up the phone and arranged a meeting. The conversation took a twist and a turn that I was not expecting. I achieved something, but not what I expected. I thought to myself, “Well, I made it through the door! If I had let my fear take over, I would not have gotten in.”

I said to myself, “Now I will make new contacts. I will learn, and I will eventually get what I want.” Darlings, This is an example of a no-lose situation.

Story number two

I made the no-fear decision to make an emotional phone call. I thought about it for months. Maybe a year. I did not jump into my no-fear choice. One day, I had enough. On this day, I decided I did not want to spend time with the person unless the person mirrored my values. There was no fear in showing my vulnerabilities because I think a vulnerable woman is a powerful woman. I had feared that the person might disappoint me and obviously, I did not want that to happen. It happened darlings. I was sad and disappointed, and truth be told, I still am. But, my experience was a no-lose. Why? Because it is off my chest and I am no longer burdened. Another no-lose situation.

Story number three

A Podcast is a digital audio or video that gives information to subscribers automatically. Podcasts will be the new feature on How did this come about?

I was challenged by my Honey Bees to do podcasts for you, darlings. They wanted me to interview ‘women of importance’ that would interest our community — women who had a message to leave you. And so, I made the no-lose decision to challenge myself to become a researcher and an interviewer.

I traveled to Los Angeles to a recording studio a day before my ultimate concierge and our pooch, America, were to fly to Chicago.

I studied these women’s careers and put together my interviews. Sitting across from strangers, each of us wearing headsets, I made them feel comfortable while I interviewed them. One is a guest on Dr. Oz’s show. She is on Good Morning America and has written two books with another out in 2019. The other woman is a successful PR woman who changed course and is now the Co-Founder of a company that will shock and surprise you.

I loved doing podcasts! Additionally, I loved the interviews. And now, I have expanded my career. My community will be happy because I have decided to do four podcasts a month. Together, we will learn and grow and bloom.

What if I had said to my Honey Bees, “I am too afraid to make the decision and try.”What if I had not attempted to challenge my fears? I don’t have to tell you because you know.

Make yourself visible. You’ve got MOXIE! It is between your ears! You are better after 50, and you have time to continue ‘your bloom.’

Have you learned how to make decisions? What are your tips & tricks? Please share your thoughts with me via TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.

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  1. I was hoping to meet other wonderful women , are there groups following you that meet? You mention Moxie, is this something? Let me know thanks Gayle

    1. Please go to and on the home page, you will see a place that says, Join Moxie. It is a private network for honey good followers and their friends (like FaceBook) to form groups on different topics or start their own group on a topic of their choice and invite their friends to join the conversation. Please wait for a few days to sign up because we are making the site more tech-friendly. I am sure you will enjoy!!!! And, I will look for you and friend you. Warmly, Honey

    1. Thank you, Doris. The podcasts are coming. I am going to do 4 a month. It is all new for me. I made the decision and that’s that!!!! Warmly, Honey

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