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Visible and Vibrant Women of the World

Visible and Vibrant Women

This morning, as I stood making freshly brewed coffee, two pictures flashed through my mind. For a split second, I was in Seim Reap, Cambodia with my husband, Sheldon Good. I remember the day that we stood in front of one of the five temples of Angkor Wat with its beautiful massive faces of women. And the next minute, I was in Chicago thinking about my Barry Kisselstein jewelry and eight visible, vibrant and diverse women who entered my life during the week. The wonderful women bring to mind all of the visible and vibrant women I have had the pleasure of connecting with, both in person and via our community here at

Aren’t you curious what the common denominator is between Angkor Wat, Barry Kisselstien and eight vibrant and visible women?

Visible and Vibrant Women

A Page Out Of My Diary

I began collecting Barry Kisselstein jewelry many years ago.

What captivated me was the artist’s creativity and his themed pieces that reflected a man with a soul. For me, his love of nature must have induced him to create a green cast to his gold jewelry and his broad view of a woman’s needs did not limit him to bracelets and necklaces. He put his designs on eyeglasses, belt buckles, and handbags. My favorite design: the face of a universal woman on bracelets, broaches, necklaces, and rings. He called this model: Women of the World.

Several years passed and I found myself standing with my husband in front of the Angkor Wat Temples in Cambodia. I was in awe and wonderment of the temples towering beauty, a mix of magnificent architecture and nature. As we approached one of the temples, chills ran down my arms as I looked up and saw the universal face that reminded me of my jewelry. I remember turning to my husband and said, “This is where Barry Kisselstein got his image for his global woman.”

Meeting up with eight vibrant and visible women brought back my memories of Angkor Wat and Barry Kisselstien.

The Women

We all know women need each other. As we embrace life at better than 50, it’s the ideal time to reassess our lifestyle adding a little here and subtracting a bit, too. I challenge you to take the risk and add some spice to the recipe of your life, and that includes having several friendships.

To be honest I, too, am reassessing a few of my relationships.

It is enlightening, enjoyable and relevant to open yourself to new relationships because needs change as we continue to improve. This is emotionally healthy.

New meetings are refreshing! As the song goes “Make new friends but keep the old.”

This is exactly what happened to me during the past week as I met old friends and made new friends, all living productive and satisfying lifestyles and all with a commonality of interests that mirrored mine or piqued my fancy, as I like to say.

Visible and Vibrant Women In My Life

I had lunch with a college girlfriend, took about a three-mile walk with a new friend and a close friend; then, the three of us decided we would walk weekly.

A few days later, I met an attractive woman in a dress shop because of a top I was wearing, and we agreed to get together again for lunch. Then, quite by chance, I ran into a dear friend near my home, and we made a dinner date. A longtime girlfriend from New York moved in with us while on business! I dropped off a birthday gift to a dear friend and felt happy. A close girlfriend asked me about a problem I have been having. She told me she would help me further and the next morning, in my inbox, was the help I needed.

I have written in my musings that I categorize my relationship with women as such:

1.    Girlfriends
2.    Friends
3.    Acquaintances

My longtime friends are my girlfriends.  I love and respect their lifestyle, their vibrancy, their loyalty, their warmth, their intellect, and their values. I was with six of them this past week.

Meet New Friends

My new acquaintances: Two women I do not know but want to know, entered my life this week. I am assuming they are vibrant women who will never ‘just be’ but will continue to look forward. I feel we have a commonality. Time will tell; who knows they may become girlfriends.

A week with these visible and vibrant women is the cat’s meow. I am filled with warmth and stimulation. Life is ‘good.’

How do you stay connected to other women? How important are your female friendships to leading a full life after 50? Please share your thoughts with me via TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.

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