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Daring to be a vulnerable woman

Daring to be a vulnerable woman

I was asked to describe myself in a minute or less. In business, this is called an elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is no longer than it takes an elevator to go from the first floor of a building to the top level. In other words, short. How does one describe their essence in a minute or less? In my opinion, the only way to accomplish this is, a general description.

“I am a big pot of vegetable soup with an assortment of colorful vegetables. I see myself as a diversified woman, a little bit of this and a little bit of that.”

How did this come to be? My mother’s influence and my fearlessness in taking risks. I really never say no to anything, even when I know nothing about it!

Daring to be a vulnerable woman: How I do it…

Well, there are many reasons. But, for today’s musing, I will name one. I am ‘blessed’ that I have no fear in acknowledging my vulnerabilities in the presence of others who know more than I do. It does not bother me in the least to be unknowing and powerless because I know what I don’t know and I am excited to learn. This is THE ticket to self-growth and knowledge. This also allows me the freedom to ask for advice while at the same time letting others know that I am an open woman.

Are you surprised that I said I am ‘blessed’ that I can be vulnerable? Don’t be. I think a woman who allows herself to show her vulnerable side is an empowered and clear-eyed woman. She is resilient because she is not afraid to ask someone more astute in one area or another for help or advice. She is not afraid she will diminish herself in the eyes of others if she is clueless. After all, none of us knows everything. Everyone is scared of something. Everyone, at one time or another, feels the intimidation of another. Therefore, I believe showing one’s vulnerable side is a very positive win-win.

Daring to be a vulnerable woman

Daring to say, “yes!”

I know the definition of the word vulnerable is negative. It means to feel powerless, susceptible, defenseless and weak. All of those words stop us from saying, “yes!”

The worst word in our vocabulary is the word, “no.” No says, go no further. Why do most of us say no? One of the reasons is that women are afraid to expose their vulnerabilities.

But think of the grandeur you may feel by exposing your vulnerabilities to others. When you expose your doubts, your lack of knowledge and an open and kind heart, you will grow intellectually and creatively while at the same time attracting many women who will want to be in your company.

A woman who is able to be vulnerable in the presence of others, in my humble opinion, is strong and courageous. She is true to herself; thereby being true to others. So, don’t be afraid to be ‘the you in you.’

I know I am not attracted to women with bravado, a bold manner intending to impress or intimidate. These women could never show their vulnerability because they are insecure, afraid others will see them as weak. Therefore, they are not true to themselves, and this stifles their growth and creativity and kindness towards others.

One who is afraid to ask for advice, who is afraid to show their lack of knowledge in one area or another, their fears, their wounds, and their kindness, is not doing a disservice to others. Actually, they are doing a great disservice to themselves.

The Gift in daring to be a vulnerable woman

You see darlings, vulnerability gives you the gift of owning yourself. Showing your vulnerable side when necessary offers you the opportunity to grow because you are not afraid to be yourself.

A woman is usually chosen to be a leader because one important and positive quality is her ability to show her vulnerable side. She is authentic. And, other women feel it.

But do remember darlings, there is no perfection in human beings, and people vary in their values and lack of self -esteem. Therefore, not all women will appreciate how marvelous you are. They may view you as a powerless woman and see your vulnerable side as weakness. Remember, this is about them, this is not about you. You will have to make a decision about the relationship. You will do this because a woman who shows her vulnerable side is the captain of her ship. Sail darlings, sail!

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