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Romance and Passion After 50

Romance and Passion After 50

Recently, a dear friend asked me about my relationship with Shelly, who I lovingly referred to as my ultimate concierge.

After decades of marriage, we still completely adore and dote on one another.

How do we do it?

It’s such a great question, I thought it deserved an entire story dedicated to it.

Romance and passion after 50… what’s the secret to keeping it alive?

I have a lot to say on the topic, but I was able to condense my thoughts to three main steps.

1.) Tell your husband you love him every day. Without fail.

2.)  Always go to bed together. Going to bed together is the first step in keeping the passion alive! Logistically speaking, of course 😉

3.) Put your husband above all, and I do mean all, dear readers. For some, this is a difficult concept to accept but your relationship with your spouse is the foundation for your home, your relationship with your children and grands, and everything that follows. Remember, as they say, to put first things first.

And while I am joyfully married, I’m not the only woman who has found her way to a fun and fulfilling marriage or partnership after 50.

Romance and Passion After 50

I’m Not the Only One!

Here’s what some of you shared about keeping romance and passion after 50 alive… and thriving!

“It’s not a 50/50 deal. You both have to give it all! Ask for forgiveness and forgive often. “Don’t let the sun go down on your wrath”. Remember that the things that can drive you crazy in your spouse are probably what drew you to them in the beginning. Tell them daily why you love them ❤ We love traveling together and going out to dinner together. Flirting is always a good idea. Leaving or sending notes to each other. Touching often. Knowing what is the best way to communicate love to your spouse.” ~Mary Satre Pent

“Say “I love you” out loud. Hold hands every chance you can. Discuss everything and don’t hide anything. We’re 48 years together. 45 years married and going strong.” ~Ruth Williams

“Lift your man up, kiss all the time, keep yourself looking your best, laugh together, make time for him and most of all keep God before all else and He will bless your marriage!” ~Marilee Lyons

Words of wisdom someone told me many years ago. Having been married over 50 years makes me be able to vouch for these wise words… For a good marriage you must not only love the person you married but you must also like them. It is easy to love someone, but much more difficult to like them.” ~LuAnn Penland

Curtail petty criticism. Voice appreciation. Never speak negative about my husband with friends behind his back or in person. Never talk to my husband like he is my child.” ~Yaknnyl Regnaz

Communication is key to intimacy. Understanding and talking about each other’s needs and desires. It’s the little things – daily sharing and expressions of caring in the little ways! Hand holding (the nurses used to mention this when my parents walked together in the rehab facility; how cute they were after 63 years). Laughter. Working together to solve major and minor challenges. Pitching in willingly when the other needs help in the kitchen! (Ha! Ha!) Enjoyment and fun together.” ~SB 

Romance and Passion After 50

So there you have it, darlings!

What advice do you have for keeping your marriage alive and well after 50? I cherish you, my dear readers, and I welcome you to share your thoughts and experiences either in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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  1. Lots of great comments. One must not only like and love their spouse but there must also be respect. That’s high on my list.

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