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How To Continue Smiling After A Week of Tumult

Dear Darlings,

It is 5:40 am. I am sitting at my desk; my eyes dart from my computer screen to the sun rising over Lake Michigan. I am in a marvelous mood and looking forward to the day ahead. My two guys, America and my ultimate concierge, are asleep. Therefore our home is still, which is to my liking. I like stillness and I like tumult. Actually, there is little to dislike even during this past week when I was beset with all types of tumult, havoc and commotion.

When I am in control of my situation, like many of you, I am able to roll with what is placed in front of me. I am resilient, capable and excited to place positivity over negativity because I put a realistic spin on everything in my control. When life throws me a lemon, I give my all so I can walk on my sunny side of the street.

For those of you who have trouble staying positive please see your situation as grey, not black, because it has been proven that most of the problems we face are grey in nature.

Darlings, Let Me Tell You About The Week

I’m now home sweet home in my beautiful Chicago after spending six months in California. That meant packing up six months of clothing, cosmetics, books, papers and America’s toys.

Why do women need so much? I mean, why do we have ten lipsticks, 30 pairs of shoes, 20 pairs of black slacks, white shirts galore and don’t forget the jewelry. This goes back to the days of Cleopatra. Let’s face it, it’s in our genes.

Simplicity Is Key

I remember a trip to Bilbos, Spain to visit the Guggenheim Museum, designed by the illustrious architect Frank Geary. The weather changed dramatically from hot to cold and rainy. As a result, I had no choice but to wear the same outfit for three days and evenings in a row.

I used my resources and made one outfit look like three by accessorizing and was happier than if I had three different outfits. Simplicity is best.

Unfortunately and fortunately that word is not as easily practiced. When it came to packing up our belongings for Chicago, it was tumultuous. I sent home wardrobe boxes and I stuffed two cars full of clothing, photographs that I take back and forth, books, sentimental items that go–you guessed it–back and forth. The trucker, Steve, picked up the loaded cars that were delivered four days later so I could do a repeat and unpack everything that I just packed.

Back To Chicago

The cars arrived loaded to the gills late Monday evening. I still have not completely put everything in its right place because of course, like all women, I’ve had other things I knew I had to attend to. And, naturally, the unexpected came into play in the midst of our travels.

My first unexpected experience, and please God my last, was crashing to the ground from the escalator at O’Hare Airport. Why? Because my girlfriend in front of me, Trudy, lost her balance and fell. Of course I could not stop the escalator so in order to avoid falling on top of her, I fell to her left and badly injured my leg, which took the brunt of my fall. The man behind me fell too and security dragged the three of us out of the way of the other people coming down. My leg was gushing blood.

Was I upset? No. Did I get upset with Trudy? No. Why? Because I did not break any bones and neither did Trudy. I was grateful for both of us. Did I complain once? No. What good would that do?

An Attitude of Gratitude

Instead, after I was offered aid by the airport, I went into the bathroom with Trudy to try and stop the bleeding. Another woman came in and by a stroke of luck, she was a retired nurse! She and Trudy bandaged my leg with a roll of toilet paper. Then the nurse used paper towels to make a tourniquet to stop the blood flow. That was a new experience for me. This happened Saturday evening. Darlings, my leg did not stop bleeding until Monday!

Relaxing on the sofa
The one thing I’m doing this weekend: relaxing

On Monday, I saw a doctor and aside from two bruised legs, I was just fine, as is Trudy. The moral of the story: my thoughts from the first moment on were positive. I neither broke my leg nor suffered a head injury. I never felt sorry for myself and I never complained because I was grateful that Trudy and I were ok.

A positive attitude of gratitude is worth its weight in gold.

Take Care of Yourself

Aside from the cars arriving on Monday evening loaded to the gills with this, that and the other, I had to go for my Melanoma check-up. While I have been fine for eleven years, I do not rest on my laurels. I am proactive about my health. After each check-up, I make another appointment in six months. Like most of you, I detest going to doctors out of fear but I go and this has saved my life on four occasions. Be proactive about your health, my darlings.

Tuesday arrived and aside from unpacking everything that I take back and forth between the two homes, I had to prep and prepare for a colonoscopy early Wednesday am. Ugh! I was not in a particularly happy mood anticipating the whole procedure so I kept myself busy unpacking and drinking the awful drink and running to the bathroom. My ultimate concierge sat up half the night with me to keep me company. I am fine but I want to tell you that if I had listened to a doctor, who told me I could wait for ten years to have another colonoscopy, I would not be here today.

I did not wait for ten years. At year eight, I forced myself to have an additional colonoscopy. Ugh! This time they found a polyp. It was benign. The new doctor told me if I had waited ten years, I would be in serious trouble. He told me to come back in two years and darling, that is what I did yesterday. Did I dread it? Yes. Did I do it? Yes. And so must you.

Listen to your doctors’ instructions and play by their rules, not your rules. Do not put off what you know you must do.

Attempting To Remain Calm

Last night, my ultimate concierge and I had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Gene and Georgetti. During dinner, I took off my watch to show him something. The watch is 27 years old and very beautiful. The salesman at Cartier told me, “Hold onto that watch. That model is no longer made and very valuable.”

Last night I thought I left the watch at G&G because when we arrived home, I looked down at my wrist, which was bare! We phoned the restaurant. They went through their soiled linens. No watch. My husband and I combed through our home. No watch. I did not recall taking it off because of the remaining anesthetic in my body. Finally, we found it. It was underneath my computer. My husband remained calm. I tried to stay calm but couldn’t.

Seeing The Grey

My tumult seems to be ebbing, but I know in reality it will never stop. Tumultuous situations will roll in and out of our lives like the tides, ever-changing. The high tides of worry and strife will roll in but so will the low tides of peace and tranquility.

The woman who sees life situations in shades of grey and whose attitude is upbeat will ride her wave like a trouper. The woman who sees her situation in black, tainted with a negative attitude, will have a hard time living a happy life.

We all have choices. See the grey, darlings and live your life as a positive and grateful woman. Amen.

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  1. Wishing you a better days in the next few weeks! I particularly like your about keeping your attitude upbeat seeing life in shades of grey. Thank you.

  2. Honey, your post has convinced me to strive to find the positives in my life each and everyday. I had become a worrier and “negative Nancy” but no more. Thank you for always saying what I need to hear

  3. Thank you for always inspiring no matter what. I’m now thinking grey & thinking of YOU while doing so. I love your slippers & you look amazing in spite of it all.

  4. First, good health to you. A complete and speedy recovery from your recent accident.
    Second, thank you for your column — your advice is always “spot on” and is so true, so useful. I send you a big hug.

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