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Weekend Musings: Doris Day, The Moon, Motivation & More

Happy Weekend My Darlings!

What a week it has been. I am finally back home in my beloved Chicago, my darlings, only to be traveling to Arizona very soon. You can only imagine the packing and unpacking that has been going on. But, I am so grateful to be living this full and wonderful life. I am so blessed.

Rest In Peace, Doris Day

This Monday we lost the talented and big-voiced Doris Day. She was 97-years-old and never lost her sunny disposition. She had such a wonderful film and music career in Hollywood, but did you know that she was also a dog-lover and animal activist?

I had no idea my darlings, but wow, she was an impeccable woman in more ways than one!

Read more about this powerful lady, her pups and the Doris Day Animal Foundation HERE.


My darlings, I was pleasantly surprised to learn this week that scientists have discovered that the moon is more complex than we ever imagined. Scientists have said this new discovery, “flies in the face of conventional wisdom.”

For as long as scientists have studied the moon, it has been assumed that it is a solid mass of rock that does not move, unlike our beloved mother earth that shakes and quakes when it wants to due to its tectonic plates. However, recently my darlings, it has been shown that the moon, in fact, has “moonquakes”.

If you are intrigued just as I have been by this discovery, you can learn all about it HERE.

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