An Autumn Tune-Up of the Feng Shui in Your Home



As summer turns to autumn and it’s time to lay away your summer dresses and sandals to make room for warm woolen leggings and stylish ankle boots, this organizational transition presents a perfect opportunity to tune up the Feng Shui of your home.

Many of you know that I have long practiced the philosophy of feng shui. Twenty years ago my husband and I were visiting our friend in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He invited us to his office and after welcoming us I said, “I feel surrounded in harmony.” His face lit up in a big smile, his eyes opened wide and he began to explain to me the philosophy of feng shui, a 3,000 year-old Chinese practice. He went on to explain:

“My desk must face in this direction for prosperity.”

“My plants provide me with extra oxygen.”

“My office sits on this site because it faces water that gives me peace and serenity.”

“My possessions from my family are in the glass case in front of me. They represent love, therefore joy.”

“My desk is uncluttered so my thoughts can be clear.”

“My watch is on my right wrist, though I am right handed. My left wrist must not have any electrical currents stopping the flow of energy to my heart.” (I put my watch on my right wrist that day!)

What is feng shui? It is a way of balancing the energies of a space to assure health and good fortune. But, for me it is focusing on my private surroundings — my home and my garden. My home and my garden mirror me and my feelings. When I open the door leading into my home or walk out into my garden I am in total harmony with my space. I feel my whole body relax and the woes of the day are lifted from my shoulders. I can simply be.

Here are some of the simple feng shui steps I took in my home and I think you might enjoy in yours as well.

  • Color. My color scheme is the same throughout my home. As I leave one room and enter another I feel its flow of continuity. Continuity provides me with the feeling of harmony. Here are tips on picking paint colors for your home.
  • Plants. Every room in my home has orchids and greenery, all the same variety. I have nature surrounding me. This gives me joy and extra oxygen!
  • Clutter-free. Feng shui taught me that clutter sets me up for failure. I have simplified my desk with no paper clutter. I have meaningful objects that make me very happy. Fresh flowers are always on my desk. A picture of my husband. A beautiful paperweight from my housekeeper, a magic wand from my daughter-in-law lays next to a picture of my two daughters. Two turtles from two close girlfriends.
  • Downsize. Feng shui says to let go of items and give to those in need. My closet is void of clutter. My clothes are lined up by color, casual, dressy and formal. Here are other ways you can simplify and downsize your home.
  • Peace of mind. Feng shui puts safety and comfort above all else. Thousands of years ago the feng shui practitioners would survey the landscape for a family. We choose a neighborhood that provides me with contentment. We have an alarm system for safety. For more tips on feng shui in your home, click here!

Feng shui is a 3,000 year-old Chinese practice that continues to be popular in all cultures to this day because we are all searching for harmony. Consider making it a part of your life so you can work to  simplify your life and “simply be.”

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