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How Life Has Changed Forever Since COVID-19

I often think about how life has changed forever since COVID-19…

How Life Has Changed Forever Since COVID-19

I wake up squeezed and entangled between my Ultimate Concierge and our pooch, America. They are breathing in unison and ever so softly; each one in deep sleep. I struggle to untangle myself as quietly as possible so I don’t disturb them and… it worked! Why am I up? The moaning sounds of ambulances racing to Northwestern Hospital, just a few blocks from my apartment in the sky. I think to myself, “I hope whoever is in there will be just fine.”

I walk into the kitchen, open the cabinet door that houses our coffee mugs from all over the world, and decide to sort them. There is Monet’s Garden, Manet’s flowers, LBJ’s museum, The Met, Monmarte, Chicago, The Black Dog, Dubai, etc… I find a cup sent to me by a friend that reads, “Find Joy in Each Day” and I reach for it. With a fresh cup of coffee in my hand, I walk into my office and begin to write my story, and stop to take a photo of my mug. I look at the photo and smile, remembering why each speaks to me and remains a loved possession. For the moment I have left Elsewhere and traveled back in time. I am certain you have your own meaningful treasures that speak to you and touch that cord called joy.

During the months of isolation in Elsewhere, it is soothing to have memories of love and friendship surround you. What you love represents who you are and lights up what is meaningful to you.

Find Joy in Each Day

Here are several things I find joy in that I keep around me, always…

A Chanel flower I took off a gift box and put on my computer; because I am an ardent admirer of beauty. A Christofle tray given to me by my French girlfriend, Florence; a silver heart (years old) that says, “You are as sweet as Honey” from my firstborn grandson, Robbie; a tiny turquoise stone I removed from a thank you note envelope and saved from my granddaughter Skylar, whose eyes are the same color; a glass box given to me by my favorite Aunt Essie; a rock from Israel brought home to me from the same grandson; a seashell from Nantucket given to me fifteen years ago by a woman who picked seashells each morning by the shore; two gifts from my daughter, Jenny; a plaque that reads Queen and a weather gage; my favorite photo of my Ultimate concierge, and lastly…

The large magic wand that was given to me by a close Hawaiian friend that I wave over each person when they come into our office, to guard and protect them. And, behind me on shelves are all loving tokens of friendship and love given to me by those who I hold close to my heart. Seeing all my treasure each day lifts my spirit during this time in all of our lives.

Back to the Real World

As I ponder the enormity of the changes we are living through in Elsewhere, it has not escaped me that each life of an American will never return to what it was. My innocence has turned into reality and I am bereaved at the loss of what was. Our normal American lifestyle will not return when the Virus leaves. Why?

Many citizens of our great country don’t realize that the Liberalism we knew is not the Liberalism of today. Today’s liberalism is the Democratic Socialists of America. We will all learn about it no matter which party wins because it is not going to go away. Stay tuned, and do remember that the ideas this marvelous country of ours is based on is exceptional and worthy of our protection.

The Lockdown

Think about the lockdown. Not only are we locked down but events are locked down, businesses are locked down, schools are locked down, life as we knew it is on lockdown. The changes in Elsewhere took no time; seven months. We went from an interactive society with people, places, and things to a society of interacting with everything on our computers! Sure, technology was part of our lives but no longer. Technology is now the center of our lives. Mark my words, when the COVID-19 siege ends, we will enter a new age and it will not be like the normal age we left.

What reason does a business have to exist when people have gotten used to working at home? Why go to a movie theatre when we can watch anything we want and with fresh popcorn made at home? Does this mean cities will empty out? Will we watch concerts on Zoom as musicians stay at home and will we shop online for everything?

And, masks! Will they go away, ever? Last night, my Ultimate Concierge and I were sitting on a bench in our lobby waiting for my mom. Six masked ‘bandits’, three couples, who live in our building had to walk past us and I was in shock but overjoyed that they recognized us and said hello. I turned to my husband and said, “Do you know who they were?” He said, “No, do you?” “No,” I answered back. When I do recognize someone I am emotionally charged!

Defenses Are Up

I notice people are getting upset over issues at home, online, on the phone, or in text messages over things that normally don’t upset them. I think it is because we are isolated, hate seeing riots, fires set purposely, screaming at press conferences, guns, and even murder. This is all unnerving and puts fear into normal people.

And then there are the ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars prowling my neighborhood that I know the sounds of now. How sad.

I have always said to myself in a nonchalant manner that this to shall pass. Pass it will, but how and where will it land? One thing is certain; Life will not be the same.

In order to stay upbeat, I tell myself that change can be for the better, and maybe even… good?

Let me know your thoughts about how life has changed since COVID-19 in the comments at the bottom of this page. I want to hear from you!

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October 22, 2020


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  1. Mary Jane Chaoman says:

    Hi Honey!
    I took my vacation this last week, well really a “staycation”. But I was thankful for beautiful weather! I was able to visit a friend in my hometown that I haven’t seen in about a year because of COVID. She takes care of her 92 yr old mother and doesn’t take too many chances for exposure to the virus. We sat on her patio outside spaces apart to talk. As happy as I was to see her, it just wasn’t the same. We had to shout over the central air unit to be heard. I miss going places with her and sharing our thoughts. Usually we end up laughing over something silly. I miss those days! I hold on to the all the good memories during this strange time in Elsewhere.
    My friend, Karen and I were talking about just what you wrote! Will be ever go back to normal? Or will it be a new normal? Did this virus happen by chance…or was it released intentionally? We will never know unfortunately. Politics is at an all time ugliness. Worse than I’ve ever seen it before. Very scary times.
    So, I try to stay positive in my own little circle. Do what I can for others no matter how small it may seem. And above all, I pray…gotta keep the faith during these difficult times. I try to think back to World War II. I can’t begin to imagine all the horrors people experienced back then! And we made it through. We will do it again.
    Take care and God Bless!
    Mary Jane

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Yes, we will make it through again.Reading your note to me put me in a very calm place. Thank you. I hope we we will go back to a new normal. It will depend on our government more than on Covid. Blessings sent your way, always. Warmly, Honey

  2. Pauline says:

    Sitting in a restaurant the other day I saw a couple come in with their masks on. I said to my dinner partner I think I know that woman but I can’t know until she takes off her mask. When she did we recognized each other. She called me over and we gave each other a big hug and it felt so good. I know we are not suppose to do that but we did it anyway. I’m not going to let the government dictate my life. If others want too that is up to them.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      I am smiling!!! You are your own person! Me, too. I know you know who to hug safely and who not too.People meed people.We should look forward with hope. Warmly, Honey

  3. Pauls says:

    One good thing is everything is cleaner!

  4. S. J. Graff says:

    To counteract the negative impacts of the isolation I am trying to focus on the opportunities it offers… catch up on reading, PBS, time to review goals, review/redefine personal best. This period presents an opportunity for growth and I am grateful I have the health to explore options through my journaling (when I worked we called this process “blue sky” a problem).

    What has been lost in this perfect storm of covid-19 and the socio-economic unrest and hardship : the ability to agree to disagree and tolerate differing opinions. What has been gained: neighbors helping each other. What I miss the most is not being able to visit my grandchildren, but at least I can visit them via skype.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      You are right. Where there is a will, there is a way. As I have written I have learned much over these past months to include selling our home in California and downsizing to our apartment in the sky in Chicago. I am always busy doing, doing, doing. I feel as you do: the ability to disagree respectfully. It is the violence and destruction of our American History and the destruction of innocent people’s property and the nonsense of not wanting law and order.that has me in a state of disbelief. Thank you for writing to me . Warmly, Honey

  5. Margo says:

    I envy you, Honey, for your ability to stay upbeat and find solace in your Ultimate Concierge. Unlike you, I find myself at odds with nearly everything around me, especially my husband of nearly 50 years. Most days I can’t believe this is me, that this is my life. We have fought more in the last year than all 50 put together. He is offended at everything I say and I’m offended at a lot of the things he does. It seems the affection and loyalty we once shared up and went out the door as this nightmare waltzed in and took over our lives. I agree in that I don’t think our lives will ever return to what we considered normal. I understand that we have much to be thankful for but I mourn the loss of what was to be a carefree retirement. I miss traveling and having something to look forward to. Instead I live in dread of Election Day, of socialism taking over our country, of getting covid 19 and now, newly added, surgery in less than 3 weeks.
    The friction between me and my husband has left me with no one to talk to or confide in and I wonder how I will survive living in elsewhere.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Write to me! You are not alone developing relationship problems.Everyone is out of sorts and personalities have changed. Nothing is normal for us. Who ever thought in their wildest dreams this would happen. Write to me at honey@www.honeygood.com and consider joining my free private facebook group, GRANDwomen with Moxie …where loneliness disappears. The women are our age and very interactive. Keep your chin up. And, good luck with your surgery. We WILL survive. Warmly, Honey

  6. Sarah says:

    I can’t say I enjoyed this post because it is so true but I am glad to see that people in other parts of country share the same thoughts and feelings about what is going on in the United States. It really is a scary time for us for lots of reasons. Speaking of masks, one can just hope that the people you are passing can tell that you are smiling at them by the look in your eyes.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      I love what you mentioned about masks. I tell people I run into: I want you to know I am smiling behind my mask and hope you are too. Yes, the eyes can tell the story. Yes, I am smiling even though we are going through a time I never imagined. GBA. Sending warmth and a smile to you, Sarah. Honey

  7. Janice Gineris says:

    Susan, well written article. You conveyed what so many are thinking and going through. I am so happy I am the age I am. The wonderful memories of days gone by. Today we live in a world of
    hate and fear mongering. We will make it thru because we live in the greatest country on earth. MAY GOD BLESS OUR BEAUTIFUL AMERICA!

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      It is 4:54 in the morning and I see your name on my screen. I read your comment and got the chills, good ones. You give me hope. This is the greatest country on this earth and GOD BLESS OUR BEAUTIFUL AMERICA. Sending friendship and warmth.

  8. maureen m scicchitano says:

    I can’t believe you are against Democratic system that has helped so many Social Security, Medicare, ACA. if this is socialism I am all for it not everyone can go to bed at night and sleep without worry unless you do not need these services or in the 1% which I am not Just Saying!!

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Dear Maureen, I do believe in a democratic system.I do believe in Social Security, Medicare and ACA. I am not a registered Democrat or Republican. I am an independent voter and I vote for the party whose values mimic mine. Sometimes it is Democrat and other times Republican.The Republican party is not going to take away your SS or Medicare or ACA…or your freedom of speech your freedom to go to the church of your choice. The Democrate party unfortunately has changed. It will be the Democratic Socialist Party. I don’t want to live under Socialism. My husband and I have SS and Medicare too and we know we will not loose it. Warmly, Honey

  9. Sharon Bender says:

    I read your post in the middle of the night because I
    find myself having a hard time sleeping currently. I try to tell myself that things will go back to normal but sometimes I am doubtful. I have faith that this virus will eventually fade, and people will go out again, but life won’t be like it was pre virus.

    We have lost our trust in the system. We have lost our freedom of speech with our friends and family because of the turmoil caused by the election. Some have grown away from God because we’re not able to go to church.

    Amidst all of this, I hold out hope that love will prevail. I hold out hope that I’ll find my innocence again. I hold out hope that the simple joy of going out to eat with my friends and family without a mask and social distancing is soon over.

    We need closeness. We need to touch each other and see each other’s faces. We need normalcy.

    Thank you for putting into words so eloquently the way that I feel lately. This has gone on for far too long.

    Sending love.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      I feel everything you expressed in your comment to me. Thank you for putting into words so eloquently your feelings that mirror mine. Let us hope and let us pray for only positive change. I am not sleeping well.This saga we are going through has aged me? 🙂 Sending love back.Warmly, Honey

  10. Gloria S Jennings says:

    I just joined your group and am very impressed with your uplifting messages. I have decided to turn this negative time into a positive for me. I am finishing my book of short stories, trying new recipes and learning the Zoom technology. I will be 83 in December and am so grateful for my health and my Hubby. Yes, I can agree that being together 24/7 can be a bit much, but many of my friends are widows and I am sure they wish they had some one to “argue” with. Sending blessings.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Welcome to Honey Good. Your note to me not only made me happy but also made me smile. Your attitude is a breath of fresh air.Please consider joining my free private facebook group of women… GRANDwomen with moxie…where loneliness disappears.We also have a Zoom meetup once a week. It is small and intimate. The women on Grand truly interact with one another. Wonderful that you are writing a book of short stories. Have a glorious week-end even though we are living in Elsewhere. Warmly, Honey

  11. Enoe says:

    We are a resilient nation and have begun to come together during this voting season. Every adverse journey births positivity and creativity to meet challenges. WE are a nation of trail blazers and developing new horizons. WE shall prevail and make the new “norm” successful…I know this as I have witnessed this kind of evolution throughout my 85 yrs of life. I came to the United States when I was 27 yrs young and am proud to use my privilege to vote my voice.
    I’ve worked most of my life as a Registered Nurse and proudly state I keep my nurse’s license current I’ve witnessed inequalities and devastating prejudices. I have been in the receiving end of said prejudices. But none like what we are witnessing. America needs hope, empathy caring leadership. I pray the election brings a leader whom can lead with integrity and decency and empathy for all.

    To lead by example is what has been lost.

    I am incredibly anxious about the outcome of this election and pray that WE continue to come together and help each other to heal from so much divisiveness.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      You are a wise woman. I will add this: “From your voice to God’s ear.” Sending my respect and warmth. Honey

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