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Honey Good’s Perfect Picks Of The Month – February 2020

Honey's Perfect Picks

Honey Good’s Perfect Picks of The Month

February 2020

Darlings, I bring my newest idea, “Honey Good’s Perfect Picks”. Each month I will post a blog that has several items that I love and enjoy.

Often, when I post on Instagram or Facebook, many of you ask where I get certain items that I own. Well, now if you would like, you would be able to purchase those items, plus a few more that I find lovely or useful. 

February is the month of Valentine’s Day and love, so many of the items I’ve chosen have that theme. However, I’ve also included travel items I adore, one of my favorite pillows and also beauty items. 

I do hope you enjoy my “Perfect Picks”! 

I’d Rather Be In Paris – Needlepoint Decorative Pillow 

Dreaming of my travels

This is one of my favorite pillow’s Darlings, and you’ve probably seen it in a few of my pictures. It is on my bed so every day I can think of my dearest Paris and all of the wonderful memories it holds. I am smiling! 

Iris Apfel – Accidental Icon

Oh, how I love this book! Iris Apfel, the ‘accidental icon’ is such an amazing spirt and indeed a fashion icon. Especially for us ladies over 50+. Every time I see this book I become happy and full of joy. Not only is Iris’s story inspirational, but she is a fashion inspiration and icon for all generations to learn from. Get this book to read and keep on one of your coffee tables for your friends to enjoy or as a gift for one of your girlfriends. 

High-Intensity Makeup Magnifying Mirror 

You know I love my travel items, Darlings, and this is a perfect one. I never leave my home to travel without a magnifying mirror. A high-intensity mirror like this is easy to travel with and will guarantee you’ll be able to apply your makeup perfect every single time. 

Travelpro Maxlite 5 Lightweight Carry-on

Looking for the perfect pink carry-on? Well, this one is lovely. With swivel wheels and expandable sides and pockets, this suitcase is perfect for a traveler such as yourself. It’s also lightweight, which is such a great asset in any travel bag–especially a carry-on. As well, one of my absolute favorite brands is “Away”. Check out their wonderful section of carry-ons HERE if you are looking to buy directly.

5 pcs Original Kabbalah Red String Bracelet

Nearly every week I get someone asking me about my Red String! Well, now you can have a Red String of your very own. This 5-piece set lets you have one, a back-up and extras to give to your loved ones. Read all about my Red String and decide if you’d like one of your very own! 

Moxie Coffee Mug

I have Moxie and so do you! Now, you can give yourself or your girlfriend a Moxie mug so she never forgets her inner expression of creativity and joy. This mug is a great gift and will inspire you to keep your Moxie close to your heart and share it with others. 

Organic Coconut Oil For Dry Skin 


Do you suffer from dry skin? I do, especially during the winter months. Now, you can use lotions galore, or after a shower, you can grab coconut or grapeseed oil to use on your ailing skin. I love coconut because it smells great and nourishes my skin. I prefer organic extra-virgin coconut oil. 

Colorful Umite Chef Kitchen Utensils Set

I love expressing myself in more ways than just my clothing. Fashion and style exists in everything we have and everything we chose to buy. Even your kitchen can share your personality with others! This is why I’m sharing this colorful kitchen utensil set with all of you. Something as simple as a spatula can exude fashion, style and be an expression of you! 

Baccarat Puffed Coeur Heart

I love paperweights and trinkets, especially when I feel they are pieces of art and expressions of myself. I especially enjoy the beauty of Baccarat! Now, I understand this may be a bit much money for some, but I wanted to share things I find special and beautiful. I also collect Baccarat butterflies which you can find on Amazon or online. This is a great gift of love and a keepsake for someone special in your life, or for you! 

Romantic Champagne Candles 

Looking for a romantic gift? Indulge yourself with the gift of a great candle, and what better scent for the month of love than Crisp Champagne. Fill your house with these lovely candles or your preferred scent. I thought these were so elegant looking and smelled wonderful. 

Jhirmack Silver Brightening Ageless Purple Shampoo

Upkeep of gray, silver or blonde hair can be quite the task. I would suggest buying a purple shampoo such as this one to keep your hair looking healthy and bright. No matter if your hair is dyed or natural, this type of shampoo will wash away the dullness of hair brought on by environmental elements. 

iSteam Travel Steamer for Clothes 

In need of an emergency steam? This cute little travel steamer is perfect to bring in your suitcase or use in your home to get out those pesky wrinkles. This one actually uses dry steam technology and had great reviews! It also comes in an array of colors. 

And finally, I have to include my book “Stories For My Grandchild” as one of my picks. Since it’s the month of love, this grandmother’s journal is a perfect gift for any grandchild or special person in your life. 

Enjoy and Indulge

My Darlings, I hope you enjoyed my picks for February. I’ll be back in March with another round of my picks. I am smiling thinking of you sharing in these great products with me. 


What are some of your February product picks? Let me know in the comments below. 



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